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Ireland - Bag 13 X 1970s To1990s Irish Decimal Coins Penny - Pound For Sale

Ireland - Bag 13 X 1970s To1990s Irish Decimal Coins Penny - Pound

13 Assorted Irish Decimal 1970/1990s Coins in a Velvet Money Bag!

After decimalisation on the 15th February 1971 there were now 100 pennies (or new pence) to the pound instead of 240. Within weeks all the "old money" as we called it, disappeared (with the exception of the shilling and florin which carried on alongside their 5p and 10p decimal equivalents). The old "English money" as we called it, some of which dated back to Victorian times, was also withdrawn by the Central Bank of Ireland.

So from 1971 through to 2002 when the Euro arrived, Ireland's coinage now comprised of the 1/2p (1971-1986), 1p (1971-2000), 2p (1971-2000), 5p (1969-1990), 5p small size (1992-2000), 10p (1969-1986), 10p small size (1993-2000), 20p (1986-2000), 50p (1970-2000), and £1 (1990-2000). The halfpenny, penny, and twopence carried designs of stylised Celtic era birds, the five pence a bull, the ten pence a salmon, the twenty pence a horse, the fifty pence a woodcock and the pound a red stag. Ten different coin types in total and they allhad a common obverse with the Irish harp, éire, and date.

Ireland rapidly modernised and grew in confidence and stature during those three decades. We joined the E.E.C. (now the European Union) in 1973, and this proved to be the main catalyst for change, providing the support and impetus for modern day Ireland. The link between the Irish pound and sterling was finally broken in 1979, and this hastened an end to our major dependence on the UK as a trading partner, and helped us to broaden our horizons...!

These decimal coins were withdrawn from circulation in January 2002 when Ireland adopted the Euro, and by the end of that January they were all gone! This is now anunusual opportunity to acquire a Black Velvet Money Bag of 13 of these magnificent old Irish coins. There are two each of the 1/2p, 1p, and 5p (small size), and one each of the 2p, 5p, 10p, 10p (small size), 20p, 50p and £1; so 13 coins in total. They are all in nicely circulated condition (Very Fine to Almost Uncirculated grades) and the photograph is a fair representation of what the coins will look like. The dates will vary and are from 1970 to 2000. If you have a special requirement for a specific date (say for a birthday) just email me, or add a message to your purchase, and I should be able to include one or more coins of that date.

Remember that unlike today with the Euro coins, Irish decimal coins were not issued every year. So refer to the range of years for each coin as listed above, and also note that no Irish decimal coins were issued in 1972, 1973, 1977 (50p only), 1981 (50p only), 1987, 1991, and 2001. I have assembled a limited number of sets of these Irish decimal coins, taken from from different accumulations over the years, and when they are gone that's it! This is now your chance to acquire a fabulous memento of the Ireland of the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s!

Now on offer on a Buy it Now price of $12 plus $3.50 Priority Airmail worldwide. Buy 2 or 3 or more money bags of 13 coins - and only pay one postage charge. They make ideal and unusual gifts! Great also for birthdays, Christmas, St Patrick's Day on March 17th, wedding favors or for anyone with Irish connections! This set is a marvelous complement to the other velvet bag of Irish pre-decimal coins available for a Buy it Now price of $15, the bag of 8 x 1968 Brilliant Uncirculated Irish pennies for a Buy it Now price of $10 and also the bag of 12 X 1978 Brilliant Uncirculated decimal halfpennies for a Buy it Now price of $10. There is no extra postage charge if ordered together!!! Just see the gallery below or better again click onother items. So choose how many of each bag of Irish coins you can find an occasion for and order now!

Coins are shipped - securely packed in a padded envelope - within 24 hours of receipt of payment by Priority Airmail, and normally arrive in the US/Canada/Australia 4 to 7 days later, in Ireland in 1 day, the UK in 2 days, and in 2 to 5 days in the rest of Europe.I leave positive response immediately on Dispatch and I don't wait for yours first!

Check out my 4,000+ 100% positive response for yourself! Your satisfaction is guaranteed with my no quibble 14 day money back guarantee. Do also check out my other sales for Irish coins and banknotes (there is no extra postage charge for additional items) by clicking on my other items as the gallery below only shows a selection! You could also add me to your favourite sellers list by clickingfavorites list! So do go and place your order now! Thanks!

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Ireland - Bag 13 X 1970s To1990s Irish Decimal Coins Penny - Pound

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Ireland - Bag 13 X 1970s To1990s Irish Decimal Coins Penny - Pound :

Ireland 1942 3 Pence Harp Hare Xf picture
Ireland 1942 3 Pence Harp Hare Xf

[jam35] 1806 Old Ireland Farthing picture
[jam35] 1806 Old Ireland Farthing

[jam66] 1881 Uk Farthing Coin picture
[jam66] 1881 Uk Farthing Coin

[jam64] 1875h Uk Farthing Coin picture
[jam64] 1875h Uk Farthing Coin

Ireland 1 Pound 1990 Km#27 Deer  picture
Ireland 1 Pound 1990 Km#27 Deer

Ireland 1/2 Penny 1935 Km#12 Vf picture
Ireland 1/2 Penny 1935 Km#12 Vf

Ireland 1 Eurocent 2010 Unc  picture
Ireland 1 Eurocent 2010 Unc

Ireland  6 Penny 1968 Km#13a picture
Ireland 6 Penny 1968 Km#13a

Ireland 5 Pence 1970 Km#22 picture
Ireland 5 Pence 1970 Km#22

Ireland  3 Penny 1964 Km#12a picture
Ireland 3 Penny 1964 Km#12a