Large Aluminum Chrome Finish 17" Ships Porthole Mirror Round Nautical Wall Decor

Large Aluminum Chrome Finish 17

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Large Aluminum Chrome Finish 17" Ships Porthole Mirror Round Nautical Wall Decor:

Large Aluminum Chrome Finish 17" Porthole Mirror

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Large Aluminum Chrome Finish Ships Porthole Mirror 17"

This nautical solid aluminum Porthole Mirror has a round diameter of 17" and is 3" deep. The mirror is approx. 11.75" in diameter.

The Porthole Mirror has 2 dogs (latches) that can be loosened to allow you to swing open the porthole. Mounting screw holes are located & hidden behind the opening glass port section. The mirror frame has realistic rivits and a chrome finish (finish and minor blemishes may be varied).

This ship's porthole mirror would make a great addition to your nautical wall decor.

  • Material: Solid aluminum & glass
  • Finish: Chrome finish
  • Size: Large 17" diameter
  • Mirror size: Approx. 11.75" diameter
  • Weight: Approx. 5.7 lbs
  • Made in India
  • Free shipping only within the continental 48 U.S. States.

A porthole is a small, generally circular, window used on the hull of ships to admit light and air. Porthole is actually an abbreviated term for "port hole window". Though the term is of obvious maritime origin, it is also used to describe round windows on armored vehicles, aircraft, automobiles (the Ford Thunderbird a notable example), and even spacecraft.

On a ship, the function of a porthole, when open, is to permit light and fresh air to enter the dark and often damp below-deck quarters of the vessel. It also affords below-deck occupants a limited, but often much needed view to the outside world. When closed, the porthole provides a strong water-tight, weather-tight, and sometimes light-tight barrier.

A porthole on a ship may also be called a sidescuttle or side scuttle (side hole).The article "Porthole" is part of the Wikipedia encyclopedia. style="text-align: center;">More Sizes & Styles Of Nautical Decor Porthole Mirrors & Windows Are Available.

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