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Led Sign 41"x15” 20mm Tri Color Rgy Outdoor Programmable Scrolling Message Board For Sale

Led Sign 41

Untitled Document Item Description Size: 15" x 41" Color: 3 Color RGY Product Type LED Programmable Sign Product ID RGY3213-RCIXXX-1S1C Condition Brand New, Factory Sealed, Manufactured in U.S.A Total Size 15" x 41" x 3" Power Alignment 1/4 Duty Color Red, Green, and Yellow (2LEDs Red&Green) Resolution 20mm Screen Format Single Sided Single Cabinet Description Easily program and display any messages in 3 different color. This ultra LED unit is clearly visible in the direct sunlight and it will attract enormous attention from the viewers.

Visit the link below to watch more videos from our YouTube account.

This is the actual video of our sign. Note. The actual look of the display is much brighter. In order to capture the detail of the displays we had to reduce the capture of the brightness to show the contents more clearly. Click the play button in the middle of the screen to watch the play. You can determine how many characters you can input in single line or 2 lines for static (pause) messages. Please note that the length of the messages can be unlimited and you can have them scrolling across the display or display separately. We have different sizes available in our store and on our website.

All signs are equipped with remote control, mounting brackets, batteries, and manuals (programming and installation). Basically, everything you need to operate the sign within 60 seconds after you receive the sign. Just plug in the power (regular 110v) and hit the menu on the remote control to start programming.

Specification Chart Usage Indoor, Outdoor, Window, Pole(s), Monument, Store Front, Etc. Brightness 5000 - 15000 NiTs (1-10 Level Adjustable Brightness). Power Alignment 1/4 Duty. Total Size (Inch) 15" x 41" x 3" (Height x Length x Thickness) Total Size (Inch in 2 decimal) 15.00" x 40.20" x 2.61" (Height x Length x Thickness) Total Size (Feet) 1.3' x 3.3' (Height x Length) Display Size 12.60" x 37.80" (Height x Length) Memory Capacity of +100,000 character storage; Stores upto 99 messages with pre-loaded graphics, animation, symbols, and icons. Formation 1 (Row) x 3 (Column) = 3 Modules. Total LED Bulbs 1,536 LED bulbs (Per Side). Pixels 16 x 48 (2 LEDs per pixel; Per Side). Life Span Estimated +100,000 hours (11 years and more). Programming Method Infra Remote Control. Communication Distance 100 Feet. Humidity 0-95%. Operating Temperature -13F - 113F. Input Power American Standard AC 110v (No transformer needed). CPU SAMSUNG CPU. LED Module Ultra-Clear LEDs (2012 American Standard Model). Power Supply CE and UL approved Meanwell Power Supply. Power Cord UL approved power cords. Grill Shades High quality shades withstand extremely high temperature. Dow Corning Silicon High quality American made silicon to ensure weather proofing. Aluminum Back Panel Strong back cover to prevent rust and to ensure weather proofing. Die-Cast Frame Strong and light weighted frame to prevent rust and warping of the sign. Warranty 1 Year Full Warranty + 2 Year Limited Warranty. Exclusive Features 1 Sign does it all. Greatest investment for your business. No additional Ads or signs will ever needed. Unlimited messages to display. Customize messages to attract attention and increase sales for your business. 24/7 Advertising. Lifespan of minimum 7 years with 24/7 usage. Latest developed LEDs in the market Clearly visible in the direct sunlight. High quality components only. We only use name branded components only. Completely weatherproof. Manufactured for outdoor usage. Same day shipping if ordered before 12:00pm. UPS shipping with insurance and signature confirmation. LED SIGN MART in business for 19 years since 1993. We stand behind our products. We provide full and reliable technical support. Made in U.S.A. We are LED manufacturer in Los Angeles, California. 3 Year Warranty. 1 Full Year + 2 Year Limited Warranty. (Visit our website for more details). Option (Most of options are not included in the listing. For programming type, refer to specification chart. Visit our store to purchase options)

PC Programming via Wirelss Bluetooth or RS232 Cable - Program your sign directly from your PC.

