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Lone Ranger (1964 Gold Key) #28 Gd+ 2.5 For Sale

Lone Ranger (1964 Gold Key) #28 Gd+ 2.5

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Lone Ranger (1964 Gold Key) 28 GD+ 2.5
About This Scan This stock image is provided to help you identify the issue, but is not the specific item being offered, nor does it represent the grade and condition of the item being offered. Item Description

Lone Ranger (1964 Gold Key) 28 GD+ 2.5

Publisher: Gold Key/Whitman
Published: March 1977, Original Cover Price: $0.30

Painted cover art. Ad for Hostess Snack Cakes featuring Sad Sack. The Smugglers; The Lone Ranger disguises himself as a Mississippi riverboat gambler in order to find the source of rifles that are being smuggled to renegade Indians in "the Arkansas badlands". The Coward; Sheriff Caleb Cole must overcome his fear of heights to capture escaped convicts. Ad for embroidered cloth patches with Superman, Batman, Robin, Wonder Woman, Bugs Bunny, and Casper. 100 pc. Toy Soldier set ad. 36 pgs. $0.30.

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Item Grade/Condition

Grade: GD+ 2.5

Grade Definition: GOOD+ (2.5 GD+, Overstreet 25)
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Lone Ranger (1964 Gold Key) #28 Gd+ 2.5

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