Ironing Pressing Cloth Seethru White Mesh Iron Clothes Press Steam Michael Grave

Ironing Pressing Cloth Seethru White Mesh Iron Clothes Press Steam Michael Grave

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Ironing Pressing Cloth Seethru White Mesh Iron Clothes Press Steam Michael Grave:

Ironing pressing cloth see-thru white mesh iron clothes press steam Michael Graves

Ironing pressing cloth see through white mesh iron clothes press Michael Graves design

Buy as many as you want and we will ship them together! You will be getting a great snowy white see through mesh ironing pressing cloth by designer Michael Graves. He designs many of the cool Target household items. Unlike a lot of other pressing cloths, you can see through this and it's white so you don't have to worry about any color transfer to your fine cloth. Press with your iron at low temperature. Simply hand wash and lay or hang to dry.
We have thought of tons of other fun uses for these: (If you have a neat idea for them, let me know and I might add your idea to the list!)
Strain soup stock. Many colanders holes are too big and coffee filters and paper towels have holes that are too small.
Use in place of cheese cloth.
Wine making:
Strain fruit pulp or mash
Picnics and parties:
To keep flies off food, lay over large rectangular pans of casserols, cakes, pies, salads, drinks, drink pitchers and even make your own custom covers by sewing elastic around edges. You know flies come to picnics and who has room for 20 mesh umbrellas ;O) Use to cover all sort of things!

Lay over cut tomatoes to keep flies off while sun drying them!

Add screens when making kids' play tents...make a tent to go over a card table and put windows love their own little space!
Add ventilation to custom baby items to let air in, especially those covers people throw over baby carriers. You're supposed to smother babies with love, not blankets! Babies need air and are very inefficient at cooling their bodies and can't tell you they are over heating. If you make car seat covers, please add vents!
Keep one in your camping gear for patching screens (although these don't have really fine mesh, they are way better than nothing)
Make a face screen for your sleeping bag to keep those pesky bugs out of your nose while you sleep ;O)
Make fun nets for the kiddos to catch critters or minnows.
Make a bag to wash small items and rinse with a hose or in the creek and or to dry without flies getting on them.
Sew into bags or into the bottom of bags to allow sand to fall out after the beach.
Once again, kids + minnow net = fun!
Make a cover for a bug or froggy jar with a square of this and a rubber band
Cover a fish bowls and small aquarium so the fish don't jump out. If you use a bubbler in a smaller bowl, fish can get really excited and jump out so a cover rubber banded on would be great.

Sew into horse fly covers so they can see but flies don't bother their eyes!

Kids' play:
Give this to your kid and they will be capturing or setting traps for all sorts of dinosaurs, Webkinz, Beanie Babies, etc. It can become a toy catch net for fire and rescue heroes, a tent for camping Littlest Petshop toys.
A fishing or rescue net in the bath tub or a way to rinse all those bath toys off.
You want to know what fun can become of this, give one to a kid with an imagination. It can become anything!
Cut circles out of these and use them in the bottom of pots for drainage. They shouldn't rot because they are made of poly.
Rinsing lettuce...put lettuce in large bowl, wash with plenty of water, cover with this and a big rubber band and drain water though it. Or make a lettuce bag with handles, wash lettuces or greens outside and swing the bag around and get all the water out.
Make air drying shelves for sun drying tomato's or dehydrating fruits or veggies.
Cover individual fruit plants and pin down to keep birds away.
Cover an individual fruit or veggie to keep critters away while it grows to its full potential so you can win that purple ribbon at the fair ;O)
Construct butterfly houses!
Add vents to plastic covered greenhouses
Two of these attached to a gardening hat might be good for bee keeping or just keeping bees and flies off your face and neck. You can also use one for each sleeve.
Sift garden dirt to finely cover tiny seeds.
Customer ideas...
Hi, I have another use for it. Press quilt blocks to keep your medium hot iron from scorching $14.00+ a yard fabric. I have even paid $24.00 a yard for designer fabric and my iron nearly ruined it. Hot irons don't give a hoot about the price of fabric. Hope this can be added. Did not see it in the list so maybe?.......thanks! Lin
Thanks for the suggestion Lin! CJ :O)

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Ironing Pressing Cloth Seethru White Mesh Iron Clothes Press Steam Michael Grave:

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