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Good Friday

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Yom HaShoah

April 28th, 2014
World Day for Safety and Health at Work

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April 29th, 2014
Day to Remember Chemical Warfare Victims

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National Day of Prayer

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May 6th, 2014
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Yom HaAtzmaut

May 8th, 2014
Time to Remember Lost Lives From World War II

May 8th, 2014
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May 9th, 2014
'Confederate Memorial Day' observed

May 10th, 2014
Confederate Memorial Day

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Mother's Day

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May 14th, 2014
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May 15th, 2014
International Day of Families

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Peace Officers Memorial Day

May 16th, 2014
National Defense Transportation Day

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World Information Society Day

May 17th, 2014
Armed Forces Day



Library Freemasonry Knight Templar Rosicrucian Occult Masonic Us History Rare For Sale

Library Freemasonry Knight Templar Rosicrucian Occult Masonic Us History Rare

Please note that this is a Paypal only sale. Payment is due immediately upon sale close.
Right now you have an exceptional opportunity to secure this exceedingly scarce and historic FREEMASONRY SET for a fraction of it's value!
This is the stunning EMPIRE STATE DELUXE EDITION of A LIBRARY OF FREEMASONRY which is the EXACT EDITION that recently sold here on for $3499.99! (Item #370562466081)
Despite this evidenced value, this is a sale so you will win it IF you're the high buyer!
IN ADDITION, there are currently NO OTHER COPIES OF THE COMPLETE SET AVAILABLE FOR SALE WORLDWIDE! Scarce is a word often overused here on but it certainly applies in this instance!(Note: as well as being a phenomenal look into FREEMASONRY history, this set will also be of great interest to collectors of Presidential - especially GEORGE WASHINGTON - and Governmental Official ephemera as well as United States History enthusiasts!)
Before delving further into that, however, keep reading to find out more about this illuminating set!
With the full title being "A LIBRARY OF FREEMASONRY Derived from Official Sources Throughout the World COMPRISING ITS HISTORY, ANTIQUITIES, SYMBOLS, CONSTITUTIONS, CUSTOMS, AND CONCORDANT ORDERS of Royal Arch, Knights Templar, A.A.S. Rite, Mystic Shrine with other Important Masonic Information From The Earliest Period To The Present Time"......this is the valuable and highly sought after EMPIRE STATE DELUXE random volumes occasionally surface on , the complete set is almost never seen! In fact, the set that recently sold here on for $3,499.99 was the first time I have ever seen the COMPLETE set of this historic DELUXE EDITION surface!This is one sale you definitely want to win while you can as, in addition to it's value and rarity, the contents are extraordinary!
Consider the impressive array of contributors!They include: V.W. Bro. Robert Freke Gould, Bro. WM. James Hughan P.M., R. W. Ossian Lang, M. E. Charles C. Hunt, Noble Saram R. Ellison, M.D., ILL. John Lloyd Thomas, EM. Sir Knight John H. Bonnington, R. W. Alonzo J. Burton, and R. ILL. Marshall F. Hemingway!
The chief Author of this work is the esteemed Brother Robert Freke Gould and Volume I features an engraved portrait of him with a facsimile signature! Of him it is said on the adjacent page that: "His Ripe scholarship and acumen have combined to elevate Masonic history into a study worthy of of the attention of thoughtful students; and apart from the historical province - which he has made peculiarly his own - the general literature of the Craft has long been enriched by expository articles from his vigorous and versatile pen."
It's no wonder that with all of this combined knowledge the contents are so astounding!
Take a look at just some of the topics covered!
  • The Early History and Antiquities of Freemasonry
  • The Old Charges of British Freemasons
  • The Stonemasons of Germany
  • The Craft Guilds of France
  • Legend of Maitre Jacques' Revelations
  • Medieval Operative Masonry
  • The Statutes Relating to the Freemasons of England
  • Early British Freemasonry
  • Masons' Marks
  • Four Holy Martyrs
  • Apocryphal Manuscripts
  • Early British Freemasonry
  • History of the Grand Lodge of England
  • Freemasonry in York
  • History of the "Ancients"
  • History of the Grand Lodge of Ireland
  • History of the Grand Lodge of Scotland
  • Freemasonry Abroad - Additional Rites and Ceremonies
  • History of Freemasonry in France
  • Freemasonry in the state of New York
  • The History of Symbolic Masonry in the United States
  • Establishment of the Grand Lodge System and the Law of Territorial Jurisdiction
  • A Complete History of the Anti-Masonic Excitement
  • United States Grand Lodges including Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Maryland, South Carolina, Georgia, New Jersey, North Carolina, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont, Delaware, Ohio, Louisiana, Tennessee, Indiana, Mississippi, Maine, Missouri, Alabama, Florida, Texas, Arkansas, Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, Michigan, California, Oregon, Minnesota, Kansas, Nebraska, Washington, Colorado, Nevada, West Virginia, Montana, Idaho, Utah, Indian Territory, State of Oklahoma, Wyoming, South Dakota, North Dakota, New Mexico, Arizone, etc!
  • The History of Royal Arch Masonry in the United States
  • Covention to Form a Grand Chapter
  • History of the Crusades and Knights Templarism
  • Modern Templary in America
  • Early American Records
  • History of the General Grand Encampment
  • History of Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite Masonry in the United States
  • Origin of High Grade Masonry
  • Introduction to the Rite of Perfection in America
  • Organization of the Supreme Council
  • The Southern at the Centenary Observance of the Death of George Washington
  • Anniversary of the Initiation of Bro. George Washington into the Fraternity of Freemasonry
  • History of the Ancient Order of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine for North America
  • Reflected Rays of Masonic Light
  • Masonic Calendar and Symbols
  • Symposium of Freemasonry
  • A Selection of Masonic Addresses, Orations, Essays, and Interesting Subjects
  • A Series of Important Events and Subjects in Freemasonry of Great Interest to the Fraternity
  • A Choice Selection of Masonic Poetry
And that's just the beginning!

