Jack Kerouac Visions Of Cody Neal & Carolyn Cassady The Road Allen Ginsberg Pot

Jack Kerouac Visions Of Cody Neal & Carolyn Cassady The Road Allen Ginsberg Pot

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Jack Kerouac Visions Of Cody Neal & Carolyn Cassady The Road Allen Ginsberg Pot:

Greetings, you are offerding on -Visions of Codyby Jack Kerouac, with The Visions of the Great Rememberer by Allen Ginsberg. Copyright page states, "This editionpublished in Penguin Books in 1993", the numberline ends at "13" (later print). Cover price is $13.95Visions of Codywritten in 1952, butnot published in it's entirety until 1972, 3 years after J.K. died. This thick softcover book is already 24 years old.The actual copy is pictured, no stock images.

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Edited quotes, "Visions of Cody is a character study of the hero of On The Road "Dean Moriarty" whose name now is "Cody Pomeray". I wanted to put my hand to an enormous paean which would unite my vision of America with words spilled out in the modern spontaneous method. Instead of just a horizontal account of travels in the road. I wanted a vertical, metaphysical study of Cody's character and its relationship to the general "America". This is a youthful book (1951) and it was based on my belief in the goodness of the hero and his position as an archetypical American Man. The tape recordings in here are actual transcriptions I made of conversations with Cody who was so high, (everyone else too, not just Neal), he forgot the machine was turning. (Jack Kerouac). There's some entertaining "Tea Talk" in the recorded, written out passages with some stories about William S. Burroughs."

"Visions of Cody is Kerouac's fascinating examination of his own New York life, in a collection of colorful stream-of-consciousness essays. Transcribing taped conversations between members of their group as they took drugs and drank, this book reveals an intimate portrait of people caught up in destructive relationships with substances, and one another. The first section is essentially a collection of short stream-of-consciousness essays, many simply describing the post World War II New York City Environment, all interlaced with Kerouac's internal dialogue. The second section consists mainly of the transcription of taped conversations between Cassady and Kerouac that extended over five nights as they drank and smoke marijuana. This is followed by a brief section with a writing experiment by Kerouac in which he attempted to work from the spontaneity and speech patterns of the tapes. The remainder of the book contains Kerouac's recounting of his travels with Cassady."

(From Ellis Amburn's Kerouac bio) "...finishing itin Neal's attic in Russian Hill, (S.F.)."That was the best place I ever wrote," Jack recalled. "It rained every day, and I had wine, marijuana, and once in a while his wife would sneak in. I Wrote it mostly by hand, some typed on Neal's typewriter." Cody includes a stupendous account of Joan Crawford filming Sudden Fear next door to the Cassadys, entitled "Joan Rawshanks in the Fog." The novel is both a recap of On The Road and a sequel to it." "For the sheer linguistic boldness and exuberance, there is perhaps nothing quite like Cody in American literature." Douglas Brinkley called Cody "one of postwar America's authentic masterworks...a pioneering work of modernist fiction."

(From Aaron Latham's N.Y. Times book review), "Jack Kerouac's sequel to "On The Road" is called "Visions of Cody". The book may, at first, seem like a raft that has broken up - no order, no plan, everything afloat in the stream of Kerouac's consciousness. But if you can stand some disorder, you will find some of Jack's very best writing. It is funny, it is serious. It is eloquent. To read "On The Road" but not "Visions of Cody" is to take a nice sightseeing tour but forgo the spectacular rapids of Jack Kerouac's wildest writing. "Visions of Cody" is a bizarre book with a bizarre history. When Kerouac wrote "On The Road" in 20 days on a continuous roll of paper in 1951, friends like Allen Ginsberg read it and did not much like it."

