Lot Of 43 Star Trek Original Series *complete Set* W/sealed Collector's Pilot Nr For Sale

Lot of 43:
Star Trek: The Original and Uncut Television Series
Extended Play Laserdiscs by Paramount Home Video - COMPLETE SETThe following sale for your consideration is a lot of laserdiscs.
All of themhave the plastic on the jackets, and many of them are still sealed/unopened.All of them are extended play and were produced by Paramount Home Video.A detailed listing of each disc, along with synopsis information provided on the jacket of each disc to be included with this lot, is as follows:
NOTE: All applicable identification markings are provided as they appear on each item. All of them have at least an LV catalog number. Some of them may have additional information, such as a UPC or ISBN number, but many do not. If it is present, it is listed. The number in parentheses preceding each ID number is the quantity. The condition of each disc is bracketed.(1) LV 60040-81 [Like New: Sealed/Unopened]Episode 6 - The Man Trap (1966) NR
  • Stardate: 1513.1.When the Enterprise's landing party arrives on planet M113 to give a routine medical examination to Robert and Nancy Crater a nightmare unfolds when several members die, every trace of salt mysteriously removed from their bodies. Since McCoy was once deeply in love with Nancy, he's especially concerned for her safety. However, the real Nancy Carter (sic) is already dead; a being has taken her form and needs salt to survive. Because Crater's supply is gone it has only one source - the crew of the Enterprise.
Episode 8 - Charlie X (1966) NR
  • Stardate: 1533.6.The cargo ship Antares transfers Charlie Evans (Robert Walker, Jr.) to the Enterprise on his way to Alpha Five Colony. Orphaned fourteen years before, Charlie learned to survive on his own. Or did he? His parents crashed on a world inhabited by legendary beings. When the Antares is destroyed and crew members vanish, Kirk realizes Charlie is responsible but has little control over his deadly powers. Special treats: Spock playing his Vulcan lyre, Uhura singing, and Thanksgiving aboard the Enterprise.
(1) LV 60040-82 [Like New: Sealed/Unopened]Episode 2 - Where No Man Has Gone Before (1966) NR
  • Stardate: 1312.4.The flight recorder of the 200-year-old U.S.S. Valiant relays a tale of terror - a magnetic storm at the edge of the galaxy. As the Enterprise nears the same barrier, Kirk elects to probe beyond its depths with disastrous results. Kirk's closest friend Lt. Gary Mitchell (Gary Lockwood) is affected. When Mitchell's mutating ESP abilities threaten the safety of his ship, Kirk must make an agonizing decision: maroon Mitchell on a desolate planet or kill him while he still can. However, as one friendship dies, another is just beginning...
Episode 7 - The Naked Time (1966) NR
  • Stardate: 1704.2.Sent to pick up a research team, the Enterprise finds the scientists dead. One of the landing party brings the disease back to the crew, forcing suppressed emotions to the surface. Sulu becomes a modern day D'Artagnan. Lt. Kevin Riley shuts down the engines. Spock and Kirk are also affected. In one of the series' most powerful scenes, they help each other overcome their inner fears. Kirk races against time before the ship is pulled into the disintegrating planet.
(1) ISBN 0-7921-1189-3 UPC 097360000566 LV 60040-83 [Like New: Sealed/Unopened]Episode 5 - The Enemy Within (1966) NR
  • Stardate: 1672.1.A transporter malfunction causes Kirk to be split into separate beings: one compassionate, the other savage. Spock and McCoy suffer along with their friend as Kirk confronts a side of his nature no man should see. His only hope for survival is to reunite his two selves. But Kirk's passive half is losing the ability to make decisions, and a stranded landing party is slowly freezing to death on the planet below. This episode marks the birth of the Vulcan neck pinch and McCoy's now classic line. "He's dead, Jim."
