Large Asl Lot Including 1st And 2nd Edition Solitaire Asl + Extras Look

Large Asl Lot Including 1st And 2nd Edition Solitaire Asl + Extras Look

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Large Asl Lot Including 1st And 2nd Edition Solitaire Asl + Extras Look:

Up for offer is an ASL Bundle. Most have been opened for inspection and are Unpunched except where otherwise noted and barring a few counters that may have fallen from the tree.

I am selling this bundle for a friend. He opened most of these to look at the pieces but never punched or played them. He did however manage to misplace the map boards for Doomed Battalions, Beyond Valor, Gung Ho!, and 3 of the 4 maps from Yanks. However the included map pack has all ASL maps from 1-52 and Maps T-Z, so you do have all the maps to play all of the included modules plus many more.Included are:
1 ASL rulebook 2nd edition with all pages in plastic sleeves plus an additional binder. Also an additional binder for the Solitaire ASL Rules, also in plastic sleeves.1 ASL Map Bundle from MMP which includes maps 1-52 and t-z, there is an extra map w as well for some reason.ASL Journals 5, 8, and 2 copies of 9 which has Suicide Creek module unpunched in both copies.Issues 1 and 2 of the MMP Out of the Attic. Also the Gamers Guide for blood Reef: Tarawa (that module is not included with this bundle)2010 and 2011 Winter Offensive Bonus packs.East Front ASL Action Pack #5ASL Action Pack #7Hell's Bridgehead 3
Solitaire ASL module 1 from Avalon Hill and the 2nd Edition Solitaire ASL module from MMP with added missions and nationalities.
Solitaire ASL: WWII Tactical Warfare Solitaire Module for the Advanced Squad Leader system. Game boards not included.

Must have Advanced Squad Leader, Beyond Valor: ASL Module 1 and Yanks - ASL Module 3 to play.

Ownership of non-desert mapboards of the ASL System is recommended to make full use of this system.

260 counters
14 solitaire missions
4 Generation Cards
1 ASL Chapter S
1 ASL Chapter S divider

Complexity: Very high

Second edition adds 8 more Generation Cards and 7 more missions, and 260 more counters.


  • Advanced Squad Leader, Beyond Valor: ASL Module 1, and Yanks - ASL Module 3 (all are required)

Streets of Fire Module 1; unpunched and complete.
This is the first module of Deluxe Advanced Squad Leader. Not a new game, the major difference between ASL and DASL is the hex size on the maps. The hexes are 2.2" across, big enough to use 1/285th scale miniatures or to spread counters out in a more convenient manner. This module contains scenarios depicting street fighting on the Eastern Front.

The scenarios can be downloaded from the Multi-Man Publishing site


  • Advanced Squad Leader
  • Beyond Valor: ASL Module 1


  • Advanced Squad Leader

Yanks Module 3; unpunched but only has map 18 (3 of the 4 maps are missing but are included in the Map Bundle.)
This is YANKS ... the American extension to the ASL game system. An extensive U.S. Army countermix is presented so that you can command every major vehicle, weapon and troop type that saw action in the European Theater. Whether you play the eight historical scenarios or use the Point Values to design endless situations of your own, you'll find countless hours of exciting entertainment Four geomorphic boards (16-19) depicting a variety of rural settings complement the varied assortment of playing surfaces available for this acclaimed game system. Relatively Boards 7 and 12 are necessary to play three of the scenarios included herein.

NOTE: Chapter E, the optional rules including Night, Interrogation, Weather, Ski Troops, Boats, Swimming, Air Support, Gliders, Paratroop Landings, Ammo Vehicles, Convoys and Artillery Barrage rules, is now included with the ASL RULEBOOK SECOND EDITION. The Chapter E pages included with YANKS are first edition versions.

Scenario List

ASL Scenario 19 Backs to the Sea
ASL Scenario 20 Taking the Left Tit
ASL Scenario 21 Among the Ruins
ASL Scenario 22 Kurhaus Clash
ASL Scenario 23 Under the Noel Trees
ASL Scenario 24 The Mad Minute
ASL Scenario 25 Gavin's Gamble
ASL Scenario 26 Tanks in the Street

Pegasus Bridge Module 4 unpunched and complete.
Fourth Historical Module for Advanced Squad Leader, recreating the fighting for the famous Pegasus Bridge during the invasion of Normandy.

