Lithuanian Dp Camp Seedorf Stereo # L44 Ss Signed By Artist W/imitated Perf Nh For Sale

Up for offerdingis anever hingedLithuaniandisplaced persons camp postsouvenir sheet with imitated, gold perforationsfrom the Baltic DP Camp Seedorf and signed by the Artist.

These sheets were issued in 1946 and they show three different stamps from the Seedorf Area. The inscription at the top reads: "JAMI ANGLU ZONOS L*R*KRYZIAUS IGALIO", at theright reads: "TINIO ISTAIGAI DETMOLDE", at thebottom reads: "ISLEIDO SEEDORF L*T*B*KOMITETAS 1946*4*3" and at theleft is: "BLOKO KAINA 3 RM* 25% AUKO". These sheets wereprinted on white, gummed paper, imperforated and designed by Jonas Steponavicius. This sheet is actually signed by the artist. These sheets arelisted in "Catalog of Displaced Persons, Prisoners of War, Concentration Camp and Ghetto Stamps during and after World War II in Germany" published by Stereo Stamps of Chicago in 1970. The catalog lists this sheet as "L44" and each of the three stamp images are denominated as10+90 (Pf). The quantity issuedis listed as1,460 total.

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Lithuanian Dp Camp Seedorf Stereo # L44 Ss Signed By Artist W/imitated Perf Nh

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Lithuanian Dp Camp Seedorf Stereo # L44 Ss Signed By Artist W/imitated Perf Nh: