Jerry Rubin Do It Scenarios Of The Revolution Eldridge Cleaver War Protester Pot

Jerry Rubin Do It Scenarios Of The Revolution Eldridge Cleaver War Protester Pot

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Jerry Rubin Do It Scenarios Of The Revolution Eldridge Cleaver War Protester Pot:

Greetings, you are offerding on -DO IT! Scenarios of the Revolution by Jerry Rubin with an introduction by Eldridge Cleaver. Designed by Quentin Fiore, Yipped by Jim Retherford, Zapped by Nancy Kurshan. Published bySimon & Schuster, published in 1970, the copyright page has, "Sixth Printing" (also suggests, "Read This Book Stoned!"). The cover price is $2.45. This softcover copy of "Do It!" is already 48 years out of printThe actual copy is pictured, no stock images.

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Edited quotes, "Danger! This book will become a Molotov cocktail in your very hands. Jerry Rubin has written The Communist manifesto of out era. 'Do It!' is a Declaration of War between the generations - calling on kids to leave their homes, burn down their schools and create a new society upon the ashes of the old. 'Do It!' is a prose poem singing the inside saga of the movement; 'Do It!' is a handbook for American revolutionaries comparable to Che Guevara's 'Guerrilla Warfare'; it is a frenzied emotional symphony for a new social disorder; a comic book for seven-year-olds; a tribute to insanity."

"Jerry Rubin came into this world in a marine's uniform. He wore a clean face, suit and bow tie while working as a sports reporter. He died - and was reincarnated as an agitator playing and wreaking havoc from Berkeley to New York. He was thrown out of Congress for coming there half-nude with live ammunition. He helped found the Yippies, those dope-crazed Godless insurrectionists. He is on trial in Chicago with seven other conspirators for destroying the Democratic Convention."

"This book is the most important political statement made by a white revolutionary in America today. Eldridge Cleaver, Black Panther leader in exile, has written an introduction to it from Algeria. Media magician Quentin Fiore has designed the book with more than 100 pictures, cartoons and mind-zaps. 'Do It!' To be danced to. Read aloud. Studied. Memorized. Debated. Burned. Swallowed. Eaten. But most important, after living through the experience of this book, take its final advice:Do It!"

Kirkus Review, "Jerry Rubin of the Chicago Conspiracy 7 trial, of YIPPIE!, of the Vietnam Day Committee, of the REVOLUTION, has written a book.Might call it a trip.Might call it Scenarios of the Revolution for the Hell of It (but then Abbie Hoffman didn't have an introduction by Eldridge Cleaver.Right on). Jerry is a Child of Amerika' - 'If I'm ever sent to Death Row for my revolutionary 'crimes,' I'll order as my last meal: a hamburger, french fries and a Coke. '

"Jerry writes about 'Elvis Presley Killed Ike Eisenhower' and 'We Are All Human Be-ins' and 'HUAC Creates Subpoenas Envy and Meets Thomas Jefferson' and other related topics.There are four letter words. There are many celebrated events of radical lore.There is even some autobiographical material.Some people will find it offensive.They will not appreciate the rant and cant and hippie/yippie/revolutionary rhetoric.Others will want to read it.They will find much that's outrageous/subversive/ludicrous and downright entertaining.Except the concluding 'Scenario for the Future/Yippieland. 'That's scary."

Overall condition is good + - reader's copy.This is a sound & still decent 48 year old trade sized paperback, has some scattered normal shelfwear, some typical signs of age & use. Considering the age it's some what to be expected. This is mostly clean, is complete & reads just fine. No big folds, no long creases, no large bends & wrinkle lines on the covers. Front has an angled crease off the right edge (from about the top of the green leaf down to the middle of the microphone). No short or smaller panel rips, no large tears, no heavy fraying, no push holes, no big chips, no wide chipping. The color is pretty bright, the covers are mostly clean, have decent gloss. There's some age tone, back has strips of fade along the top & left edges -No heavy yellowing, no deep browning, no real severe ageing. Back has 2 small age tone grime spots in the lettering. No big dark stains, noheavy grime, no huge age spots, no foxing, no water damage, no liquid related issues, no bleached out fade on the exteriors.

There's scattered fairly lighter surface rubbing, some random small rubs & bits of color loss (mostly along the outer edges). No all over harsh rub & scuff wear - no major color loss. Front has rub marks & rubbing at the spine ends, bottom has a small surface layer lift or fray, spine edge has fairly thin rubbing along with color loss. There's a surface line impression along both spine edges. Again, there'san angled crease off the right edge (from about the top of the green leaf down to the middle of the microphone). There's some small line bruises & dash sized marks, & some little bruises with a finger nail sized mark on the right edge. Back has rubbing at the spine ends & up the seams with some color loss, a few thin rub lines, a short wrinkle (left edge of the photo), with some scattered short marks, thin bruises & scattered lighter surface impressions.

The covers are pretty flat & mostly smooth, do not have lots of large heavy markings. No huge harsh marks, no wide scrapes & gouges, no numerous large indents, no giant sized impressions, no noted amounts offinger bends & big deep marks, no long heavy line marks, no lengthy bends & wrinkle lines.

The cover edges are sound. Front top has rubbing with shallow marks & small bruises, front right an angled bend line on the top corner, a curved line off (by the left) with the mentioned angled crease below. The edge has rub marks & shallow bruises & rubs along. Front bottom rubs & scuffs with shallow marks & small bruises along. Back bottom shallow rub marks & short bruises along, back left lighter thin rubbing with some scattered short bruises & small marks. Top back a few short rub marks & some little bruises with edge rubbing. The edges show some scattered bits of color loss, majority are still mostly straight. No huge whacks, no short or smaller rips, no long tears,nogiant sizedimpressions,no heavy fraying, no lengthy bends & wrinkle lines & large edge creases, no big chips, no wide chipping, no major color loss, no bubble lines, no peeling, no blisters.

