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Large Antique Black Forest Cuckoo Clock - Beautiful Carvings W/ Deer Head Topper For Sale

Large Antique Black Forest Cuckoo Clock - Beautiful Carvings W/ Deer Head Topper

Large Antique Black Forest CUCKOO CLOCK - Beautiful Carvings w/ Deer Head Topper: Up for sale is a stunning Antique Cuckoo Clock. This cuckoo clock has beautiful trim adorning the case and a prominent deer / stag head with carved wooden antlers topping the clock. The trim has four large leaves that have an excellent three dimensional look and appeal to them and this impressive piece of trim that is attached to the front of the clock is carved from a single piece of wood. There are no breaks, cracks or repairs on the trim or on the topper that holds the deer head. The topper is also carved from a single piece of wood (minus the deer head which is attached separately) and the topper is secured to the top of the clock with safety hooks so there is not a chance of it falling off of the clock. The 4 1/2" diameter wooden dial does have a very small crack right near the number 9 and this crack is due to the aging of the wood around the nail that holds the dial to the case. The dial also slightly warped and though it no longer rests perfectly flat against the case, it is not a discrepancy that is noticed unless closely inspecting the clock. Both the dial and the trim are secured to the case however they have slightly loosened over time and this issue could be easily fixed by replacing the old nails with slightly larger ones but this decision will be left up to the winning buyer. I did not find any markings on back plate of the old, heavy brass movement (I do not know if the front plate is marked or not) however it does resemble (as does the carvings on the case) the work of P.H.S. (Phillipe, Hass & Sohne). I cannot be certain of the maker of the clock but please look at the movement and the case and compare it to the work of P.H.S. I have rediscovered this wonderful cuckoo clock recently while out on one of my 'picking adventures' and when I found it, the clock was very clean so I have done nothing to the clock other than dusting it off with some light compressed air. I've also put the clock up on the wall, attached the weights and the clock will run however once the half hour or hour is struck the cuckoo bird (bellows) and gong sound off (door does not open to reveal the cuckoo bird) and the stopping mechanism for the weight needs to be adjusted because the weight continues to pull, continually sounding off the bellows and coil gong (attached to the back of the door), and it will not stop until the weight pulls to the end of the brass chain. I enjoy finding these beautiful antique cuckoo clocks and one day I'll learn how to fix / adjust them but for the time being I do not attempt to repair them because I'm afraid that I'll do more harm than good. Because the movement needs to be adjusted / fixed, please know that this clock is being sold as is - for parts or repair. Please also note that the back of the clock does not appear to be the original (the round hole which the clock hangs from does not line up properly) however the gong coil attached to the door, and the door itself is in excellent condition. There has been a repair on the pendulum at some point in time (right side of the leaf) but this was a very clean repair and as you can see in picture #11, the left side bellow will need to be re-papered. The cuckoo bird appears to be the original to the clock. It is a hand carved and hand painted wooden bird with wired mechanical wings and beak. There is a small piece that has chipped off of the birds beak on the right hand side of it but this could easily be repaired or left as is because it is not a major discrepancy and it takes absolutely nothing away from this beautiful antique. I've tried to note the minor discrepancies that I have found on the clock so that you can take these into consideration prior to placing a offer. Please use the attached photographs that I have taken of this cuckoo clock for the best overall description for this sale and if you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to send me a note

Case Measurements (including topper but without the weights and chains):
Height: 16 1/2 inches (top of antlers to base of trim)
Width: 11 1/2 inches (at the widest point)
Depth: 10 1/4 inches (back side of the clock to the nose of the deer)Please Note: ALL of my sales ALWAYS start at a low price AND there is NEVER A RESERVE to be met! Important: I am asking that you please view the photos for the most accurate description for this sale. For your convenience, I have photographed this Antique Cuckoo Clock against a plain white sheet of paper in order to capture all of the details (and added the optional 'zoom' view to each photo for the listing for close up inspections). Thank you for taking the time to view my sale!I have taken these pictures myself of this ANTIQUE CUCKOO CLOCK from inside of my home. These are not stock photos. These are the photos of the items that you will receive. If you would like to request more photos or information, please do not hesitate to send me a note. Thanks again!Shipping and Other Notes:
1. As a picker, I seek out vintage collectibles that I am especially proud to have found and picked.
I enjoy discovering pieces of history and passing them along to folks who will cherish and
appreciate them as much as I do.
2. I am not a dealer. I go on picks when I have free time to do so. Most of the items that I discover
are found in old barns, attics, and estates where the items have sat untouched for many years. I
will occasionally clean a piece gently and appropriately in order to show the buyer a good
representation of the sale item.
3. I do my best to list and describe each item as accurately as I can. If you have specific questions
or would like to view additional photos, I will be happy to help.
4. I will pack each item with the care and attention that I would expect to receive.
5. Shipping will be timely and as reasonably prices as possible.
6. At this point in time, I do not ship outside of the US.
7. I have many items that I have picked vintage toys, tools, clocks, watches, advertising pieces
and much, much more. If there is an item that you are looking for, send me a note and I will let you
know if I have it or if I can get it for you.
8. Treat one as you would want to be treated. This lesson taught to me by my mother will be
reflected in each and everyone of my transactions.
9. Semper Fidelis - Always Faithful. Another valuable lesson instilled during my honorable service
with the United States Marine Corps. I promise honesty and integrity in order to make each and
every transaction an enjoyable and positive experience.Thanks for taking a look and please check back often to see my other great finds!

Large Antique Black Forest Cuckoo Clock - Beautiful Carvings W/ Deer Head Topper

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Large Antique Black Forest Cuckoo Clock - Beautiful Carvings W/ Deer Head Topper:

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