Large Sessions “eclipse” Calendar Office Regulator Wall Clock Looks & Runs Great

Large Sessions “eclipse” Calendar Office Regulator Wall Clock Looks & Runs Great

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Large Sessions “eclipse” Calendar Office Regulator Wall Clock Looks & Runs Great:

This is a SUPERIOR HUGE SESSIONS 100% ALL ORIGINAL CONDITION example of a “ECLIPSE” OFFICE CALENDAR Wall Clock. It is a very classy wall clock in need of a warm loving home. It is in as close to mint condition as possible for an all original clock and made well. MADE OF HEAVY SOLID OAK. The movement and Dial are signed Sessions. Made circa 1915. The paper dial has begun to age with a great patina. It has an 8 day time only AND CALENDAR movement with the original long drop pendulum. The movement is a very strong runner and the pendulum has a super large swing! The case is also in wonderful solid oak all original condition with the PERFECT finish! I doubt if the clock has been worked on much as the screws and screw holes for the movement are tight. Has no cracks chips or breaks. The dial is original and in SUPERIOR condition. The calendar advances correctly. It has an adjustment for fast and slow on the original pendulum. The hands are original – even the original hand nut! The top painted glass and bottom glass are wavy and original and perfect. (See pictures) Runs great! The clock is very large and heavy; measures 31 inches high, 5 inches deep and 18 ¼ inches wide. This clock still has both its original catch for the door. Complete with its original pendulum and a new key. This clock never had a top piece and bottom trim like store clocks. These antique clocks amaze me - could you imagine any other consumer product still working after 100 years! And the truly amazing thing with proper care they will work easily past the next 100 years, with this clock going well beyond that! If you are looking for a very nice antique clock that runs well and is high quality, and was loved and cared for its entire life – this is it! Antique Clocks are a Fine Investment. Each one has a unique quality, as well as appreciating in value and beauty with age. You will become attached to your antique clocks and they will become a meaningful and important part of your life adding untold joy each day you own them. They can be handed down from one generation to another as they increase daily in value. Antique clocks serve many purposes other than being useful in telling time, decorative in your home, a valuable asset in your estate and above all a faithful servant and friend which will be true to you to the end of time. This clock will be packed very very carefully to insure a safe delivery and the buyer is to pay $38.50 for packing, shipping and ins (the clocks is quite large & heavy and will require a double oversize box with lots and lots of packing materials to keep it safe). I will gladly answer any emails promptly. I have always hated that "reserve" when I have offer myself so this fine clock has and a very very low (gulp) starting offer. We love these clocks and I will be glad to help you set up your new clock, or answer questions long after the sale via email.

We are at the NAWCC National clock convention at Dayton OH, in our vintage Airstream (with all the kitties!) This is a great convention! Then we’re planning on visiting Donna’s Sister and brother in law in Conway MO. Then we’re planning on taking a summer vacation camping in Colorado! It looks like we’ll probably not have much internet access during the trip with all the driving, convention activities, and camping in the National Forests. We’ll ship ASAP right after returning. We’ll begin shipping on Monday right after we get back. Altogether, we will be gone from June 29th through August 2nd . Sorry for the inconvenience.

A careful inspection is done each and every time during the packing process by "Wild Thing" Master Packing Kitty

SITE SECURITY PROVIDED BY CJ KITTY (trained watch cat) (always vigilant)

Our Purchasing Department travels throughout the United States searching for the "perfect clock"!

Here's "the family" travelin' to the next clock destination

A Highly Skilled Technician (AKA Wild Thing) checks the movement one last exhausting time to be sure all is right before being carefully placed back in its case.

Some well deserved rest after a long day at the office

Here is our newest addition to the team; "Miss Kitty"! Rescued from the "pound". She specializes in UNpacking and spreading things about. Also enjoys chewing on CJ's tail.

Miss Kitty is getting grown up! She likes to "help" with answering emails. Here she is, after a grueling lesson in "computer 101".

Here is Miss Kitty showing our brand new addition from the pound; "Sweet Pea", the "ins and outs" of packing boxes.

Unfortuniately Sweet Pea has not caught on as yet…

Thank you for looking!

Our courteous, friendly operators are standing by for your questions before and long after the sale closes.

Large Sessions “eclipse” Calendar Office Regulator Wall Clock Looks & Runs Great:

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