John F Kennedy Limited Edition Sterling Silver Plate 271/500 Wendell August Rare

John F Kennedy Limited Edition Sterling Silver Plate 271/500 Wendell August Rare

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John F Kennedy Limited Edition Sterling Silver Plate 271/500 Wendell August Rare:

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We have for your consideration JOHN F KENNEDY LIMITED EDITION STERLING SILVER PLATE 271/500 WENDELL AUGUST RARE. This piece is by L.E. Smith. The stand is not included in the sale. The plate is 8 7/8 inches in diameter. Please see photo's above of the item you will receive. (JW)(CLG) 8-15-2014.

Due to the value of the piece Insurance has been added to the handling charge.

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John F Kennedy Limited Edition Sterling Silver Plate 271/500 Wendell August Rare:

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