Jbl 4331 Studio Monitor Speakers - L 300 / 200 "pro"

Jbl 4331 Studio Monitor Speakers  - L 300 / 200

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Jbl 4331 Studio Monitor Speakers - L 300 / 200 "pro":


JBL ! 4331


About this item:

Presented for Your Consideration: An Obscure and Desirable pr. of


JBL Loudspeakers certainly need no introduction! Over the years, JBL has employed some of the brightest minds in transducer and loudspeaker system engineering period. Names Like "May, Locanthi, Timbers, Wolf," and many more spring to mind. Every detail of a JBL loudspeaker is carefully researched, reviewed - and revised when needed before a product goes to market...JBL too pairs this painstaking engineering with an "artisinal" level of precision build quality. JBL too is credited with many advanced engineering first - things like the 4" edgewound voice coil - that are copied by so many today. The 4331 -Bs offered here enjoy all the JBL Familial traits - in an aesthetically and acoustically harmonious package.

These rank among the rarest of rare in JBL's older pro lineup. Why You ask? Simple: JBL made more of the 3-way 4333s than the 4331s. The superb 4331s became the successor to the older LE-15A Based 4320 monitor, which gave way for the "new" 2231H 15' woofer with a massive ferrite magnet and the addition of a resonance lowering mass ring. The new woofer offered a bit less LF sensitivity - but had such a linear, smooth, and extended LF response. The 2nd order pro crossover network with its 800 Hz transition offers real smooth, sensitivity matched pairing of the tuned 15" woofer to the 2420 driven conical horn. Additionally, the 4331 is easily bi-amped and the input plate offers simple switch provisions and additional input push terminals to achieve. The 4331-B. . . All in all a very musical loudspeaker, one of JBL's best, and housed in a very robust, well braced, "non-ringing" cabinet - much heavier than the home L-200 and L-300s. Simply pair these with proper signal source, quality amplification, and Your ready to revel in the sonic bliss these heavy JBL Monitors deliver !...

This particular pair of loudspeakers have been tidied. The 3110 crossovers and 2420s are all original and in proper order. The hardware is all clean too. The cabinets, are "five footers" - that is to say they look simply gorgeous at 5 feet. Closer inspection will reveal a few issues incident with age and moving about - most of which have been addressed in steam lifting scuffs and scrapes, some sensible filling - re-staining, and so forth. These cabinets are rock of gibralter solid though - no delamination whatsoever. All in all - Very functional speakers, and the sides are near perfect. They are living room pretty in present form and If these will be serving soffit mounted mixdown duty they will look new - even up close!

When I picked these up last Summer, The original foam woofer surrounds had disintegrated and the coils were dragging and scraping. Rather than do a quick re-foam and bury a problem, I opted to fully rebuild the woofers with my preference of an essentially identical aftermarket cone kit (same composition and weight). These kits are not preassembled like the JBL oem kit and are a real bugger to get right, with their tight gap and need to watch the "spider biasing". The overhung coil and kapton former in these 2231H's, in my estimation are vastly superior to the original JBLs - especially when You want to "turn it up". The aftermarket vc has a longer coil stack for greater "controlled" excursion - yet the sensitivity and BL product seem maintained - as does all the glorious musical "correctness" of the original. The factory mass rings too have been re-installed, maintaining the low Fs and proper Thiele-Small box tuning. I think You will be quite pleased. The bottom end from these is tight, smooth, and extended, and if demanded - can be played at intense SPL !!!

This sale includes the 2 ea.cabinets as pictured . 2 ea. 3110 Crossovers/Attenuators, 2 ea. Alnico 2420s, 2 ea. 2312 Conical Horns, and 2 ea. rebuilt 2231 Woofers, Please Note: There are no grilles and no slant plate lenses included (again, easy enough to source OEM or the KENRICKS here on ). These big birds are ready to reward the next owner for many more decades of faithful musical and very aesthetically pleasing service! The high (paying) buyer wins!

To read more about the JBL STUDIO MONITOR FAMILY click here here.

And the specs appear here here.

And finally, here here.

Hallmarks of JBL's 2231-B Include:

* Full Frequency Extension !

* SUPERB Fidelity !

* 15" - 2 Way Design !

* ALNICO Compression Drivers !

* PRECISION Machined Transducers !

* High Efficiency -8 Ohms Nom Z !

* Finely Crafted Furniture Grade Cabinets

* Advanced Network Design w/ Biamp Capabilities

* Smooth Response

...Whatever your preferred musical choice, these big JBLs are sure to please !! They do jazz, vintage rock, chorale works, and folk with aplomb! They won't break thebank either! Whether Your application is for a medium - Large main room system - Studio Mixdown / Playback Monitor or Killer Workshop Workhorses ! - these are a superb choice! They perform well with small triode and pentode amps - but are at their full spl and dynamic best with well designed solid state units.

When properly packed, these speakers weighs in the realm of 132 lbs ea. (plus a pallet - about 50 lbs) Domestic shipping can be via truck freight (and we get over 90% discount with most major truck lines and we pass the discounts along). International, we will work with a shipper of your choosing or can prepare these to ship via DB SCHENKERS airport to airport or airport to door service. Palletizing will be $50 for a suitable skid, packing quilts, tie down straps and corner protection. Full crating available to the level of Your choosing (priced accordingly). If this item is leaving the states, we do charge a $10.00 document prep fee for the added time required to fill out export paperwork. Also, due to time constraints, I CAN ONLY QUOTE THE WINNING buyer A FIRM SHIPPING PRICE WHICH WILL COME AT sale END. Current Drayage Rates are appx $200 to West Coast and $300 to the East (business destination or "held at dock" - The weight guidelines above are deemed accurate though, so feel free to collect a rough quote from the carrier of Your choosing - just be sure to factor in full insurance and palletizing too!

