Lot 48 Book Cd Canning Food Quart Jar Pot Cookbook Meat

Lot 48 Book Cd Canning Food Quart Jar Pot Cookbook Meat

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Lot 48 Book Cd Canning Food Quart Jar Pot Cookbook Meat:

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48 Canning Book Set on CD

    Home Fresh Preserving Made Easy!

    - Over 9,500 Pages of Home Preserving Information! -

What’s the difference between a boiling water bath canner and a pressure canner?

Is it safe to can food without salt?

Can I use my pressure canner for processing fruits and tomatoes?

How can I avoid getting food poisoning from canned food?

What are the most important things I need to know

to make sure my canning is successful?

How can I tell if a jar has sealed?

How do I prepare the fruits and vegetables from my garden to be canned?

What canning method insures the nutrition of the food is preserved

and not lost in the canning or storing process?

Are there special steps to follow when reusing canning jars and lids for processing?

Can fruit be safely canned without the addition of sugar?

How long can home canned food be stored?

How can I prevent my jars from breaking during processing?
What is the best way to keep pickles crispy and crunchy?
What type of equipment should I get if I’m just getting started?

...The answers to all these questions and many more are found in our

*48 Book Complete Canning Guide on CD!

*Laptop not included


Everything you could ever want to know about Home Food Preserving

is found in our 48 Canning Book set!

Have you ever enjoyed a home made marmalade, jam or salsa? Wasn't it delicious? Nothing is as good as home made preserves! Now, More and more people are turning away from bland commercial processed food and making their own jams, salsas and fresh preserves instead!

Canning and Jarring is the most fun you will ever have in your kitchen!
You will be amazed at how delicious and easy it is to make your own preserves!

CANNING AND JARRING - Home Fresh Preserving!

Now is the perfect time to get into preserving food through canning!

"What I want to share is the sense of accomplishment and power that I feel when I look
at a case of jars filled with my homemade salsa, preserved pears, peach jam and
canned chili! Knowing that I chose every ingredient that went into my jars and how happy
I am to share my homemade goods with my friends and family!"

Its so easy to get started,you only need a few simple supplies
to put up a batch of salsa or jam! Once you have read our
48 Canning Book Set on CD you will be canning in no time!


Can your own chili, beef stew and soup! Homemade canned pork makes a great
bbq and canned sausage patties are a quick breakfast. Homemade canned tuna fish
is delicious in sandwiches as is canned chicken for salad and casseroles.
Canned beef makes an easy Stroganoff! Canned meat is an important part of
every home food storage plan and is a great edition to every pantry!

Higher food prices mean more people out in the garden and turning to
canning instead of buying their food in the grocery store! Families are saving
thousands of dollars by making their own preserves! In fact, so many people in
America have turned to canning to save money the sales of canning supplies
have risen to over 30% in the last 2 years!

Home canning or “home fresh preserving” is a useful and energy efficient
way to preserve the bounty of your kitchen garden or any other fresh fruits
andveggies you’d like to save for later. Want to get started?
Our48 Canning Book Set on CD will have you canning like a pro in no time!

Canning is a method of easily preserving food. Our ancestors have been preserving
food for thousands of years because they knew how to be self sufficient.
It has only been in the last 60 years that we have become totally helpless
and dependent on commercial Produce and factory farms for our food.

Now, more then ever, we need to relearn what our ancestors did to survive.
We need to educate and empower ourselves to be self sufficient.
Reclaim your personal power!

If you are interested in canning, dehydrating and jamming for a hobby
or to prepare emergency storable food for your family,
thisset of 48 instructional food canning and preservation books
are exactly what you need!

YOU WILL BE AMAZED AT how easy and fun canning your own fruits,
vegetables, meats, jam and jelly will be! Learn to make your own salsa!
Make your own Katsup! Can your own soups!

Why pay extra for commercial processed foods when you can do it yourself!

Now when you can your own food, you get to decide how healthy
the ingredients will be! Choose to can your own ORGANIC produce for the
fraction of what it would cost in the stores!

Canning is a fun and educational activity to do with your friends, family and even your kids!

If you have a garden this is a great way to make sure your produce doesn't go to waste!

More and more, people are discovering that they want to become self reliant.
Learn how to be totally prepared to weather natural disasters such as hurricanes,
tornadoes, ice and snow storms that knock out your power! If there ever is a food
shortage in your area from a power outage or natural disaster you will have learned
how to take care of yourself, your family and your friends from reading these great books!

Once you have our 48 Canning Book Set on CD,
The nearest exit to any food crisis will be in your cupboard!

- Over 9,500 Pages of Home Preserving Information! -

Our 48 Canning Books on CD is shipped in a durable plastic case.

A glance at a some of the book titles:

Grandma Ida's Tomato Canning Recipes
- By Ashley James - 2010 - 31 Pages

A Treatise On Food Conservation And The Art Of Canning
- By Sherwood P Snyder - 1917 - 208 Pages

Canning And Preserving Of Food Products With Bacteriological Technique
- By Edward Wiley Duckwall - 1905 - 466 Pages

Dehydrating Foods Fruits Vegetables Fish And Meats
- By A Louise Andrea - 1920 - 234 Pages

Disinfection And Preservation Of Food
- By Samuel Rideal - 1903 - 504 Pages

Home And Farm Food Preservation
- By W. V. Cruess - 1918 - 307 Pages

Left Over Foods And How To Use Them
- By Elizabeth O Hiller - 1910 - 36 Pages

Methods Of Canning Fruits And Vegetables By Hot Air And Steam
- By H I Blits - 1890 - 520 Pages

Preserving And Pickling Two Hundred Recipes For Preserves, Jellies, Jams, Marmalades, Pickles
- By Mary Mason Wright - 1918 - 182 Pages

Successful Canning And Preserving Practical Handbook For Schools,Clubs And Home Use
- By Ola Powell - 1917 - 403 Pages

The Canning Of Fruits And Vegetables
- By Justo P Zavalla - 1916 - 226 Pages

A Practical Treatise On The Manufacture Of Vinegar
- By William T Brannt - 1914 - 601 Pages

The Secrets Of Canning
- By Ernest F Schwaab - 1890 - 170 Pages

The Whole Art Of Curing, Pickling And Smoking Meat And Fish
- By James Robinson - 1847 - 203 Pages


- Over 10,000 Pages of Home Preserving Information! -



If you are new to e-books, we offer support via email to help answer any question you may have about using this CD and accessing the books. We are here to make this the best experience you have ever had!

Order YOUR copy of our 48 Canning Books on CD today!

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100% satisfaction guaranteed!

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Lot 48 Book Cd Canning Food Quart Jar Pot Cookbook Meat:

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