Lion Couple Urn Crystal Sculpture Figurine Art Glass Deco Lost Wax

Lion Couple Urn Crystal Sculpture Figurine Art Glass Deco Lost Wax

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Lion Couple Urn Crystal Sculpture Figurine Art Glass Deco Lost Wax:

Welcome to Ghouti's Gallery!

The product above you are offerdingis not a resin or plastic sculpture, it is just the crystal sculpture by the traditional 'LOST WAX 'method.

Thiswonderfullion couple urn crystal figurine is handmade with the beautiful carving by the skillful craftsman and workers.The whole body is frosted-finished andpolished in a top quality.These couple lions quietly nestled in his/her companions.This wondeful urn is filled with LOVE! Please check the images for the details!

It's size: Height:11.5 cms (4.53 inches)/Length:31cms (12.2 inches)/width:23.5cms (9.25 inches)

Product NetWeight.:6.01 KG Shipping Courier: Standard Shipping by Fedex(5-10 days)/ Economy Shipping by China Post Service(15-30 days,customer can track the package).Will handle the shippment within 3 days after receiving the whole payment.

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The LOST WAX way to make the crystals out by7 steps:

1.-The artist makes a sculpture.

2.-A mold is then created from which will be extracted an exact wax replica.

3.-This wax is then carefully remolded,adjusted and fixed to insure a perfectcoverfrom the artist's sculpture.

4.-The wax is later coated by a plaster shell into which the assorted desired colored crystal pebbles will be poored.

5.-The plaster negative is then heated in an oven at a temperature of 1000 centigrade for ten days. The pebbles will then melt and replace the wax completely.

6.-The plaster shell is then delicately removed to reveal a beautiful crystal sculpture.

7.-The crystal piece is then cleaned and polished, then thewonderful piece comes out.

Care of Crystals

Crystal is glass that has lead oxide in it.The reason for adding the lead oxide is to increase the density of the glass which in turn will make the glass more reflective and add brilliance.The more lead in the glass,the more colors that are reflected.You may also notice that some crystal is heavier than others.This is because the more lead,the heavier the piece.

Hand made crystal will usually always have a few small ’seed bubbles’.This happens when rising air gets trapped when the crystal is held up to a strong light.This is a good sign that your piece was more than likely hand crafted.

Other signs of handcrafted crystal are chill marks(indentations on the surface of the glass)and flow lines.None of these constitute a flaw in the piece,but rather a sign of hand crafting.

Even the finest crystal will have minor variations in clarity,occasional bubbles,chill marks and flow lines.These are inevitables in hand blown and molded crystal.

Crystal is also ’soft’ because of the lead content.It will be important for you to know how to care for your crystal as even dust can act as an abrasive and cause scratches.


Please store your crystal where it won’t touch other items.

Do not store crystal glasses upside down as it can put stress to the rim,which is very delicate.

Carry your pieces one at a time rather than carrying as a bunch by the stems.

If your crystal breaks and your can save it,use a clear-drying epoxy that was made just for glass and glue it back together.Then set in the sun for a bit to help the bonding process.

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Lion Couple Urn Crystal Sculpture Figurine Art Glass Deco Lost Wax:

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