Kangaroos 1st Wmk 1d Red Used *riverton Sa Postmark* Sg 2 5b6

Kangaroos 1st Wmk 1d Red Used *riverton Sa Postmark* Sg 2 5b6

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Kangaroos 1st Wmk 1d Red Used *riverton Sa Postmark* Sg 2 5b6:

Please READ below to avoid additional costs Kangaroos 1st Wmk 1d Red Used *RIVERTON SA POSTMARK* SG 2

Used Kangaroo & KGV Head Grading:

We do not over grade or describe everything as 'fine used'.

The grade of these stamps can vary widely and the value of each grade is in many cases a significant step up or down.

Assigning a grade to a used Kangaroo & Map or KGV Head stamp is a decision made by balancing condition, centreing and the cancellation. For stamps that have been perforated OS, the threshold for what is acceptable centreing for each grade will be lower than that of a non perforated OS stamp.

Also, perf condition and centreing for the earlier issues of both series is slightly worse as a whole than the later issues and some adjustments are made for this when assigning a grade to these stamps.

VFU - Very fine used. These will be in premium condition, with excellent centreing and with an attractive or very light cancellation.

FU - Fine Used. Centreing will be good for the issue. For KGV Heads and Kangaroo stamps this means that the stamp may be off centre (but not too severe) in one direction but not two. Condition will also be good with a circular cancellation that does not detract from the appearance of the stamp. Minor perforation faults (ie short perf or split perf) might be present if the stamp is otherwise superb or if good perf condition is uncommon for the issue, however such allowances are used sparingly.

GU - Good used.Stamps may be off centre depending on the difficulty of the issue but will generally be reasonable and not impinge on the design of the stamp. Condition will be sound and the cancellation will either be a light machine or parcel cancel or a heavier or untidy circular date stamp. Some minor perforation faults may be present.

Used - Used. Is a lower grade than GU but is still a sound stamp that is free of major faults such as creases, tears or thins. A stamp will often receive this grade due to centreing or perforation condition issues.

SF - Space filler.Will include major faults such as creases, tears or thins. The type of fault will be noted.

Avoiding Additional Costs:DO NOT PAY FOR ONE ITEM AT A TIME

To avoid additional costs you must group your items into a single transaction with a single postage charge when making payment. You will be charged the additional Paypal and fees that are unnecessarily incurred if you pay with multiple transactions and do not group items in your order within a single postage charge.

Paypal charge a 30 cent Flag fall per transaction and charge commission on each postage fee paid (even if I subsequently refund it to you).

The additional costs charged will be at cost and no mark up at all is applied.

To avoid these costs use the 'Add to Cart' button when shopping via .com.au and then pay for your 'cart' when you are finished.Alternatively you can group the items into a single transaction by going into your 'My ' then 'Purchase History'.Proceed to make payment from here and all items will be combined into a single transaction.If all else fails please contact me and I will arrange for a combined invoice.

I apologise if this causes any inconvenience but these fees are unnecessary and can represent a very high percentage of the sale price on lower priced items.

About our postage:We use current issue sheet stamps on all standard size envelopes posted in Australia (unless we're out of stock which is very rare).

These will be hand cancelled almost always and thus will be a fine collectible item in their own right. Only a few percent of the millions of letter rate stamps used are traditional sheet stamps and thus gain a greater collectible value above the more common self adhesive version.Naturally occurring scarcity always wins with all collectibles.

All orders sent within Australia and overseas are posted in a high quality cardboard mailer with further protection inside against moisture and bending.

We do not plaster our standard letters with out of period stamps that are of little collectible value and broadcast to anyone who handles your order that valuable philatelic contents are inside.Our mail does not stand out in the postal system and as a result is more secure than other hand addressed items that are smattered in a kaleidoscope of out of period stamps.

As a result our postage and handling fee is a little more than some other sellers but offers a lot of extra value.If you don't like this and intend on leaving a low rating after you order, please don't order from us.We only charge a little more than other sellers but we spend that on improving the quality what your valuable purchase is shipped in.Buyers outside of Australia:Stamps of our choice will be used. Delivery times can be difficult to predict but will generally be within 14 days after the item is posted.You can virtually ignore the estimated delivery date generated by .Your order may pass through multiple postal services before it reaches you and it is not possible to predict how efficient each will be and how well they will interact with each other.

If your order has a total value of $100 or more it must be sent with tracking which costs $A16 instead of the usual fee. This is for a standard size envelope weighing less than 50 grams (about 2 ounces). If your packed order weighs more than this then additional costs will apply

Returns Policy:You are welcome to return any purchase to us for any reason within 7 days of receiving the item.

No questions asked.

We ask however that you return the item to us using the same level of postage service that we used.

Items are returned at the buyers expense.

Upon receiving the returned item we will issue you refund for your initial purchase cost.

Unfortunately collection and bulk quantity lots are not returnable unless they do not match the description given.

Postage Policy:We will post your item within 3 business days of receiving payment from you. Actual delivery time will then obviously depend on where you live in relation to our location which is Victoria, 3550.

For orders that have a value of greater than $100 tracking will be required and costs extra.

Kangaroos 1st Wmk 1d Red Used *riverton Sa Postmark* Sg 2 5b6:

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