Large Antique Chinese Window Screen Geometric Folk Art

Large Antique Chinese Window Screen Geometric Folk Art

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Large Antique Chinese Window Screen Geometric Folk Art:

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Product DetailsItem #:CF101A-0Dimensions (inches):63H x 49.25W x 1.25DComment:A beautiful and ornate Antique Chinese Hand-carved Window Screen Panel in camphor dating to 1900 from the Hunan Province featuring symbolic meanings and a geometric pattern. homes were open to the elements to a much greater degree than homes in the Western world, and often did not have wooden floors. For this reason, it is highly likely that any antique Chinese piece of furniture on the market today has been restored. This particular item has been professionally restored, which may mean that some areas have been rebuilt or replaced, some hardware may not be original, and the piece has been refinished on either the interior, the exterior, or both.

Item Specifics:Shows normal wear and miscellaneous nicks, dings, and scratches due to age and use. This piece has been professionally refinished.ShippingFree Shipping:Free shipping only applies within the Contiguous 48 United States and this item will be shipped via Vanline. Vanline shipments generally take between 4-8 business weeks after being picked up by the vanline at the EuroLux Gallery. Delivery times may vary depending on your exact location and the current schedule of our preferred vanline. If this timeframe exceeds your expectations or shipping requirements, please do not purchase this item or you may contact EuroLux Antiques for a more accurate delivery time estimate. All shipments include insurance. Larger antique pieces will be shipped via a white glove vanline service and will be delivered into your home and set up. Smaller antique pieces and new furniture pieces may be shipped via freight or vanline and may be delivered curbside to your home. EuroLux will determine the final shipping carrier and final vanline delivery method at its sole discretion. In accordance with our full Terms & Conditions pieces ship FOB EuroLux, and the customer is responsible for fully inspecting each piece for damage upon delivery. Once the customer signs the delivery receipt stating that the item was received in good order, the insurance is null and void, and no future insurance claims will be made. Please contact EuroLux Antiques for further details.Additional InformationOrigin:Hunan Province, ChinaDate:1900Material:CAMPHORWith a strong aroma and a highly attractive reddish-brown grain, camphor has been used for centuries in China to build many types of furniture, including cabinets, drawers, and closets. Primarily used in China’s south, camphor has an even, fine texture and is usually light to medium in density. Subject: FLOWERSIn Chinese culture, flowers symbolize growth, fulfillment, and prosperous new beginnings in life. In Feng Shui, flowers are also seen as symbols of success, flourishing, and good luck. And also, like in Western culture, flowers can symbolize love and unity., BIRDSBirds can symbolize longevity; and also in many Chinese legends, birds carry the souls of the dead to heaven., BATSAccording to Chinese belief, bats represent good luck, as the word for bat sounds very similar to "Fu", the word for good fortune or blessing. Two bats seen together doubles the good luck, while the representation of five bats together symbolizes the Five Blessings of life: wealth, health, virtue, a long life and a natural death. , BASKET OF FLOWERS OR FRUITThe Eight Immortals, a group of eight transcendent, spiritually advanced beings, are an ancient part of Chinese mythology, and their symbols are found everywhere. The basket of flowers or fruit represents Lan Cai, the Immortal who is associated with longevity. The basket of flowers or fruit reminds the viewer of the transience of life., GEOMETRIC PATTERNSElaborate repeating or overlapping geometrical patterns were often used on Antique Chinese Window Screens and on the edges of Antique Chinese Furniture. A range of shapes from curves and circles to triangles, squares, trapezoids, and hexagons have been found. While beautiful and mesmerizing to the eye, these patterns also symbolized lasting and unbroken prosperity and the concept of infinity.Subject Keywords:Flowers, Birds, Bats, Basket of Flowers or Fruit, Geometric PatternsStyle: Late Qing DynastyLATE QING DYNASTYLate Qing DynastyFor centuries in Chinese culture, furniture was only used by the elite and high-ranking government officials. Toward the end of the Ming Dynasty (AD 1368 - 1644), there was a shift in class structure as a rising merchant class had more wealth to purchase furniture for their own homes, and this trend continued during the Qing Dynasty (AD 1645 - 1911). As furniture was seen as a status symbol for this merchant class, and especially under the influence of the Manchurian Emperor Qianlong, furniture became more and more ornately carved with geometrical patterns and animal and botanical symbols, which conveyed messages to the viewer. Late Qing Dynasty Antique Chinese Furniture is known as the people's furniture, and is also called Antique Chinese Country furniture or Antique Vernacular Chinese Furniture, and is made from softwoods such as elm and walnut. It is both attractive and functional, and in some cases should be considered Folk Art.Object:Window ScreenThe Fine PrintBecause EuroLux Antiques maintains its own website and lists on other online sites, while also operating a physical store location in Newberry, South Carolina, we reserve the right to end any listing early if it has not been purchased outright or no offers have been placed upon the item. On occasion, a piece listed on a website may no longer be available. We do our best to maintain the accuracy of our inventory records but we often have customers interested in the same item at the same time. In those cases, we defer to the customer who placed the earlier order. We apologize in advance by any inconvenience this may cause. Because of this, we encourage all of our buyers to purchase the item as quickly as possible so that your treasured find doesn't sell elsewhere to someone else. Happy browsing and thanks! Aimee & Greg Talbot at EuroLux Antiques.Terms & ConditionsTerms & ConditionsAll Buyers purchasing any of EuroLux Antiques listings acknowledge that they have completely read and agree to all terms and conditions stated in EuroLux Antiques' Complete Terms and Conditions. EuroLux Antiques has painstakingly developed these policies and procedures to protect the Buyer and EuroLux Antiques, and not reading these policies will not be accepted as an excuse for the Buyer’s dissatisfaction. 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