Enjoy the convenience of programming your sign using your computer with over 100 motion effects. The PC option enables you to program the sign via software wirelessly up to 250 feet (Wireless Bluetooth) or 70 feet (RS232 Cable Wired). All necessary equipments will be included such as software, programming manual, and USB Bluetooth device (if Bluetooth) or RS232 Cable. This option is available at our store or directly through our website.

Double Sided Display - Cover both traffic and maximize visibility.

Take advantage of having a double sided display to advertise to twice as much traffic. Program one side to synchronize the other side to display the same message. The double sided display can be built in either one or two seperate cabinets. The one cabinet displays the LEDs both from the front and rear with 5 inch thickness. The two cabinet displays are two separate units connected with a computer cable and the power cord (Master and Slave Function). The two cabinet option allows you to adjust the space between the two LED displays.

Plexi Screen Shield - Protect your sign from vadalism.

Want even more protection? Protect your investment with the high strength to weight ratio of the Plexi Screen Shield against vandalism and other accidents that might occur. This shield will never distract the visibility of the brightness of the LEDs while providing the protection needed to prevent damage directly onto the sign.

Temperature Sensor - Display temperature in 3 ways.

Temperature sensor option allows you to display in Fahrenheit, Celcius, and Humidity. (Only available via PC Programming option)

Terms and Conditions

30 Day Risk-Free Trial

Take the “Increasing your Sales with LED” challenge by trying out one of our LED programmable sign risk free for 30 days. If your sales don’t increase, or you simply don’t love it, send it back to us.

Here’s how it works:

1. Purchase one of our LED sign tax free. *Only California residents pays 7.75% sales tax. (Any size and color combination)
2. Try it in your business to attract customers.
3. If you are not completely satisfied, simply send it back to us for a full refund.

Some restrictions apply:
-Buyers only pay for return shipping cost.
-Items should be returned in its original condition with all original accessories, packaging, and documents. Blemishes created for installation purposes are acceptable.


We accept PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Diners Club and American Express. Please contact us to process credit card or debit card transaction.


All domestic shipping are free purchased within the fifty (50) United States. Additional charge may apply to the United States Territories and Canada. Canadian buyers are responsible for customs duty tax. For specific international shipping cost, please email us at All packages are delivered by UPS or FedEx. You can choose different carrier during the check out process or you can request one over the phone. Due to the UPS and FedEx policy, the buyers are required to provide a physical confirmed address for their shipment. UPS and FedEx does not ship to P.O Boxes. All signs are securely and properly packed followed by UPS Safety Standard Basis plus extra layers of shields.

Items are shipped out Monday through Saturday. We strive to ship most of the items within 24 hours upon receipt of confirmation. It is rare but, if the sign is not available in stock, please allow us 2-3 days to assemble and inspect the new unit. Local pick up is available Monday through Friday during the regular business hour.

Refund & Exchange

For an immediate refund or exchange or DOA (Dead on Arrival), the product(s) may be returned within 30 days of original arrival date. Items should be returned in its original condition with all original accessories, packaging, and documents. The full payment will be reimbursed to the buyer within 48 hours after we receive the item back. No RMA processing is needed for return items. We work fast to resolve any issues occur with transaction.


All signs are covered under 3 year warranty (1 Year Full Warranty and 2 Year Limited Warranty). For warranty information, visit our website at

Patents and Copyright

All LED SIGN MART signs are manufactured in Los Angeles, California, United States. The parts such as power supplies, power cord, wires, Bluetooth and UV protected silicones are UL, CE, and FCC certified.

All images and contents on this page is copyright of LED SIGN MART Corporation. All rights reserved. Material on this page should not be used or reproduced in any way. The content of this page is protected by the copyright laws of the United States of America, Canada, and the international copyright laws and agreements.

Led Sign 41

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Led Sign 41"x15” 20mm Tri Color Rgy Outdoor Programmable Scrolling Message Board:

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