Limited G8 Summit Sailor Gen-emon Kiln Arita Yaki Porcelain 21kt Fountain Pen

Limited G8 Summit Sailor Gen-emon Kiln Arita Yaki Porcelain 21kt Fountain Pen

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Limited G8 Summit Sailor Gen-emon Kiln Arita Yaki Porcelain 21kt Fountain Pen :



Limited G8 Summit Sailor Gen-emon Kiln Arita Yaki Porclain 21kt Fountain Pen



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Koransha and Gen-emon Kiln, famous producers of Arita-yaki who follow a 400-year tradition.
The fountain pens of Sailor, which have supported hand-written culture for close to 100 years. Now, their collaboration is complete.

Founded in 1879, and actively exhibits around the world. Has received over sixty prizes. Is a purveyor to the Imperial Household Agency. Their complicated forms and delicate, elegant images are their hallmark.
Since its establishment in Arita, the birthplace of porcelain in Japan, the Gen-emon Kiln has continued to use its own special methods to make pieces that capture the spirit of the period. In every product created using their well-refined processes, the tradition and spirit of old Imari, handed down from the original artisans, lives on.

The Japanese government chose to give Arita-yaki fountain pens as gifts to VIPs from every country that attended the 2008 G8 Summit held in July at Lake Toya, Hokkaido. Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda presented them to the leaders of seven countries and the President of the European Commission.
These are popular items, which have been used as commemorative gifts for a variety of other events too and which sold 1500 units within 5 months of going on sale. They were selected by popular vote as the "Fountain Pen I'd Most Like to Give as a Present" by a specialist magazine.

Arita-yaki has a tradition of 400 years, and Arita-yaki products were given as presents among the aristocracy of the shogunate and used as tableware and decorations by the common people. Arita-yaki began as the Edo era began to flourish, but the range of its techniques continues to broaden even today with the creation of new designs based on a knowledge of the past and the transcendence of Japanese and Western concepts. The traditions of Arita, supposed to be the origin of Japanese porcelain, continue to this day to support the pride and skill involved in its production.
A pure-white, almost transparent color and magnificent designs are a prominent feature of Arita-yaki. Despite being thin and feeling smooth, Arita-yaki porcelain products are strong, resistant to breaking, easy to care for, are gentle to the Environment and can be used for a long time.
Arita-yaki production centers around the Saga Prefecture town of Arita, also known as Imari. Hizen porcelain, made in Arita, Mikawauchi and Hasami (Nagasaki Prefecture) was called "Imari" during the Edo era (after the port it shipped from), but that term is widely used in the field of art history, and in English too it is the general term for Arita-yaki.Kouransha and Gen-emon Kiln are famous porcelain studios that uphold the 400-year old Arita-yaki tradition. The range of their delicate yet bold processes is incomparable, and their pieces continue to charm people today. The Sailor Pen Co., who manufacture fountain pens using nib-making processes that require the instinct of a craftsperson.
In The ARITA pens we see the true beauty of Arita-yaki: strong, white, with a clear, almost transparent feel. Dignified and elegant, it feels curiously warm to the touch. Not just pleasant to write with, these has been made so carefully that they have value not just as an item of stationary but also as a work of art. The ARITA Arita-yaki fountain pen transcends the notion of a traditional craft and reveals its depth of history with every letter you write. This is the miracle of an expert's skill given form. Feel the results of the highest level of skill and dedication, in your own handwriting.

Sailor Fountain Pens are proud to release "The ARITA," an Arita-yaki fountain pen.
You can experience an unparalleled pleasure in writing, with a 21k tip and a shaft made from a concentration of techniques honed over 96 years.Master technicians carefully make the pen nibs from Sailor's unique 21k special gold alloy, which possesses both strength and spring. An iridium alloy is used at the tip to create the response needed for nuanced, beautiful handwriting. Furthermore, fine adjustment to match the shaft allows ink to flow simply under the action of the weight of the pen, so you can write smoothly, without effort and without tiring.The cap ring is made wide to show its high standards, and it matches the body exquisitely. Elegantly constructed in 24k gold plating, and it features the engraved names of Koransha and Gen-emon Kiln.Construction of the nib starts with the dissolution of the metal, followed by repeated heating and extending by the application of pressure to achieve an even thickness. Through a process requiring patience and perseverance, the tip is crafted into a shape that varies depending on the intended width of the letters it will produce.
At this stage, the pen point, also called its ball, is attached. The width of the letters it will write varies depending on the size of the pen point, and the success of this stage determines the value of the pen.
In this stage the slit is added to the nib. This gives the tip its spring. It is a process that requires a great sense for the work, and is where the technicians show their skill.
In polishing the surface, the high quality is maintained and splattering is prevented. After careful checking, it is buffed, cleaned, and declared complete.

A pen rest created by Gen-emon Kiln, for a break after a pleasant time writing.
Made of Honba Kaga Shiroyama unbleached silk, which has a history of 1200 years. Wrap your Arita fountain pen and rest in the finest of materials.Manufacturer: SailorModel: Sailor Arita Yaki Fountain PenModel material: 21kt solid gold with special engravingNib size: MEDIUMnibFilling system: Converter & Cartridge includedBottled ink (Black) 1 bottle and one cloth pen case includedDiameter:19mmWeight: 58g

You can use the our pens for various purposes

1) Writing papers, Journals, Studies

2) Writing letters to your loved ones, Business letter

3) Signature

4) Gift

5) Special ceremony, specialoccasion

6) Collection

In 1911,Kyugoro Sakata, a famous and respected engineer inJapan, was first to introduce the sailor fountain pen inJapan. He started to make stylish and sophisticated writing instruments with thehighest level of specification and writing presentation available anywhere else in the world.

The Sailor Pen Company was started it is standing still now as a recognized factory. The Sailor Pen Company has proudly maintained this quality and technological excellence.
Over the many years it has existed and still today it offers the customer a unique variety of writing instruments. All their products are renowned worldwide for their quality and carry the special lifetime guarantee of writing pleasure and excellence.

The charm of the SAILOR fountain pen is excellent NIB. Master nibdesigner of SailorNobuyoshi Nagaharais worldwide famous. Although Sailor Company is one of the top of 3 famous pen companies inJapan, they are the smallest. Then what is the good of them? They are thebest in NIB, which gather them the reputation.

SAILOR gives importance on writing efficiency and nibdesign rather than the decoration.

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Limited G8 Summit Sailor Gen-emon Kiln Arita Yaki Porcelain 21kt Fountain Pen :

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