The Publisher's Foreword will also provide you with a better understanding of what this revealing set contains!

Here it is!This Library of Freemasonry supplies an absolute and necessary want for a complete, accurate and authoritative critical history of Freemasonry throughout the world. Being written in a popular style and drawn from authentic and official records, it is recognized as the only complete and reliable Masonic history extant.It contains an exhaustive summary of the ancient records of the craft, the usages and customs in the "olden time" being fully considered; and while fable and legend are separated from well-attested facts, nothing is discarded which can possible contribute toward obtaining a succinct, reliable and authentic account of the "Ancient and Honorable Society of F. and A. Masons."The traditional , or mythico-historical period, is treated with the utmost care and exactitude; and, in order that the important links which connect the operative body with the speculative Freemasons of the seventeenth century and their modern representatives may be clearly shown, the various facts which have been elucidated of late years are so presented as to demonstrate the antiquity of the fraternity.The prevalent theories as to the origin of the Society are scrutinized and tested by the light of modern research; and the History of the Building Trades, together with many other collateral subjects relevant to the inquiry, have been thoroughly investigated, and are fully treated and described.All Grand Lodges throughout the world being lineal descendants of the Ancient Society, their title-deeds are traced through the premier Grand Lodge back to the several Assemblies at York, Kilwinning, and elsewhere, and the continuity of the craft from the Middle Ages to the present time is firmly established.The formation of the Grand Lodge of England - the parent of all Grand Lodges - and its proceedings as the original or mother Grand Lodge of the world, from its creation in 1716-17, and the union of 1813, down to date, is narrated entirely from the testimony of its own official records.All systems or degrees of genuine Masonry being offshoots of the Grand Lodge of England, a comprehensive history of the parent body, compiled from the actual official minutes of its proceedings, will not only greatly interest the large body of Freemasons throughout the entire world, but more especially in this country, where the fraternity is continually growing.The history of the craft in Scotland, Ireland, France, Germany and other nations next follows, after which its introduction into North America, especially the United States and Canada, and its progress in this country is detailed, including the most recent official statistics of its membership.In addition to the History of Symbolic Masonry in the United States, a special and important feature of this American Edition is a general survey and comparison of the various Concordant Orders of Freemasonry, existing in the United States and the Dominion of Canada, by eminent authorities of each of the Concordant Orders, viz.: "Royal Arch Masonry," "Knights Templarism," "Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite," "Royal Order of Scotland," "Mystic Shrine," etc., of which concise histories and the latest statistical information are given.A history of the Crusades and Knights Templarism from the old chronicles and contemporaneous historians - Creasy, Gibbon, Fabian, Hallam, Montaigne, Michaud, DeJoinville, Addison, Mackey, Macoy, and other authorities to the present time, is a feature that will interest the great body of Sir Knights, with instructive and interesting information.Concluding with the "Reflected Rays of Masonic Light," illustrated with symbolic plates, a "Symposium of Freemasonry," that contains a fund of valuable information of vast importance to the newly initiated, as well as of great interest to older members; an educational, interesting collection of addresses, orations, important Masonic events, also a choice selection of Masonic poetry.An important feature is the series of illustrations , of which there are about 200 full-page steel plate engravings, photogravure plates, copper plates, colored plates, etc., comprising Symbolic plates of the various degrees, Fac-similes of Original Documents, Charts, Portraits of Eminent Members of the Fraternity, past and present, throughout the world, and other subjects of interest!The last paragraph is worth considering as there are literally hundreds of illustrations throughout this set and all of the valuable engravings and photogravures are present! This includes ancient documents such as the Oldest Masonic Minute in existence and the original Ancient Constitutions!