(from the back of the box:)

A few minutes past midnight, June 6th 1944, glider-borne D Company, 2nd Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry seize a key bridge over the Caen Canal in Normandy. This elite company, along with the paratroopers of the 7th Battalion, 6th Airborne Division must hold the bridge until relieved. Throughout the remainder of June 6th, the glidermen and paratroopers repulse eight different German counterattacks from elements of the 21st Panzer Division and the 716th Infantry Division, until finally relieved by the Warwickshires advancing from Sword Beach.

Pegasus Bridge includes one 4-color 22" x 32" map of the bridge and surrounding towns of Benouville and Le Port, Chapter Q of the ASL rule book (which introduces new terrain types and contains the rules for the Pegasus Bridge Campaign Games), 160 1/2" counters, 64 5/8" counters, Chapter H notes for all the new vehicles introduced, two campaign games, and six scenarios which highlight the key moments of the battle. Also included is Day 7 of the Chapter K Squad Leader Training Manual.

Code Of Bushido Module 8; unpunched and complete.
CODE OF BUSHIDO, the Japanese ASL module. Eagerly anticipated for years, the Japanese finally make their debut in wargaming's premier system of WWII tactical ground combat.

Inside you will find the complete ASL order of battle for the Japanese: all the significant vehicles, guns and troop types they employed from the 1930s through 1945. Eight scenarios, whose settings range from the barren plains of Manchuria to the steaming jungles of New Guinea, pit the Japanese against a wide variety of Allied nationalities.
Also included are four new mapboards (#s 34-37), fully compatible with the other SL/ASL boards, which depict the dense vegetation so common in tropical areas. Four sheets of overlays (village, stream, wooded hill, rice paddies, etc.) provide the means to create an almost endless variety of new terrain configurations.
Chapter G of the ASL rules covers the many unique characteristics of the Japanese as well as new terrain types like jungle, bamboo, huts, swamp and kunai grass, among others.

Fanatical soldiers who will die rather than break and run - unwavering, seemingly unstoppable banzai charges - individual tank-hunter infantrymen willing to blow themselves up along with an enemy AFV - these are but a hint of what is offered in this most unique addition to the ASL system. Your first CODE OF BUSHIDO scenario will be an ASL experience like none before - and one you'll likely never forget.


Boards 34, 35, 36, 37
PTO Terrain Overlays
Chapter G (1-10)
Chapter G Divider 1st Edition
Chapter H Japanese
Scenarios 59 - 66
3 Counter Sheets

Scenario List

ASL Scenario 59 Smertniki
ASL Scenario 60 On the Kokoda Trail
ASL Scenario 61 Shoestring Ridge
ASL Scenario 62 Bungle in the Jungle
ASL Scenario 63 Eastern Gate
ASL Scenario 64 Hazardous Occupation
ASL Scenario 65 Red Star, Red Sun
ASL Scenario 66 The Bushmasters

Gung Ho! Module 9; unpunched but missing the 2 maps, the overlays are included. (Maps are included in the Map Bundle.)
You've fought on the Eastern and Western fronts, in the Mediterranean and North African theaters, on the plains of Manchuria and in the jungles of Burma and New Guinea. You've experienced paradrops, glider-borne landings, Stuka attacks and opposed river crossings. Only one major type of WW2 land combat remains unexplored: the classic amphibious assault. Now, in GUNG HO!, this too is added to the combat repertoire of ASL. And what better way to present assault landings than with the introduction of the U.S.Marines. GUNG HO! offers four types of U.S.M.C. squads, reflecting their evolution through the war years, along with the most comprehensive tactical-level amphibious assault rules ever offered in a wargame.

It is all here in the balance of Chapter G: deep and shallow ocean, beaches of variable width and slope, sea walls, piers, beach obstacles, reefs, heavy surf, naval gunfire, and all the important types of landing craft used by the Allies and Japan throughout the war. As if this weren't enough, GUNG HO! also introduces rules and counters for the infamous cave defenses employed by the Japanese, plus new infantry counters for the early U.S. Army in the Phillipines and the entire order of battle of the Chinese Army. Last but not least, two new mapboards, several sheets of overlays and eight scenarios are included.


Boards 38, 39
PTO Terrain Overlays
Chapter G (11-18)
5 Counter Sheets
Scenarios 67 - 74

Scenario List

67 Cibik's Ridge
68 The Rock
69 Today We Attack
70 KP 167
71 Jungle Citadel
72 Sea of Tranquility
73 Hell or High Water
74 bloody Red Beach

Beyond Valor Module 1 by MMP; is missing all 10 maps and 20 counters are missing as well. (Maps are included in the Map Bundle.)
Beyond Valor is the first, and most important, of the Advanced Squad Leader modules. BV contains the German and Russian orders of battle from 1939-1945 as well as three different squad-types of Finnish troops. Additionally, the module contains the necessary markers and fortifications required by the ASL Series.

The newest, and we anticipate the last (should further reprintings be required the contents are not expected to change), printing of Beyond Valor has 10 ASL Starter Kit-style maps and 24 scenarios which use just those maps and the counters in the module. Paired with the ASL Rulebook, Beyond Valor is quite a lot of ASL in a single box. DYO possibilities are endless, and additional scenarios using only the components in BV can be found on our website in the downloads section.


Boards 1-5, 8, 20-23
14 Counter sheets
ASL Scenarios 1-10, 123-136
4 six-sided dice

Scenario List

1 Fighting Withdrawal, Terijoki, Finland 1941
2 Mila 18, Warsaw, Poland 1943
3 The Czerniakow Bridgehead, Warsaw, Poland 1944
4 The Commissar's House, Stalingrad, Russia 1942
5 In Sight of the Volga, Stalingrad, Russia 1942
6 Red Packets, Zhabinki, Russia 1942
7 Dash for the Bridge, Warsaw, Poland 1944
8 The Fugitives, Berlin, Germany 1945
9 To The Square, Warsaw, Poland 1945
10 The Citadel, Brest-Litovsk, Russia, 1941
123 The Borders are Burning, Kuhmo, Finland, 1939
124 On The Borderline, Artahuhta, Finland, 1939
125 First Crisis at Army Group North, Raseiniai, Lithuania, 1941
126 Commando Schenke, Liepaja, Latvia, 1941
127 Land Leviathans, Lipki, Russia 1941
128 The Defense of Luga, Leningrad, Russia 1941
129 Slamming of the Door, Panikovo Forest, Russia, 1941
130 Debacle at Korosten, Korosten, Russia, 1941
131 The Penetration of Rostov, Rostov, Russia, 1942
132 Hill 253.5, Ponyri, Russia, 1943
133 Block Busting in Bokruisk, Bokruisk, Russia, 1944
134 Counterattack on the Vistula, Wola Chodkowska, Poland, 1944
135 Acts of Defiance, Breslau, Germany, 1945
136 The Agony of Doom, Muncheberg, Germany, 1945

For King and Country Module 5a by MMP; still in shrinkwrap.
For King and Country contains the complete (in ASL terms!) Order of Battle for the British along with eight mapboards (not available in any other ASL module) and 20 revised and updated scenarios from our favorites which appeared in past magazines or modules that are now unavailable.

These scenarios have been updated to incorporate existing errata and some have been changed to try and make them better balanced scenarios. You can download the changes that were made when updating FKAC scenarios so that your already owned versions of these scenarios will be up to date!


8 8x22 Geomorphic Maps (6, 7, 10, 12, 13, 14, 15 and 32) for the ASL System
1 full Countersheet of 1/2" counters
3 full Countersheets of 5/8" counters
1 half Countersheet of 1/2" counters
1 half Countersheet of 5/8" counters
20 scenarios printed on 10 individual cardstock sheets
1 Chapter H section for the British OB

Scenario List

91 Ad Hoc at Beaurains
92 Stand Fast the Guards
93 Tavronitis Bridge
94 Bofors Bashing
95 Descent into Hell
96 The Crux of Calais
97 A Desparate Affair
98 On Silent Wings
99 Probing Layforce
100 Regalbuto Ridge
101 Throwing Down the Gauntlet
102 Point of the Sword
103 A Day by the Shore
104 Hill of Death
105 Going to Church
106 Kangaroo Hop
107 Tettau's Attack
108 Guards Attack
109 Dreil Team
110 North Bank

Valor of the Guards Module by MMP; is unpunched and complete.
This Historical Advanced Squad Leader module was many years in the making but has finally been released. It depicts the stand of Rodmistev's 13th Guards Division in the crucible of Stalingrad! This module contains two Red Barricades - ASL Historical Module 1-style maps, NKVD troops, more commissars, and new terrain types for urban combat.

