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Landsknecht Dagger, Hand Forged, En45 Steel, Sharp - Historically Accurate For Sale

Landsknecht Dagger, Hand Forged, En45 Steel, Sharp - Historically Accurate

Landsknecht Dagger

Hand Forged

Traditionally Made, Heirloom QualityCollection Piece


Largest Selection of Hand Forged Swords & Daggers in New South Wales

Over 70 Varieties


The Landsknecht mercenaries were renowned for their flamboyance. Their outrageous appearance extended from their colourful attire to their weapons. This good looking forged dagger is a perfect example of their extravagant sense of style in a very effective back-up fighting knife. The Landsknecht Dagger features steel parts and wood-wrapped grip to highlight the hand forged deadly blade. Includes scabbard. Overall Length 16 1/4" Blade 11" long, 1 1/8" wide, 3/16" thick Wt.-12 oz.

The shape of this dagger’s writhen pommel is in the Italian Renaissance style. It closely corresponds to the contemporary kalzbalgers, hand-and-a-half swords and two-handed swords. The writhen ornament is also characteristic of almost all period items of everyday use including costume and body armour. This is based on a museum original (please see photos below):

Daggers are the simplest stabbing weapons in history. Short bladed, one handed, and relatively light, daggers have been constructed of everything from stone to composite plastics. Most daggers are designed for thrusting but many are also capable of cutting. Each culture from the Stone Age forward has used daggers and created its own shapes and styles of dagger. Daggers have rarely been used as a primary weapon except among brigands and assassins, but have been universally used as a secondary weapon in combat.

The 14th and 15th centuries saw a rise in plate armor on the battlefield, and it is commonly known that swords began to change to adapt to such armor. The thrust became paramount to get between the joints of the armor, where a plate covering would restrict movement. While the sword is well known for changing with the rise of plate, an often-overlooked aspect of fighting against an armored opponent, however, is the dagger.

One critical aspect to what the Germans called harnisfechten, or armored combat, was knowing how to fight when the engagement was too close for swords. Often times the sword had to quickly be discarded, or was even lost in the heat of battle.

While this dagger was used against armor, it was also commonly used for unarmored fighting, such as in the case of the judicial duel. Many period manuals by masters, such as those by Hans Talhoffer or Filippo Vadi, detail advanced knife fighting techniques utilizing grappling, throws, and an understanding in body mechanics that would work just as well in plate as without.

Our Ref: Po175


R Hand Forged

This is not a mass-produced blade stamped out of sheet metal, it's 100% guaranteed hand forged. The blade is shaped and delicately curved; created with time honoured classic sword making ingredients: hammer, anvil, fire and sweat - traditionally fired, shaped and polished by skilled artisans. Serious historical dagger collectors will not accept anything else. This dagger doesn’t just look good in the photo – it will actually look and feel good in your hand. You’ll feel the weight - you’ll feel the balance.

R Historically Accurate

This design is copied from a museum specimen.

R Correct “Full Push” Tang

Tang is a word of Old Norse origin, meaning a sharp point, tongue, or prong. The tang is an extension of the blade that you don't see because it is hidden underneath the handle. A reproduction dagger worthy of the name, should have the old fashioned (yet sturdy) “full push” tang method, whereby a long tang forms a solid core to the handle and is firmly fixed to a hilt. Many cheap daggers use the inferior “half push tang” method. These movie/fantasy pseudo-daggers are strictly for decoration only, as the much needed support in the handle is missing. Other tang fixtures, such as the rat tailed tang and the encapsulated tang are secure but inappropriately modern.

R With Scabbard

Supplied with a unique, custom made, hand crafted scabbard.

R High Carbon Steel

Our exclusive supplier uses a traditional bellows-driven charcoal forge to heat the steel, carefully purifying and carburizing each blade, hammering it into shape and then tempering it to perfection. The end result of these efforts is "Living Steel" - a high carbon steel blade (typically just under one percent carbon) that is exceptionally flexible, very strong, and has the potential to hold an exceptionally sharp edge.

R Correct Finish

The blade’s steel is not inappropriately shiny with a mirror finish (not modern stainless steel), but has the authentic bright-gray subdued sheen favoured by enthusiasts.

R Competitive Pricing

We don’t have the expense of a shop front, so consequently we are able to sell top grade items at very reasonable (wholesale level) prices.

R Easy-Going Returns Policy

If you don’t like this dagger, for any reason, simply send it back to us within seven for a refund. No questions asked. No dagger we have ever posted has arrived damaged, but if were to happen, immediately return the dagger to us, and we’ll supply you with a refund or replacement. If you have any problems whatsoever, contact us before leaving response, and I am sure we will be able reach an amicable solution. Remember, if you pay by PayPal, your dagger will be fully insured.

R Good for Hunting

This high specification dagger is both an historical replica and a solid durable weapon. It is quite suitable for hunting. Because a dagger is specifically designed for stabbing, it’s better suited than an average hunting knife for safely and quickly finishing off large game such as pigs and deer.

The Medieval Shoppe is run by Abingdon Tr. (Pty) Limited.

Parkes, Central New South Wales

ABN 32123886180 - All prices include GST.

Tel: (02) 68623667

Our Ref: PO175

On 26-Oct-11 at 13:28:57 AEDST, seller added the following information:

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Landsknecht Dagger, Hand Forged, En45 Steel, Sharp - Historically Accurate

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Landsknecht Dagger, Hand Forged, En45 Steel, Sharp - Historically Accurate :

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