Episode 4 - Mudd's Women (1966) NR
  • Stardate: 1329.1.Kirk beams aboard the crew of a vessel destroyed by asteroids but at a price. All but one of the Enterprise's lithium crystals have burned out. The commander of the destroyed transport is Harry Mudd (Roger C. Carmel), scoundrel and space pirate. His cargo: three hypnotically beautiful women who immediately disrupt the normal workings of the ship. Kirk heads for Rigel 12, a lithium mining colony. But Mudd secretly contacts the miners and Kirk discovers they will only trade the lithium for Mudd's Women.
(1) LV 60040-84 [Excellent Condition: Opened]Episode 10 - What Are Little Girls Made Of? (1966) NR
  • Stardate: 2712.4.The Enterprise is assigned to discover what has become of Dr. Roger Korby (Michael Strong), the "Pasteur of Archaeological Medicine". There's been no word from him for five years. When Korby is found living in the tunnels of a frozen planet, his fiancee Christine Chapel and Kirk beam down. They're horrified to learn that Korby has developed the ultimate android in hopes of populating the universe with them. To prove his theory is sane, Korby manufactures an android Kirk - but not before the real Kirk programs it, warning Spock.
Episode 12 - Miri (1966) NR
  • Stardate: 2713.5.Investigating an old style distress signal, Kirk, Spock, McCoy, and a landing party beam down to a planet that's identical to Earth. They find a decaying 20th Century city inhabited only by "ancient children," diseased by a life-prolongation project that killed off the adults 300 years before. Aging imperceptibly, the children contract the disease when they reach puberty. Among the rubble, Kirk discovers Miri (Kim Darby), their only hope for survival, when they are all stricken with the still contagious plague.
(1) UPC 097360001167 LV 60040-85 [Excellent Condition: Opened]Episode 11 - Dagger Of The Mind (1966) NR
  • Stardate: 2715.1.While delivering supplies to a penal colony, an inmate escapes to the Enterprise and demands sanctuary. He is Dr. Simon Van Gelder (Morgan Woodward), assistant to the director of the colony, Dr. Adams (James Gregory). Answering questions causes great pain, but Van Gelder begs not to be returned and hints at horrors committed against patients by Dr. Adams. Kirk beams down to investigate while Spock tries to break through Van Gelder's wall of agony. As a result, he is the first participant in a Vulcan Mind Meld.
Episode 3 - The Corbomite Maneuver (1966) NR
  • Stardate: 1512.2.While on a star charting mission, the Enterprise encounters a luminescent, radioactive cube. When Kirk is forced to destroy it, an enormous ship of pulsating lights appears, commanded by the ominous Balok (Clint Howard). Balok condemns the Enterprise crew to death, and seeing no escape, Kirk chances a desperate bluff. Dr. Leonard "Bones" McCoy debuts in this episode and the beloved triad of Kirk's leadership, Spock's logic, and McCoy's humanity is now complete.
(1) ISBN 0-7921-1523-6 UPC 097366004162 LV 60041 [Like New: Sealed/Unopened]Volume 1 - The Menagerie Part I (1966) Part II (1967)NR
  • This two-part episode delves into the history of the Enterprise under a different captain and crew. Mr. Spock (Leonard Nimoy) is accused of mutiny when he takes control of the Enterprise and kidnaps the former starship commander, Captain Christopher Pike (Jeffrey Hunter), who has been horribly disfigured and paralyzed in an accident. Spock sets the ship on course for Talos IV, a planet ordered off-limits under penalty of death. He then turns himself in for court martial, leaving Captain Kirk (William Shatner) to face the possibility of sentencing his First Officer - and best friend - to death. Years before, when Pike commanded the Enterprise, the Talosians kidnapped him to strengthen their race. They used a human girl, Vina (Susan Oliver), the survivor of an earlier ship crash on the planet, to tempt him but Pike refused to cooperate, making the Talosians realize that humans were of little use to them.