Further details about us, our policies, and our "terms of trading" appear below...

A little about Us

Hi-Fi is a way of life here. I was born in the hey-day of the hobby into a home with dream gear that today is highly sought and revered: Jensen G-610s, a Garrard 301, and custom tube electronics - all hand built by my late electrical engineer Father. One could say "I was bit by the audio bug early on"

My associates and I have dealt in high end, vintage, and professional audio electronics for over 3 decades now. As for trading, we have acted as both buyer and seller going on 13 years! Integrity and fairness are ideals I strive for in all of my transactions, and my decade long response profile reflects that fact. Our focus is on offering a few select pieces annually of the increasingly rare, collectible, and desirable, and of an audio related nature. Each and every item we offer is described in accurate and telling terms - no glossing over problems - no sins of omission. We are experts in the field of vintage vacuum tube electronics and loudspeakers, well versed in their market value, and we maintain a small but well equipped repair facility. We also love what we do!

Why are we selling this item:

Good question indeed! It seems there is a flood of hi-fi gear being flipped on these days. Oft times, via un-knowledgeable and/or unscrupulous sellers simply looking to hustle a quick buck and slither on. With all the touting of an item's "reference quality" "rarity" or "mint nature" it really makes one wonder, why exactly then - "if it's such a great item, why are You selling it" ?

At STONE AGE STEREO , we sell for a number of reasons: a certain number of items are simply offered as a matter of economics and staying in business, others out of needing to free up space, and finally some out of my relentless pursuit for the ultimate reproduction system, which has required me shifting system architectures completely, and neccesitating sales to fund the experiment. Much of the gear offered comes from our personal stashes, some is from customer trade-in and trade up, other items are from local estates, and finally, some comes the way of the usual "craigslist" and garage sale sources.

Yes, we strive to make a fair profit from our dealings here on - or so we hope, but on the flip side, many items are sold below our cost of acquisition too. Either way, when You purchase an item from STONE AGE STEREO, You are also benefiting from knowledgeable, passionate folks who understand the gear offered, and handle it with the utmost of care on our watch. We are folks who know about the dangers in aging electrolytic caps - folks who know about the delicate nature of compression driver diaphragms and voice coil misalignment hazards, folks who understand why a tube amp should NEVER be operated unloaded, and finally people who love, value, and treasure these items as much as You do!


We invite sincere questions from individuals who wish to become owners (as opposed to just dreamers, puffers, and general hecklers)! If we have failed to cover a particular detail in the sale text, feel free to ask. We try to answer questions m-f between about 10 am and 8 pm - time permitting.


We generally accept PayPal for most items up to $1,000. We will sometimes request bankwire or other means on very sizable vintage items, especially involving export. Payment by certified means is acceptable on items picked up locally. Payment in-full is expected on all of our sales within 3 days of sale close. We encourage You to have Your finances secured prior to offerding and expect prompt follow through. If You fall outside these bounds, please pass us by, as we are a small "cottage" business and have few resources to deal with slow and no pays.


Getting Your item to You safely and intact is of paramount importance to us! We are skilled packers and craters and know how to PROPERLY package fragile and valuable items. Each item has it's own unique packaging requirements. We apply the appropriate method to ensure safe arrival. Our process minimizes damage risks considerably, thusly avoiding headache and heartache for both of us. Large loudspeakers are generally crated and make generous use of sheet styrofoam on all 6 sides. Vintage amps, Turntables, Tape Decks and Preamps are typically double boxed, using polyfoam or equivalent padding to minimize shock - tubes are either removed and packed seperatley, or protected against impact accordingly.

We charge a modest fee for packing time and materials, as both cost us in terms of manpower and the materials can get costly. The packing fee is always noted in our listings, so "No Surprises"


Smaller items will be handled via Fedex Ground or UPS in the USA & Canada -In certain instances we will us the US Postal system too and their "flat rate" packs. International shipping will be FedEx Economy Air fully insured with tracking number provided. on costlier items. International priority post is an option as well

Large items will be moved on commercial carrier via ECHO GLOBAL LOGISTICS. Projected costs are based on delivery to a business with a dock or forklift. Residential "lift gate" gate deliveries of said add a surcharge of up to $85 (depending on carrier). International will be via DB SCHENKER (Generally airport to airport, unless You request door to door - which adds about 25% to the cost). We

International buyers – Please Note:
Import duties, taxes and charges are NOT included in the item price or shipping charges. These charges are the buyer's sole responsibility. Please check with your country's customs office to determine what these additional costs will be prior to offerding/buying. These charges are typically collected by the delivering freight agency when you pick the item up – do not confuse them for additional shipping charges.
We do not "deflate" merchandise values below sold value or mark items as "gifts" - US and International government regulations prohibit such criminal behavior.


As stated above, we pride ourselves in our packing abilities and nil claims. However, accidents can happen, and in the unlikely event a damage claim needs to be filed, we will do our best to help. You would need to notify us and the shipper immediately to request an inspection of the noted damage. You must save any and all packing materials. We further request any item damaged as a result of drayage be refunded directly to You, by the shipper (and not via us - unless WE were the cause of the damage).


Most of items we offer are decades old. We do covenant that the item in-question offered is in the condition stated in the sale text. Beyond that, any used item is offered for sale in an "as is, as stated" condition. Certain new items will be provided with a limited warranty. This is on a case by case basis, and any warranty extended by us will be as written in the above descriptive text.


Stay Tuned for our other sales for a host of the MOST DESIRABLE Hi-Fi Gear of Yester Year

Yester Year Hi Fi

Jbl 4331 Studio Monitor Speakers - L 300 / 200 "pro":

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