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Japanese Hanging Scrolls : Kano Tanyu "flower And Bird" @k331 For Sale

Japanese Hanging Scrolls : Kano Tanyu

Title Japanese Hanging Scrolls : KANO TANYU "Flower and Bird" @k331 Item
Description *Kano Tan'yu (1602~1674) :
Kano Tan'yu was one of the foremost Japanese painters of the Kano school. His original given name was Morinobu; he was the eldest son of Kano Takanobu and grandson of Kano Eitoku. Many of the most famous and widely known Kano works today are by Tan'yu.
In 1617, Tan'yu was appointed by the Tokugawa shogunate to become one of the shogunate's official artists. Over the following years, he was given many highly prestigious commissions. Over the 1620s and '30s, he created a number of large-scale works for Edo castle, Nijo castle, Osaka castle, Nagoya castle, and Nikko Tosho-gu.
Prolific in a variety of painting styles, Tan'yu's most famous works are probably those he produced for these large-scale commissions. They are screens and panels, prime examples of the Momoyama style, depicting natural subjects such as tigers, birds and plants, in bright colors and with extensive use of gold leaf. The gold, often used to represent clouds, water, or other background elements, would reflect what little light was available indoors, brightening a castle's dark rooms.
Tan'yu was also accomplished, however, in monochrome ink painting based on the prototypical style of the Muromachi period, yamato-e compositions in a style similar to that of the Tosa school, and Chinese style scrolls. His most famous yamato-e work is a narrative handscroll depicting the life of Tokugawa Ieyasu, the first Tokugawa shogun and major figure in Japanese history. It was after this commission, in 1640, that the artist first took on the "artist name" of Tan'yu.
In addition to being a highly honored and respected painter in his own right, Tan'yu was known as a collector and connoisseur of Chinese paintings. He made sketches and kept records of many of the paintings that passed through his studio, brought to him for authentication. Condition Signature & Seal = Tanyu.
Scroll Box = None.
Roller Ends = Bone.
Technique = Handpainted on Paper.
Condition = Refer to all pictures, stain, wrinkles.
Size 58.3cm x 196.2cm / 22.9" x 77.2" Payment Terms We accept PayPal Shipment Terms SAL (economy) / FedEx (expedited)
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Policy We offer valuable Japanese art from Kano school painting to famous painter playing an active part in the present age. But the judgment of the original or not is very difficult even if the expert checks it. Please offer it after having judged it in your responsibility. The item has stains, creases and some damages.It's more about old items. Please decide after you see the item picture and the description closely. Happy offerding !
Japanese Hanging Scrolls : Kano Tanyu

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Japanese Hanging Scrolls : Kano Tanyu "flower And Bird" @k331:

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