Jewish Electric Memorial Candle Yom Kippur Kaddish Yizkor Yahrzeit Eu Int'l Plug

Jewish Electric Memorial Candle Yom Kippur Kaddish Yizkor Yahrzeit Eu Int'l Plug

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Jewish Electric Memorial Candle Yom Kippur Kaddish Yizkor Yahrzeit Eu Int'l Plug:

Electric Memorial CandleSoul Candle (Ner Neshama in Hebrew),Brand New,made in Israel
Round pins version - fit only EU/UK/OZ plugs and other international plugs (upto 240V), will not fit USA flat pins plugs*
Economic and easy to use, just plug it in any electric household outlet, the flame will turn on orange light
Memorial candle Light, Ner Neshama / Zikaron, for mourning on deceased family and loved ones on the annual day, memorial and holy days (like Yom Kippur, holocaust day and more)Size (L x W x D ) : 2.8 x 1.6 x 1.5 inch / 7.2 x 4.2 x 3.9 cm
*You can actually use it in the USA with a simple travel adaptor, but better find one that already comes with US flat pins

A Yahrzeit Candle is a special memorial candle. Yahrzeit Candles are traditionally lit for deceased relations for whom one recites Mourner's Kaddish: parents, spouse, siblings, and children. Lighting a yahrzeit candle is a Jewish custom (minhag). While it is not required by Jewish law (halakhah), the custom of lighting a Yahrzeit candles has become deeply ingrained in Jewish life.

When should one light a Yahrzeit (Memorial) Candle? A Yahrzeit Candle is lit
  1. During the week of Shiva Shiva (mourning)
  2. At sundown on the eve of the Yahrzeit (anniversary of the death)
  3. At sundown preceding the start of Yom Kippur and at sundown preceding the last day of Succoth, Passover and Shavuot (On these holidays, one should attend the Yizkor (Memorial) Prayer Service in the synagogue.)
How can one calculate a person's Yahrzeit date?The date of the Yahrzeit, which is calculated according to the Hebrew calendar, is the anniversary of the death, not the burial. Given the date of passing,'s Yahrzeit Calendar can be used to generate a list of corresponding Yahrzeit dates. How should one light a Yahrzeit Candle?Special candles that burn for 24 hours are used. Only one Yahrzeit candle needs to be lit per household. Some people use an electric bulb instead of a candle today for safety reasons. What prayer is recited when lighting a Yahrzeit Candle?There is no special prayer that must be recited while lighting a memorial candle. Some people stop for a few moments to remember the deceased and to spend some time in introspection. Others recite Psalms (121, 130, 142 are suggested). What is the meaning behind lighting a Yahrzeit Candle?Judaism see similarity between a candle's flame and a soul. The connection between flames and souls derives from the Book of Proverbs (chapter 20, verse 27): "The soul of man is the light of God." Just as a flame is never still, the soul also continuously strives to reach up to God. Thus, the flickering flame of the Yahrzeit candle helps to remind us of the departed soul of our loved one
(from Kaddish prayer, Yahrzeit / Jahrzeit, Yizkor

It is customary that the mourner lead the prayer services if he can. This increases the merit of the deceased. Generally the prayer services are performed in the place of shiva. It is important for friends and neighbors to help maintain this minyan.

At the very minimum the mourners say kaddish. The recitation of the kaddish prayer is the central to the mourning observances. The kaddish prayer comes in five forms:

Half kaddish which is used to mark a transition from one part of the prayer service to the next. This kaddish is said only by the chazon.

Complete kaddish which is used to mark the termination of a major portion of the prayer service and contains the titkabel, requesting God's acceptance of our prayer. This also is only said by the chazon.

The Rabbi's kaddish is said after reciting a bit of learning from the Talmud or Medrash. It is a prayer that requests God to help those who learn Torah. This is said by mourners.

Mourner's kaddish which is recited only by mourners. This follows selected prayers that are recited daily and listed in the prayer books.

Burial kaddish which is recited only at the grave site by the mourner.

Kaddish may only be said in the presence of ten male adult Jews, the mourner being included in the ten. Women do not say kaddish. If there are no male mourners, somebody else is asked or hired to say mourners Kaddish.


The Yahrzeit means the anniversary of the day of death on which special observances are preformed. In the past it was observed by fasting, but today it is the custom to give donations to the poor and many provide food (liquor and cake) to the synagogue for those who pray there.

The day of the Yahrzeit is always the Hebrew date of death. Even in a leap year, where there are thirteen months and kaddish is recited for only eleven months, and the yearly observance ends after twelve months, the Yahrzeit is observed on the exact Hebrew date of death.

On the Sabbath before the Yahrzeit, it is customary to inform the gabbai of the synagogue of the upcoming Yahrzeit observance. The gabbai will then provide an aliyah to the Torah for the person observing the yartziet.

It is customary to lead the prayer service on the day of the Yahrzeit, but if the person is incapable of this, he must say the various kaddishs which are part of the prayer services. This applies beginning from the evening service (maariv) and extends through the morning service (shacharit) and concludes with the afternoon service (mincha).

The Yahrzeit is not only observed for the parents, but also the other relatives for whom one is obligated to mourn.

As with yizkor, it is customary to light a Yahrzeit candle in the home on the eve of the day of the Yahrzeit to commemorate the death of the departed. It is customary to donate money to promote Torah studies and it is also customary that extra learning be done on this day in the name of the deceased to increase his merit.

It is also customary to visit the grave site on the day of the Yahrzeit. At the grave Psalms and special prayers which are found in many Prayer Books are said. It is also customary to learn mishna.


Yizkor is the memorial prayer which recalls the deceased and is recited on the three major holidays, Passover (on the last day), Shavuot (on the second day) and Succot (on Shmeni Atzeret) and also on Yom Kippur. It is recited in the synagogue after the reading of the Torah.

Yizkor is normally begun to be said on the first holiday after the death.

It is customary to light a Yahrzeit candle (a candle that will burn for 24 hours) in the house on the eve of the holiday to commemorate the death of the departed. In many synagogues, an electric candle is lit instead of a wax candle to commemorate the Yahrzeit or Yizkor.


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Jewish Electric Memorial Candle Yom Kippur Kaddish Yizkor Yahrzeit Eu Int'l Plug:

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