Lot Of 3 Large Vintage Easter Cards To Wife/husband W/padded Florals Fronts+env.

Lot Of 3 Large Vintage Easter Cards To Wife/husband W/padded Florals Fronts+env.

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Lot Of 3 Large Vintage Easter Cards To Wife/husband W/padded Florals Fronts+env.:

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Lot of 3 Large Vintage Easter Cards To Wife/Husband w/Padded FLORALS Fronts+Env.


Three large folder cards that are 5-3/4 x 7" approximately. All are signed inside and 1 has a partial envelope (flap is gone). Cards date from 1948, 1951, and one undated, but also around those years.

1. An Easter Wish for My Husband has a green background and Calla lilies that have padded satin-type fabric on lily body. Card also has pussy willows. Inside is the same motif, but unpadded. Small area of lifting inside to right of verse. "An Easter Card of Character" Designed by Ruth Jeaneret, A Member of the Rust Craft Artists' Guild 50 EF 797. Copyright 1951.

2.Happy Easter To One I Love has a white background and a blue bowl of padded "satin" fabric narcissi or daffodils with pussywillows and some blue florals and green leaves. Inside are more illustrations of same arrangement. A Gibson Card, Gibson Cinti., U.S.A. 50E94761. Where the fabric was glued under the front, there is a bleed through to the front and inside front that looks like a water stain, but is really just the dried and brown glue showing through.

3. For My Wife has a pastel background with embossed florals of wide-open tulips, daffodils, white flowers, and pussy willows. There is a large pinkpadded "satin" cloth in the shape of an egg inside a cut-out window. Inside is a smaller version of the front bouquet. An American Greeting Card, Cleveland U.S.A. This one is marked 1948 in pencil on top of back. Again, there is brown glue bleed down the right side of front and a smaller area under the "For My Wife"text. Inside the front is another small area of discoloration from the glue in the center of the card. This is the card that goes with the partial envelope.

All cards came from the same scrapbook and were fairly easy to get out of the scrapbook, as they were only lightly glued to some corners, except for the blue bowl card that was also glued down the spine side (all on the back). On the back of this card, there is also a crease down the back spine. On the backs of the other two cards, there is glue residue/shine to just the four corners. Because the glue is still a bit sticky, some dust particles and lint have been caught in the glue. There is also a small ink stain on the back of the pink satin card.

All cards have age toning and show some normal wear with a thumb mark or two and some bends to front of spine from scrapbook removal. Clean, good condition, great graphics and fancy padding. Cards are a bit heavy and, with packaging, will weigh close to 5 ounces, so will have to ship via the more expensiveFirst Class Parcel visit my other sale listings and check out my store, DeVito's Books-TV Closeout Jewelry, for all sorts of other Victorian/antique and vintage greeting/holiday cards, tradecards and diecuts, used and unused, sold in lots and singles, some with original First Class shipping whenever possible, but this involves a lot more than sticking a 45-cent stamp on an envelope and sending it on its way.

USPS offers three options for light-weight paper items:Letter, Large Envelope, and Parcel rates based onvariables of size and shape (square v rectangular) of envelope, if address is written along longeror shorterdimension, total weight, availability of Delivery Confirmation and thickness of envelope along with nature of interior/exterior packing materials (flexible v rigid). Charges vary from postal clerk to postal clerk, with some clerks scrupulous about measuring and bending, while others basically eye-ball the item, so there is often not much consistency in what the final charges are. Usually, Ihave chosen the correct option, but sometimes not.

It is important to remember that a First Class Parcel does not mean that item has to be shipped in a box; a stiff and thick piece or two of cardboard in a small envelope can change a letter rate into athree-times-as- expensive parcel rate and, even if the item manages to qualify for the lower letter rate, there will be a surcharge added for a rigidenclosure, and if I unwittingly use a square envelope--another surcharge. It is rare forme to be able to ship a cardat a 1-ounce letter rate of 45 cents (more like $1.75 and up).

Have a look at the USPS First Classrate charts. Letter ratesonly go up to 3 ounces, and the other two categories, to 13 ounces.Mailing a greeting card in 2012 is neither as simple nor as inexpensive as it was just a few years ago. Hopefully thisparagraph has helpedto explainthe postal chargesgiven in my listings. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.This will ship folded in half and with protective cardboard at First Class Parcel listed also includes a 99-cent charge to helpoffset associated and PayPal fees, packingmaterialsand other overhead costs.

INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING:Please do not pay the automatic invoice that sends directly after sale ends if no P&H charge is shown. The calculator is turned on for international P&H, but sometimes it is incorrect (weight is sometimes too high, occasionally, too low), so, if you have any questions, please ask or wait for me to check the international P&H in the listing and adjust it as necessary and send an amended invoice within 24 hours after your purchase posts to my Sold Items the package weighs over 13 ounces, ithastobe shipped Priority; otherwise package will probably ship First Class Parcel, so if you are buying several items from me, please wait for an adjusted invoice. There will be a minimal overhead offset-fee for each item added to the package (usually no more than 75 cents per added item). If you have any questions, please note that my listing indicates 10 business days to ship. To be on the safe side, I chose 10, but Itypically ship in 3-5 days, sometimes the day after payment is received. I ship one or two times a week depending on volume, more during the holiday season. Normally, Iship on Wednesday and on Saturday, so if payment is received by Tuesday or Friday night, Iwill usually ship the following Timely payment is expected. If there will be a delay, please email to let me know.
Returns are expensive and it is disappointing for the buyer to pay shipping both ways and end up with nothing, so please ask if you are unsure about anything in my listing. I want you to be happy with your purchase. There are hundreds of thousands of sellers out there and I am pleased that you have chosen to shop with me. Welcome to my store and sales. There is nothing I like better than repeat customers.
I have been an antiques, books, ephemera and collectibles dealer since 1984, and have been selling on since 1998. Please visit my store DeVito's Books-TV Closeout Jewelry for a wide variety of early and vintage items in many different categories. My specialties are Victorian and vintage valentines, postcards, kids' and juvenile books, and ephemera (paper) items. I am always having a store sale, so please stop by and browse.
Feel free to e-mail me any questions you might have.

A NOTE ABOUT FREE SHIPPING: If you see in my listing that shipping is free, please ignore. During the past holiday season I had a brief sale offering free shipping on items. That sale ended long ago and, although I added P&H back to my listings, in some of them, I also mentioned free shipping in the text description. I thought I had also deleted those references, but one or two have popped up over the past couple of months, so obviously I have missed some.Therefore, I would ask for your indulgence as I continue to revise shipping. The free shipping typically wasin the cards and books categories.

HANDLING TIME: My listing indicates 10 business days to ship, only because makes me choose a handling time. To be on the safe side, I have chosen 10 days in case I am away on a business trip (which happens rarely, but life does sometime interfere with my business). Typically, I ship two or three times a week (Wednesday and Friday) and one other day that varies). I cannot remember ever taking 10 days to ship an item in all my years on . Depending on when your payment comes in, your package will normally ship within 3 days, sometimes as fast as 1 day, sometimes as long as 4 or 5 days. During pre-holiday weeks, or by request, I ship more often. Please don't hesitate to buy from me thinking your item will take forever to arrive--it won't.

Lot Of 3 Large Vintage Easter Cards To Wife/husband W/padded Florals Fronts+env.:

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