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Liberon Shellac Filler Sticks - French Polish Furniture Repair - Light For Sale

Liberon Shellac Filler Sticks - French Polish Furniture Repair    - Light

Liberon Shellac Filler Sticks Pack of 3 colour tones
Traditionally Shellac Filler Sticks are used to repair holes and cracks prior to French polishing, lacquering or varnishing. To use; melt the shellac stick using either a hot Iron or soldering iron, then run the shellac into the damaged area, allow to harden and remove any excess with a Cabinet scraper or sharp knife then lightly sand with 0000 wire wool for a smooth finish. (Cabinet scraper and low cost soldering iron are listed in our Shop) Sets very hard
All the Colours are intermixable
3 colour tones per pack There are 3 different Shellac Filler Sticks packs listed in our Shop Dark, Medium & Light, with each pack containing 3 different sticks in that colour tone range

The items shown below are listed in our Shop
Some Cabinet scrapers are shown below for illustration purposes only, Scrapers are available singly and in sets from our Shop
Please note the scrapers are NOT included!

Endless Green Group Ltd is an established family business, registered in England & Wales No7836553. We offer a fast and friendly service,we sell arange of over 30,000 different productsatcompetitive prices. Buy with confidence;check out ourexcellent customer response. All our productscan be found listed in our shop. AVAT invoice is included with every sale. All items shown are listed in our ShopBolgers Softwax filler stick is a sealing wax stick containing wax and EarthPigments. This modern form of traditional cabinet maker's beaumontage has the advantage of being usable without melting and not being subject to shrinkage. It is used to fill cracks, joints, nail and woodworm holes. dents etc in furniture, frames, beams, parquet floors or any other woodwork.Directions
To use as a filler- shave off a small piece and work in the fingers until it is soft enough to press into the crack or hole using a putty knife. Or to soften the stick by keeping near a heat source for a short while.
Close colour match can be obtained by mixing colours. When in doubt choose a colour shade slightly darker than the wood being filled, this makes the repair less obvious.
  • Endless Greenare Bolgers main dealers and we offer the best prices on in our Shop
  • We stock the full range of Bolgers products in our Shop
Professional grade Shellac Sanding Sealer made with Zinc Stearate
  • BolgersShellac Sanding Sealer is a high build universal wood sealer for use onbare, contaminated or previously finished wood.
  • Madefrom aspecial formulated blend of zinc stearate and shellac.
  • The zinc stearate content makessanding quick and easy,because it does not clog abrasive papers likeothersealers.
  • Fills light scratches andprepares the woodforfinal finishing.
  • Supplied in a tin, which makes this sanding sealereasy to apply with a brush.
  • Ideal for both Woodturning and Furniture restoration
  • Made in the UK
  • Rustins Strypit

    Paint and Varnish Stripper

    Rustins new formula Strypit is a non-caustic dichloromethane-free gel suitable for removing multiple coats of paints and varnishes applied to wood, metal, glass, stone and masonry surfaces. New formula Strypit works best when applied liberally and allowed to penetrate after two applications. The gel consistency permits effective use on vertical surfaces.

Bolgers Gum Rosin "Light Yellow Grade"To make transparent Antique Furniture Varnish ( Violin Varnish )

Bolgers Gum Rosin is natural resin made from the sap residue of pine trees and pine needles. Gum Rosin is also called Pine Gum Rosin, Pine Resin, Greek Pitch, Venice Turpentine, Burgundy Pitch, Colophony, Elemi and in the UK it was often called Naval Stores Varnish, because it was regarded for hundreds of years as vital by the British Navy for ship building. Gum Rosin is still widely used today by industry for the manufacturing of items like Oil paint, Printing inks, Paper, Resins, Adhesives and in the making of synthetic Rubber. Historicly, Gum Rosin has been used by the Egyptians, the Ancient Greeks, the Romans and the Vikings, it was used in China and Japan for art lacquer and used as a varnish in Europe for furniture and musical instuments .

Gum Rosin comes in 6 different grades from slightly Yellow to Yellow Red, the colour varies depending on the region where the pine is harvested and on the colour purity of the rosin, we sellthe LIGHT YELLOW GRADE. It is the slightly yellow or light yellow grade of Gum Rosin and that is used to make a transparent Oil Varnish.

To make a typical antique varnish.