Take a that's just a small sample of the hundreds of illustrations to be found!
There are also (facsimile) signed portraits of dozens of famous Freemasons and political figures! These can be used as a reference / comparison when purchasing and collecting signed works! As you may know, it can be difficult to locate examples of legitimate signatures for many noteworthy figures and COA's are often only as good as the person selling it (and can be quite costly.) There are numerous examples here that might save you a lot of money in the future as a collector! (Please note that these are facsimile signatures accompanying the valuable plates.)
Here are just a signatures of those who signed the Declaration of Independence are also included!
In addition, this is likely the most in depth / informative Freemason work in existence as it pertains to GEORGE addition to the above plates, also included are the Proceedings at the Centenary Observance of the Death of George Washington, the Anniversary of the Initiation of Bro. George Washington into the Fraternity of Freemasonry, and an example of his earliest Masonic communication!
The condition of this set is also very desirable considering its size and age (nearly a century is some edge-wear and rubbing to the corners / extremities and some general scuffing in some areas on the boards. This is most evident as there is a small (about 1") split on the front of Volume II and the spine of Volume IV (as pictured above.)
Although I have only seen the entire set surface once, due to its size and weight, it is consistent with these volumes to show separation at the front hinges.In this instance, the front hinges of Volumes II and V are loose. Volumes I and III are loosening but are still attached.Fortunately, there have been no amateur attempts to secure the aforementioned hinges which would make an otherwise simple expert repair more difficult.In addition, Volume IV is holding strong and shows no separation whatsoever. Please see the above two pictures as a reference.
Please note that this is the ONLY REASON that the opening offer for this set is not at $1,000 or more! It is also worth considering that this would be a relatively minor and inexpensive repair that, of course, could be done at your discretion. Apart from this, this set is in comparable condition to the one that recently sold for $3,499.99 (which also showed some separation at the hinges) so at any price under $1,000 this would certainly be an exceptional value and investment! The exterior of these books are also quite handsome and the leather is surprisingly supple!
The gold titling and edges still shine brightly even after almost 100 years! This handsome set would look outstanding on your shelf as a welcome addition to your Freemasonry collection!The interior is also in outstanding condition and is complete with only some minor and occasional foxing to note! As mentioned, all of the valuable engravings and photogravures are present!Shipping will also be FREE within the United States via USPS Priority Mail! Feel free to email me for a reasonable quote for expedited shipping to your Country!Due to value, this set will be fully insured.

This is a remarkable and lavish set that reveals in fascinating detail the history of Freemasonry and will enhance your understanding of the esoteric teachings, legends, rituals, and secrets associated with the craft!

It delves into the AncientMASONIC TRADITIONS to a degree that surpasses other Freemasonry books and will be a phenomenal resource!

Indeed, this valuable set is a must-have for Freemasonry book collectors and will be an exceptional acquisition at any price under $1,000!
As mentioned, the only other complete set to surface in recent history sold for almost $2,500 more than that!

Not to mention that this is the only set currently available for sale worldwide!
YES, this will be a very wise and profitable investment as it's worth can only increase!

Do not miss your opportunity to invest in and enjoy it!

Library Freemasonry Knight Templar Rosicrucian Occult Masonic Us History Rare

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