"Kerouac had not yet invented the legend that he never rewrote anything, so he set to work composing inserts, which he hoped would make his friends like his book better. These inserts, however, grew uncontrollable. Jack Kerouac and Neal Cassady (Cody), even tape recorded long conversations that were typed up and added to the stack of new pages. By the spring of 1952, the new sections were almost as long as the original. At some point Kerouac decided not to use the inserts to patch up his earlier work but to consider them a new book in and of themselves." (Aaron Latham'ssuggestionwould be to read the book in bits and pieces as if it were a book of poetry rather than a continuous narrative because it simply is not a continuous narrative.) In Richard Kostelanetz's N.Y. Times review for Jack's Book, he mentions, "his most extraordinary book..."Visions of Cody," which is one of the densest, most difficult, most extraordinary works in the English language".

"In "The Visions of the Great Rememberer by Allen Ginsberg", Allen goes through the book with some thoughts and notes on specific passages. The biggest thing I can personally say about this book, that I'm not I read any where in any reviews, there's a great deal of emotion written by Kerouac concerning all his feelings for Neal, he also deftly captures a time and a place which no longer exists. A partial list of the people in the book are - William S. Burroughs, Lucien Carr, Carolyn & Neal Cassady, Allen Ginsberg, John Clellon Holmes, Hal Chase, Diane Hanson, Henry Cru, Herbert Huncke, David Kammerer, Joan Vollmer, Al & Helen Hinkle, Bill Garver, Bill Cannastra, & Edie Parker. Here are some of the members of the Beat Generation as they were in the years before any label had been affixed to them." "Kerouac was a breath of fresh air when he came on the literary scene. He was also a force, a tragedy, a triumph, and an ongoing influence, and that influence is still with us." - Norman Mailer. If you have never read any Kerouac books? My suggestion is maybe start with On The Road the original scroll, then Visions of Cody.

Overall condition is very good.This 24 year old thick paperback book is a sound copy, has some random fairly lighter normal shelfwear with some typical signs of age & use. Considering the age, it's some what to be expected. No big folds, no long deep creases, no large bends & wrinkle lines on the covers, front panel has a top to bottom thin impression in the middle area with a fairly short surface line off the top edge (through part of the top left photo). No shorter cover rips, nolong tears, no heavy fraying, no push holes, no big chips, no wide chipping, no chunks missing. The color is strong, the covers clean, have lighter age tone. No heavy yellowing, no deep browning, no severe ageing. No big or dark stains, noheavy grime, no huge age spots, no foxing, no water marks, no liquid related issues, no bleached out fade on the outers.

There's some random fairly lighter surface rubbing on both covers, front has a small place on the right edge with some color loss (above the bottom right photo of Neal). No all over harsh rub & scuff wear - no thick major amounts of color loss. Front has the top to bottom thin impression, the smaller surface line off the top edge, (goes 2/3s of the way down the top left pic), with some bend or curve. Back has some top to bottom bend impression or curve a few inches off the left edge. There's a line mark in the top left photo. There's maybe a few random small surface marks & little bruises on both covers, I don't see too much else of note. There's not large heavy markings on either cover, they are pretty smooth but not real flat, have the curve. No big harsh marks, no scrapes or gouges, no numerous large indents, no giant sized impressions, no noted amounts offinger bends & large marks, no long deep line marks & lengthy bends & wrinkle lines.

The outer cover edges are sound. Front top has light thin rubbing, front right has some rubbing with shallow bruises & short rub marks along. Front bottom thin rubbing along. Top back light thin rubs along, back left some short rub marks & thin bruises with rubs along. Back bottom short rub marks & small thin bruises under part of the bar code block, the edge has thin rubbing along. The cover edges are still mostly straight. No whacks, no giant sized impressions, no short rips or long tears, no fraying, no lengthy bends & wrinkle lines, no large creases, no big chips, no wide chipping, no heavy color loss, no bubble lines, no peeling, no blisters.