There are many different methods in which Gum Rosin can be used to make Varnish, the Gum Rosin can either be melted or dissolved, the most popular method is to dissolve the Gum Rosin in turpentine, then strain it through some clean cotton or linen into a clean glass jar and then add a little linseed oil. Many Antique restorers and Violin makers often enhance the natural colour by adding either a Black Earth Pigment or a blend of Burnt Sienna and Burnt Umber Earth pigment in the second coat, then followed by several clear coats of varnish on top. If you are going to lightly sand down varnish its a good idea to allow the varnish to fully harden first, leave it harden for say 2 days before rubbing down. We have Earth pigments listed in our shop.

Typical Georgian Oil Varnish recipe:

1 part Gum Rosin

1/2 to 1 part Linseed Oil

2 parts turpentine

Fiddes Protex (clear gel)

Fiddes Protex is a soft clear gel thatisapplied on top of wax polish, it nourishes the wood, builds up the shineandit makes wax polish more durable,commonly used on kitchen doors andrustic woodfurniture. Protex is alsoused overwater based paints to create theShabby Chic look on furniture anddoors.Protex is also popular with Woodcarvers, WoodturnersandRocking horse makers!

Abrasive Wood Finishing pads
Free postage

Grey - Super fine 000 grade

Red - Fine 00 grade

Green - Medium 0 grade

Each abrasive pad measures 115mm x 90mm (approx size)Abrasive finishing pads are made from a woven synthetic wire wool, they are very flexible, extremely tough and long lasting. These abrasive hand finishing pads are made from a mildly abrasive synthetic wire wool especially made for final sanding of wood prior to waxing, oiling, varnishing or painting. The pads are very flexible and this flexibility makes them excellent for rubbing down mouldings, door panels, carvings and for woodturning. When the pads get clogged with fine dust, just wash the pad in water and reuse them, time and time again until they are completely worn away. These abrasive pads can be used both wet & dry. For woodturning, I find these pads are very good for final sanding inside bowls where normal 0000 wire wool may not be desirable (especially if the item is being sold or intended for food use) The pads are also useful for sanding spindle work like penmaking.The abrasive pads are equally suitable for use on other materials like plastics, metals, plaster, fillers, masonry, pottery and ceramics etc. We have many trade customers who use these abrasive pads for rubbing down plaster covings and mouldings.We also have these abrasive pads listed in single grade, multi packs in our Shop

Liberon Tack Cloths
Pack of 10 Cloths

Use to remove dust from wood surfaces prior to applying any wood dye, oil or wax

  • Use a tack cloth to remove microscopic dust particles prior to applying any dyes, oils or wax to a wood surfaces.
  • Simply wipe over the surface over with a tack cloth, the cloth can be re-used many times.
  • Resin impregnated tack cloth for removing dust and lint from any surface prior to staining, waxing, lacquering, French polishing.
  • Wax and silicone free.

Liberon tack cloths are excellent for removing dust from all wood surfaces. I have found that if you don’t use a tack cloth then you will always trap microscopic dust under your final finish, this spoils the finish because dust specks will always be seen on close inspection, by which time its too late and there is nothing at all you can do about it. If you want professional looking results there are no short cuts! always wipe over the surface with a tack cloth before applying any finish and wipe over again between coats, because the finish of the any job is the main difference between an amateur and professional finish.

Whilst you can use a damp cloth to remove dust, a damp cloth is never as good a tack cloth because you must let the wood fully dry before applying any finish and during this drying time dust will resettle, also a damp cloth on unsealed wood will normally raise the grain, which you then may have to sand down and this defeats the purpose of trying to remove the dust.

Liberon Tack Cloths each come in their own sealed plastic bag, so you only use one cloth at a time and the rest stay sealed fresh. Each cloth is reusable time and time again, I put it back in the bag after use to stop it gathering dust and one tack cloth will last me a long time.

Liberon Easy French Polish


  • Excellent for furniture restoration & repair
  • Brush on - Quick drying formula

Liberon Easy French Polish is an excellent product that produces great results. It’s very easy to use, simply brush on! It’s a quick drying, clear shellac and resin blended polish that is ideal for furniture restoration and carved woodwork and will beautifully enhance the wood’s natural finish.

  • Easy to use French polish that produces great results quickly
  • Ideal for beginners to furniture restoration
  • Suitable for use on small surfaces
  • Clear for a natural effect
  • Usage : Interior

Coverage - 1 L = 8-12 m²
Finish - Clear

Drying time - 3-4 hours

Pack Size 250ml (500ml size is also available from our Shop)

Fiddes Wood Dye is available in 1L, 2L, 5L and 25 litre containers from our Shop

Used to stain new pine to tone down the new look, use this dye prior to the application of wax, oil. lacquer or varnish.