There are 17 scenarios and 4 campaign games included: one short 'mini-CG' using a small map section and lasting four CG dates for a total of seven possible scenarios (due to the option of counterattack scenarios); one short CG using the entire map and lasting five CG dates (seven possible scenarios); one large CG lasting nine CG dates (14 possible scenarios); and a 'monster' CG lasting 14 CG dates (22 possible scenarios). All except the mini use the entire map.

Advanced Squad Leader and Beyond Valor: ASL Module 1 are required for play.

(from MMP's website:)

The Battle of Stalingrad 1942-43 - simply the most savage urban battle in the history of man. Valor of the Guards, the seventh Historical ASL module, takes ASL players to the streets of downtown Stalingrad where the German 6th Army and the Soviet 62nd Army would clash for weeks ending with the surrender of the German Army in January of 1943.

The map for Valor of the Guards encompasses a vast area, extending from the north of the 9th January Square to the south of the Square of Fallen Heros ("Red Square") and from the west of the Stalingrad-1 Rail Station to the banks of the Volga and the critical ferry landings in the east. The hand-painted artwork of Don Petros brings the tortured landscape of the ruined city to life. New terrain types like gutted and partially collapsed buildings and rail cars give veterans of Red Barricades new challenges in their continued conquest or defense of Stalingrad!

Valor of the Guards contains:

  • 2 22"x32" mapsheets
  • 5 countersheets
  • ASL rules chapter V (new terrain and 4! Campaign Games)
  • 17 scenarios (see below for more info)
  • 2 Chapter Dividers w/useful CG holding boxes


  • VotG1- The First offer - 19 turns
  • VotG2- Russe! Drown in the Wolga! - 6 turns
  • VotG3- Khopka's Crossing - 5.5 turns
  • VotG4- The Last Fifteen - 6 turns
  • VotG5- The Specialists' House - Part 1 is 5 turns;Part 2 is 5 turns
  • VotG6- Enter Dragan - 7 turns
  • VotG7- Storming the Station - 7 turns
  • VotG8- Hammer and Nail - 5 turns
  • VotG9- Eviction Notice - 4.5 turns
  • VotG10- The Darkest Day - 6.5 turns
  • VotG11- A Dangerous Possibility - 4.5 turns
  • VotG12- Siberian Shockwave - 8.5 turns
  • VotG13- Escape from Komsomol Park - 5.5 turns
  • VotG14- Pavlov's House - 5.5 turns
  • VotG15- Perfected in Battle - 6 turns
  • VotG16- Under Murderous Fire - 6 turns
  • VotG17- On The Verge of Extinction - 6.5 turns

Doomed Battalions 3rd Edition including The Last Hurrah, Module 11 by MMP; unpunched but missing the 5 maps. (Maps are included in the Map Bundle.)
Doomed Battalions is the Allied Minor extension to the Advanced Squad Leader game system.[...]

Doomed Battalions contains:

5 8" x 22" geomorphic mapboards (9,11,33,44, and 45)
4 countersheets
24 ASL scenarios
Chapter H notes for the Allied Minors
3 sheets of Terrain Overlays

Doomed Battalions is not a complete game, Beyond Valor , The ASL Rulebook, and several other Advanced Squad Leader ASL boards are required for play.

Returns are granted on a case by case basis. I try to give good, accurate descriptions. If you feel there is a problem, notify me immediately! I believe poor communication is the reason for most unhappy transactions. I am proud of my 100% positive response and want to keep it that way.

I will ship to the lower 48 States only. PayPal or Cashier's Check only.

Large Asl Lot Including 1st And 2nd Edition Solitaire Asl + Extras Look:

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