King & Country Ws120 Wwii German Wehrmacht "walking Machine Gun Team" Mib

King & Country  Ws120  Wwii German Wehrmacht

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King & Country Ws120 Wwii German Wehrmacht "walking Machine Gun Team" Mib:


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In the weeks and months following D-Day German vehicles found it increasingly difficult to move undetected along French roads. Infantry moved forwards (and backwards) by the traditional method... on foot.This two-man machine gun (MG42) team figure set can be a companion piece to other Wehrmacht figure sets... some ofwhich we already have listed in our store.

Note: Images in this listing of an actual MG42 being fired or of the weapon being carried are for HISTORICAL PURPOSES ONLY AND ARE NOT PART OF THIS SALE!

HISTORICAL QUOTE:"In war there is no second prize for the runner-up."General Omar N. Bradley
HISTORICAL NOTE:As in virtually every other army, it was the German infantry (Heer) that bore the brunt of their nation's fighting during WWII. In combination with the armored and mechanized units, the infantry fought its way across western Europe between 1939 and 1942, and it was the infantry that fought a dogged fighting withdrawal between 1943 and... to there ultimate defeat atthe end of the warin 1945. They were supported by armor, artillery, engineers and other combat arms, as well as by the Luftwaffe (Air Force), but the infantry was by far the largest arm and it was the last to concede defeat in the final days. German infantrymen (Soldaten) were hard-fighting, determined and resolute opponents, but due to heavy losses from fighting on multiple fronts, there were never enough combat troops. As the War progressed, casualties and manpower shortages caused the army to increase the number of foreign troops enlisted from territories that had been overrun; although only in a few cases did they prove to be up to reasonable standards of militaryefficiency and general trustworthiness. Within German resources, surplus manpower in Luftwaffe and the Kriegsmarine were eventually formed into infantry forces, while the last resort was the Volkssturm or Volksgrenadiers (The Peoples Army), an assembly of barely trained civilians, who were either too young, too old or too unfit for conventional service in the army.

HISTORICAL NOTE CONTINUED:TheMG 42(shortened from German Maschinengewehr 42 German or “machine gun 42”) is a 7.92x57mm Mauser general-purpose machine gun designed by Germany and used extensively by the Wehrmacht and the Waffen-SS during the second half of WWII. It was intended to replace the earlier MG34, which was more expensive and took much longer to produce, but both weapons were produced until the end of the war.

The MG 42 has a proven record of reliability, durability, simplicity, and ease of operation, but is most notable for its ability to produce a high volume of suppressive fire.In German army tactics, the entire squad was responsible for supporting the machine gun. Each man would carry belts of 7.92×57mm (8mm) Mauser ammo for the machine gun. A German squad's purpose was to protect the machine gun, while a US squad's purpose used the machine gun to support the men. In addition to the 6 barrels carried for the MG 42, the squad carried at least 1800 rounds of 7.92×57mm (8mm) Mauser ammo in belts ready to use.

One of the weapon's most notable features was in its exceptionally high rate of fire of approximately 1,200 rounds per minute, twice the rate of the Vickers and Browning machine guns, which fired at a rate of about 600 rounds per minute. The ear could not easily discern the sound of individual rounds being fired, instead hearing a sound described as like "ripping cloth" or a buzz-saw, giving rise to the nickname "Hitler's buzz-saw".

Note: Images in this listing of an actual MG42 being fired or of the weapon being carried are forHISTORICAL PURPOSES ONLY AND ARE NOT PART OF THIS SALE!


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Note: Although we have not yet visited Arnhem... "A Bridge to Far" or any of the battle sites in Germany, we have used a self-guided, GPS supported itinerary to visit the CotentinPeninsulaarea on a number ofoccasions... including All Five of the Landing Beaches and many of the museums in the Normandy countryside. In addition we have used the same format to travel toBastogne and the pastoral farms, and wooded area of the Ardennes, including the Baugnez '44 Museum, the site of the Malmedy Massacre. We have also visited the still existing foxholes of the 101st Airborne Division 502nd and 506th P.I.R. near the town of Foy, Belgium. We have found both the French and Belgian people, in Normandy and Bastogne areas, to be very friendly and still grateful to the Allies, especially the American forces, for their liberation… despite the huge loss of life and property to the French and Belgian civilians. In addition, should you want to visit the area in and around Normandy or Bastogne,we are willing to share our experiences or trip itinerary with you,which mayhelp to make your travel through the areas easier and perhaps make the historical experience more valuable.

Please contact us for information concerning other Retired and New King & Country sets. We have been a successful retailer with King & Country since 1999, marketing their line of connoisseurquality military miniatures, vehicles and scenery pieces. We are listed on the King & Country website as an authorized & licensed dealer andwelcome your contact for any of these miniatures that areNot Listed in Our store.

In addition, we also stock in our store a variety ofWWII Militaria items; Original and Reproduction WWII U.S. and German Helmets, Equipment and Uniforms, andMuseum Quality Restored Original U.S. M1 Helmets and Converted U.S. M2 or M1-C Paratrooper Helmets, and many WWII Non-Firing and Blank Firing Replica Guns.

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King & Country Ws120 Wwii German Wehrmacht "walking Machine Gun Team" Mib:

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