This wood dye is very economical to use and can be diluted with water if required

The Fiddes range of Pine Water Stains are recommended for use on new or old pine furniture, doors and floors etc where an antique, aged appearance is preferred. Exceptionally easy to use, Fiddes Pine Water Stains are used extensively throughout the Antique Pine and Pine Reproduction markets to create a uniform colour prior to an application of Fiddes Supreme Wax Polish. The dye is very economical to use because it can be diluted with water if required.

Fiddes Naphtha Wood Stain

Antique Furniture Dye

( Oil based Wood Dye )
Traditional wood dye as used by the Antiques trade Fiddes Naphtha wood dyes is oil based wood dye used for authentic antique restoration and repair work. Fiddes have been making this classic wood dye to the exactly the same traditional recipe for well over 75 years. Colours: Old Brown Mahogany, New Brown Mahogany, Light Oak, Medium Oak, Dark Oak, Golden Oak, Teak & Walnut

Polyten "Fast Grab" Wood Glue
General Purpose Woodworking Adhesive

Humbrol Polyten wood glue bonds in ten minutes for fast assembly wood work. It is easy to apply straight from the nozzle. Forms a water resistant, strong bond.

General purpose woodworking adhesive that is used for most Carpentryand Joinery tasks includingthe assembly of doors, window frames, garden furniture etc.

(Please note, the illustration above is the standard apron and doesnotshow the breast pocket)

Craft - Work Apron

with breast pocket, for notebooks, pen & pencils etc


Medium weight. Close weave 33% cotton & 66% polyester. Extremely hardwearing and more crease resistant than 100% cotton. Machine washable. Large front double pocket Features a wide neck strap and two tapes which tie at the rear

These aprons are made in the UK and are really excellent quality, they are ideal for craft, hobby, trade and business users. We could embroider for example your name and underneath it we could put perhaps either your Hobbyor Profession, your Club name, your Trade, Company or Business name etcthe choice is yours!


Fiddes Original "Mellow Wax" Polish (Light /clear)

Blended Beeswax Polish for Antique Furniture


We are Fiddes & Sons stockists and we offer the lowest prices and carry the full range of their products in our Shop

We stock in our Shop the Full range of Fiddes Mellow Wax

Fiddes & Sons make this range of traditional Antique furniture wax polish called “Mellow Wax” these waxes are formulated from traditional beeswax recipes and made from the finest quality ingredients. The mellow wax is a slightly harder wax than the Supreme range and has a longer drying time; this longer drying time is perfect for larger pieces of furniture because the wax can be spread further before the wax dries. The Mellow Wax range is a firm favourite with Antique dealers, Antique restorers and makers of fine reproduction furniture and used for finishing sealed or previously polished wood.

This wax range is ideal to compliment Queen Anne, Georgian, Regency, William IV, Victorian and Edwardian period and reproduction furniture.

Mellow Wax range is available in Clear and in 4 distinctive wood shades. (all these are listed in our Shop under Fiddes Products)

Mellow Wax (Clear), English Oak, Georgian Mahogany, Rich Mahogany and Jacobean

The Mellow Wax Clear is suitable for use on all wood furniture. As a Guide the English Oak is suitable for all oak furniture,Georgian Mahogany is suitable for brown mahoganyfurniture, Rich Mahogany is used for red mahogany & rosewood furniture and the Jacobean is a dark wax used for very dark brown to almost black furniture.

For nearly a hundred years and for over four generations Albert Fiddes & Sons have been producing high quality traditional wax polishes made from the finest ingredients for the furniture and antique trade. Supreme wax polish is a soft polish that is very easy to apply, it nourishes, protects and provides a lasting depth of sheen which will enhance the natural beauty of your wood.

We also sell in our Shop various other items like:

Endless Green Group Ltd is an established family business, registered in England & Wales No7836553.

We offer a fast and friendly service,we sell arange of over 30,000 different productsatcompetitive prices. Buy with confidence;check out ourexcellent customer response. All our productscan be found listed in our shop.

AVAT invoice is included with every sale.

Liberon Shellac Filler Sticks - French Polish Furniture Repair    - Light

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Liberon Shellac Filler Sticks - French Polish Furniture Repair - Light: