Lot 4 Wood Dreidels Jewish Tops Sevivon Hanukkah Festival Of Lights, Judaica For Sale

Lot of 4 Wooden Dreidels for Hanukkah

"Dreidel,Dreidel,Dreidel I Made it out of Clay, When it's Dry and Ready oh Dreidel I will play"- the famous hanukkah song that kids sing when spinning the Dreidel...

Happy Hanukkah! Here for your consideration is a small cute wooden Dreidel for Hanukkah, Jewish festival of lights

spins well ! comes in various colors, brand new and ready to spin !

Painted with the Hebrew charactersנ,ג,ה,פ that stand for: "Nes gadol haya po" - A great miracle happened here.

"Nes Gadol Haya Po"

Size (HxD) : 1.8 x 0.8inch / 4.5 x 2 cm

Unique Hand Made Hanukkah D

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Lot 4 Wood Dreidels Jewish Tops Sevivon Hanukkah Festival Of Lights, Judaica

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Lot 4 Wood Dreidels Jewish Tops Sevivon Hanukkah Festival Of Lights, Judaica:

Dreidel “bell” (purple Heart) picture
Dreidel “bell” (purple Heart)

Dreidel Pewter picture
Dreidel Pewter

 Dreidel “bell” (yellow) picture
Dreidel “bell” (yellow)

Dreidel “house”  picture
Dreidel “house”

 Dreidel “jewish Roulette”  picture
Dreidel “jewish Roulette”

Dreidel Elephant picture
Dreidel Elephant

Dreidel Semisphere  picture
Dreidel Semisphere

Dreidel  Domino picture
Dreidel Domino

Dreidel Hupah Red picture
Dreidel Hupah Red

Dreidel Egg picture
Dreidel Egg

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