The cover cornersare mostly sound, fronts are decent. Front top has rub wear, small chips & layer peel around the tip, tip & right edge have fairly thin bend for a few inches, edge have rub marks. Front bottom an angled bend line down inside the right edge, tip has a shallow right edge bend with edge rub marks. Top back a short tip bend with rub wear around the point, back bottom has shorter tip bends along both edges with rubbing. The back corners are closer to square. No unmentioned long creases & lengthy bend & wrinkle lines, no huge folds, no short rips or tears, no heavy fraying, no big chips.

The spineis uncreased, (no top to bottom deep creasing, no large surface wrinkle lines), the covers lay pretty flat. Spine ends are sound. Bottom has the short surface layer fray up the front corner seam, with edge rubbing. Top wider edge rubbing with a few short surface line below, ends are mostly square, show some color loss. No long torn end flaps, no large splits, no big chips, no wide heavy push marks. There's some surface rubbing scattered on the flat edge, with bits of color loss.

There's a fair amount of little marks & short bruises, little indents on the edge. The lettering is intact, color is bright. Spine seams have some rub wear & color loss, are still pretty smooth.No big raised marks, no long bubble lines, no large creases, no small rips or tears, no bleached out fade, no push holes, no huge chips, no heavy color loss.Spine edge is relatively flat & square, nomajor color loss, no large deep marks, both seams are pretty smooth. Nolong wide creases, no large heavy impressionsalong the cover edges.No heavyslant, no severe twist, no deep inward curve, no wide cupping, the text block is pretty square.

The interior is pretty clean, is complete.The pages are sound, have some age tone, (printed with acidic materials). No short or smaller rips, no long tears, no missing pages, nothing clipped out, no long creases, no lengthy bends & wrinkle lines, no big folds,no edge fraying & chipping. The front white inside cover has a smaller sized name & number in thin magic markers with a few print rubs from the opposite page. back has a a few short age tone lines & specks, both show some age tone, other wise are clean -no big dark stains,no huge numerous age spots, no noted discolorations, noheavy grime, no bleeding, no foxing, no deep browning.

First page has an affixed bookplate from a former owner with a pencil price ghost (partial erased) on the top corner. There's some scattered little age or print specksfrom the acidic materials with some age dust & print specks, there's some random short or small print smudges, (not in severe amounts).All the photos & illustrations are intact - none clipped or torn out.No dark stains, no real heavy grime, no foxing, nohuge numerous age spots, no all over large smudges, no writing, no water damage, no liquid related issues. Pages have some random small surface marks & short bruises. There's a section of pages with a small mark & grime rub on the top edge off the right corners.There's not lots of large heavy markings, the pages are pretty flat & relatively smooth.No big harsh marks, no giant sized impressions, no scrapes or gouges, no noted amounts offinger bends & large deep marks, no lengthy bends & wrinkle lines, no numerous large indents, no long wide line marks.

First page has a bottom corner tip fold with some smaller tip rubs & point bends & bruises on all the corners in the front & back. There's thin tip rubs, little point bends, some small marks & thin line bruises on the corner flats, a few bottoms in the front have small print rubs & age smudges. The corners have some fairly small sized shelfwear, the greater majority of the are still flat & square. No big folds, no every single page amounts of heavy tip curls & folds & wide bends, no lengthy bends & wrinkle lines, nolong creases,no chips, no tears.The covers & binding are tight. No loose pages, no cracked or split internal spine, no wide gaps, no binding issues.The cover hinges are sound & unbroken. (It's never a good idea to completely flatten out vintage paperbacks, that really stresses the glued bindings.

The closed page edges are sound, have some even age tone, (pics #10-12 with the tops first). Tops have a grime rub line (closer to the right corners) with a few little age spots & rubs & smudges scattered. Rights have some age toned smudges & grime rubs. Bottoms a pink color rub (make up?) around the right corners. The closed edges are not perfectly clean, are not real filthy.No big dark stains, no foxing, no all over large wide smudges, no real heavy grime, no water damage, no huge numerous age spots, no remainder marks.

Tops have the inch long rub line mark near the right corners with some scattered lighter surface rubbing. Rights have rub marks & bruises along the front cover edge, with lighter surface rubbing else where, bottoms some short & thin rub marks with general fairly light surface rubbing.Condition wise the closed edges are still decent, do not have lots of hard wear,no severe ageing.No huge whacks, no large indents, no lengthy wide line marks, no big harsh scuffs & scrapes & gouges, no all over heavy bruising, no big deep severemarks.

This is a 48 year old used paperback,has some scattered normal shelfwear with some typical signs of age & use. This is mostly clean, is complete. The corners have some surface markings & corner & edge wear. The pages are sound, have some smaller corner shelwear, do not show large heavy markings. No major traumas, no severe condition issues, no harsh interior wear.All that said? Yes, reads just fine. Keep the Memories Alive. Thank you for taking the time to look & Good luck offerding. Questions? Email. Jos tarvitset minua, olen katolla alumiinifoliohattussani (AK). "Without the past...there can be no future." (JR).I ship Worldwide.

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Jerry Rubin Do It Scenarios Of The Revolution Eldridge Cleaver War Protester Pot:

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