Laser Stars Projector Light Show Night Sky Blue Nebula Cloud Galaxy Mobolazer Ge For Sale

New 2013/2014 Model with improved Laser Diode and push button switch with built in automatic shut off timer after 4 hours of use!
Room Filling Laser Stars Projector

Sleep under the stars every night in your own home with the Laser Star Projector. You won’t believe the beautiful display you’ll have with this advanced technology – you really do have to experience it to believe it. And this star projector gives you a wonderful, animated experience as the beauty of the night sky fills any size room. Use this Laser Star Projector in the smallest of children’s rooms, or in the largest warehouse. Either way, sophisticated green laser technology gives you thousands of moving stars and cloud formations…and even the surprise shooting star. All with no set up required.

We’re still working on bringing you the sun and the moon…but we did manage to capture the stars with this Laser Star Projector – the hologram projector that fills any size room with a celestial laser light show. This star projector is not a static image, you get thousands of moving stars and cloud formations – even surprises like occasional shooting stars.

No room is too small or too large for the hologram projector laser light show – the Laser Star Projector fills small bedrooms and large warehouse ceilings just the same with fantastic images. Sit back and watch the show! The hologram projector brings excitement, romance and amazing night sky action to any enclosed space.

You can sleep under the stars when you have the wonder of the night sky in your bedroom every night. Our sophisticated green laser technology fills the room with moving stars and clouds – all with this simple plug in laser star projector. There’s no set up and is fully adjustable. You really do have to see the night sky from the perspective of this hologram projector – you’ll be amazed at the beauty that fills your ceiling and walls.

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