Jf #1 Burner, Propane Regulator, Needle Valve Kit For Forge Foundry Or Kiln

Jf #1 Burner, Propane Regulator, Needle Valve Kit For Forge Foundry Or Kiln

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Jf #1 Burner, Propane Regulator, Needle Valve Kit For Forge Foundry Or Kiln:

I am very thankful to announce that over the last year my equipment and techniques to produce these burners has improved to the point where I can produce them faster and at less cost to me. In turn I am LOWERING THE PRICE because it just makes sense. Thank you every one so much for your support! I have enjoyed exchanging hundreds of interesting emails and conversations with people who are building Blacksmith forges, home foundries, raku kilns, glass kilns, wax burn out kilns, and many off the wall applications that I never would have thought someone would use this burner for!This kit contains;1 JF #1 burner
1 Brass needle valve
1 30 PSI propane gas regulatorCustom orders for burner kits in any configuration you need are welcome. Please check out my other listings for more burner options such as flanges and ignitions. Burner Features:

    • Long lasting stainless steel nozzle
    • TIG welded heavy duty construction
    • Up to 160,000. BTU out put
    • Precision machined and balanced for superior performance
    • Adjustable choke


These venturi style propane fired burners are naturally aspirated. The parts are formed using precision machined tool steel dies and assembled by a skilled certified TIG welder in precision alignment fixtures. Parts such as the 1/8 inch NPT nipple and the brass fuel orifice are machined on a precision turret lathe to ensure the highest quality in manufacturing. Important things to observe are the finely tuned design of the stainless steel nozzle and the long life it will provide. Unlike some burners that are designed for similar applications which can only maintain ignition inside the chamber they were intended for (typically the refractory material of the device has a type of nozzle built in to it which wares out over time) these JF #1 burners maintain ignition as a standalone product. The nozzle will not ever reach critical melting temperatures as most homemade burners will. This means you can weld or assemble these burners by any type of fixture you require and be assured of a very long burner life. The burners come adjusted to burn neutrally in a wide variety of forge foundry and kiln constructions and can be choked to provide a perfect carburizing atmosphere for processes such as forge welding.

Why purchase a JF #1 burner?

If you are building your own forge, foundry, glass kiln, burn out kiln, or raku kiln often one of the most challenging, expensive and unforeseeable time consuming parts of the process is in obtaining or building a proper burner. These burners have thousands of hours of testing and use behind them. They perform excellently in multiple forge designs for blacksmithing. They are used to fire foundries for melting aluminum and brass. They are being used to fire a wide variety of kilns and they have been adapted to a growing list of things that surprise me and sometimes scare me. I’m no tree huger but if you email me with questions about constructing a “battery melter for gettin at the lead” I will not sell them to you. Although these burners are capable of operating from 1 PSI to over 60 PSI the common operating pressures are from 3 to 15 PSI.


If you are building some type of thermal equipment, these burners will bring you the highest level of satisfaction for an unbeatable price.


About Insurance, many of the things I ship when purchased through my websites or or through a custom invoice I send you give the option to buy extra insurance in case your item is delivered to you and ends up stolen from your front porch. This rarely happens so by default I will not buy the extra insurance. If you would like me to include the insurance you must let me know so I can add the cost to your invoice. An example; the burner kits I sell are shipped in the USPS medium flat rate boxes. The extra insurance will cost you around $6.00. if you are at all concerned that someone may steel your package if it is delivered to your front porch while you are away I suggest you contact me so we can either arrange for you to sign for or insure it or both.

Shipping times; usually I am able to get things built, assembled, packaged and shipped to you in a very fast and reasonable time. However I have been very late sometimes because life throws you injuries, sickness, supplies run out and I have to order them and wait, etc,etc. If I run a bit late with a shipment please be assured I am probably working my tail off trying to keep up with orders and have not forgotten about you! Therefore I reserve the right to be late if for some reason I’m dealing with my own delays, unless of course I have confirmed to you individually when I’ll be shipping your item/s.

Jf #1 Burner, Propane Regulator, Needle Valve Kit For Forge Foundry Or Kiln:

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