The cover cornersare sound. Front top has a small tip rub, front bottom short rub wear on the tip that shows lighter with short rub marks along the outer edges. Top back a small mark with rub wear on the point. Back bottom some thin tip bend, rub wear on the point with thin edge rubs. The points on both back covers have little peels from rubbing. The corners are still mostly square. No long creases, no large wrinkle lines, no big folds, no short rips or large tears, no heavy fraying, no big chips, no large heavy marks.

The spineis uncreased, (no top to bottom deep creasing, no heavy surface wrinkle lines), the covers lay some what flat, again, both covers have some bend or curve. The spine ends are sound, both have thin rubbing along, corner tips have short rub wear. Top has a smaller mark off in the middle, the ends are still mostly square. No torn end flaps, no splits, no big chips, no wide heavy push marks. There's some thin rubs & surface rubbing on the front seam edge (in the orange) with some thin color loss. The lettering is bright & intact.

The spine edge is pretty flat & square, has a thin rub line with some small rubs closer to the bottom end. No big raised marks, no stress cracks, no bubble lines, no large creases, no short rips or tears, no bleached out fade, no push holes, no big chips. There's a few little rubs that show lighter along the front seam- no thick or major color loss on the spine areas.Nolong creases, no large heavy impressionson the covers along the edges. No heavyslant, no severe twist, no deep inward curve, no cupping, the text block is pretty square.

The interior is clean & complete.The pages are sound, have some age tone, (printed with acidic materials). No short rips, no long tears, no missing pages, nothing clipped out, no long creases, no lengthy bends & wrinkle lines, no big folds,no heavy chipping & edge fraying. The white inside covers are clean -no stains,no huge age spots, noheavy grime, no bleeding, no foxing.There's some scattered little age or print specks from the acidic materials. No big or dark stains, no heavy grime, no foxing, nohuge or numerous age spots, no writing, no liquid related issues, no water damage on the was published on thinner pulpy paper, is some what prone to surface markings. There's a fairly amount of pages (about half) with a thin line impression, some top to bottom curve impression in the middle area (from about the middle of the book to the end), other wise the pages do not have lots of large deep or real heavy markings, are mostly flat & pretty smooth.No big harsh marks, no giant sized impressions, no noted amounts offinger bends & large deep marks, no lengthy bends & wrinkle lines, no numerous large indents.

There's some pages in the back, 2 have smaller bottom corner tip bend lines, 2 have a fairly shorter fold crease, some with tip rubs, small point bends & bruises, small tip marks, some of the tops have a short line off the tips. The greater majority of the page corners are flat & square. No big folds, no noted amounts of heavy tip curls & folds & wide bends,no lengthy bends &wrinkle lines, nolong creases,no chips, no tears.The covers & binding are tight. No loose pages, no cracked or split internal spine,no wide gaps,no binding issues.The hinges are sound & unbroken.

The closed page edges are clean & sound, have a even age tone, (pics #10-12 with the tops first). No dark stains, no foxing, nolarge smudges, no heavy grime, no water damage, no huge age spots, no remainder marks. Tops have some thin surface rubbing off the right corners, rights some light rubbing with a few surface rub lines & small rubs. Bottoms some light surface rubbing. Condition wise the closed edges are pretty decent, do not have hard wear,no severe ageing. No whacks,no large indents, no long deep line marks, no big harsh scuffs & scrapes or gouges,no all over heavy bruises, no large deep This is a 24 year old paperback,has some random normal shelfwear with some typical signs of age & use. Again, considering the age it's some what to be expected. The covers have some surface curve. Theinterior is clean & complete, the pages are sound, half the book has a thin top to bottom impression of curve in the middle of the pages. Interiors do not have large deep or real heavy markings. No major traumas, no severe condition issues, no harsh interior wear. All that said? Yes, reads just fine. Keep the Memories Alive. Thank you for taking the time to look & Good luck offerding. Questions? Email. Jos tarvitset minua, olen katolla alumiinifoliohattussani (AK). I ship Worldwide.

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Jack Kerouac Visions Of Cody Neal & Carolyn Cassady The Road Allen Ginsberg Pot:

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