(1) LV 60040-86 [Like New: Sealed/Unopened]Episode 13 - The Conscience Of The King (1966) NR
  • Stardate: 2817.6.Mass murderer aboard the Enterprise! Kirk beams up Anton Karidian (Arnold Moss) and unknown to him, danger lurks in the corridors of the starship. Could Karidian be Kodos the Executioner, thought to have died 20 years ago? When Karidian's Shakespearean acting troupe performs, beware... the play's the thing! Watch closely for your only chance to see the Observation Deck; it's not seen in any other episode. And offer farewell to Lt. Kevin Riley in his last appearance in STAR TREK.
Episode 9 - Balance Of Terror (1966) NR
  • Stardate: 1709:1.Federation outposts destroyed by Romulans! It's a game of cat and mouse for Kirk and the Romulan commander (Mark Lenard), whose cloaking device renders his shipinvisible- and very deadly! How long can Kirk protect the Enterprise from his unseen enemy? This is our first look at the Romulans, and we'll learn why they mysteriously resemble the Vulcans. Mark Lenard is the only performer to have portrayed a Romulan, a Vulcan ("Journey to Babel"), and a Klingon (Star Trek - The Motion Picture).
(1) LV 60040-87 [Like New: Sealed/Unopened]Episode 17 - Shore Leave (1966) NR
  • Stardate: 3025.3.The White Rabbit and Alice in Wonderland? A knight on horseback? Don Juan, a Samurai warrior, a World War II fighter plane? These strange sights await Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise when they beam down for shore leave on a mysterious planet. Is it all an illusion or some sort of trick? So it would seem, until the knight charges Dr. McCoy - and kills him! The script is by Theodore Sturgeon, award-winning science fiction writer who also wrote the episode "Amok Time."
Episode 14 - The Galileo Seven (1967) NR
  • Stardate: 2821.5.Shuttlecraft crew stranded! Spock learns the trials of command when Kirk sends him, along with Scotty, McCoy, and a shuttlecraft crew, to investigate a quasar-like phenomenon. But the shuttlecraft is pulled off course and crash lands on an unknown planet. Enterprise's sensors aren't working, and the High Commissioner orders Kirk to abandon the search and continue his mission to deliver urgently needed medical supplies. Can Spock save his crew before the planet's giant Neanderthal-like creatures kill them all?
(1) LV 60040-88 [Excellent Condition: Opened]Episode 18 - The Squire Of Gothos (1967) NR
  • Stardate: 2124.5.Enroute to Colony Beta Six, the Enterprise is trapped in orbit around an uncharted planet - a planet that shouldn't be there! Kirk discovers its sole inhabitant is an illogical but extremely powerful alien named Trelane (William Campbell), who challenges Kirk to a fox hunt - with Kirk playing the fox - in return for the Enterprise's freedom. Listen closely to the voice of Trelane's father - it's none other than James Doohan (Scotty). William Campbell played a Klingon, Captain Koloth, in the episode "The Trouble With Tribbles."
Episode 19 - Arena (1967) NR
  • Stardate: 3045.6.Kirk fights for his life - and the lives of his entire crew! While pursuing a ship which destroyed a Starfleet base, Kirk intrudes into the territory of the highly advanced Metrons, who decide to settle the conflict. Suddenly Kirk is on a deserted asteroid, unarmed, facing his opponent - an overpowering reptilian giant. If Kirk loses, the Enterprise crew will die! Can Kirk outwit this menacing foe? Take a good look at Sean Kenney as DePaul, the Helmsman. He's the same actor who played the deformed Captain Pike in "The Menagerie."
(1) ISBN 0-7921-1201-6 UPC 097360002164 LV 60040-89 [Like New: Sealed/Unopened]Episode 21 - Tomorrow Is Yesterday (1967) NR
  • Stardate: 3113.2.Enterprise hurled back in time! When a black star sends the Enterprise backward in time to the twentieth century, the starship is spotted as a UFO. Air Force captain John Christoper's jet is accidentally destroyed, and Kirk is forced to beam him aboard. How can Kirk return the pilot to Earth, yet still manage to return to the future without changing history? This episode marks the first appearance of British-accented Lt. Kyle (John Winston), who reprised his role in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.
Episode 15 - Court-Martial (1967) NR
  • Stardate: 2947.3.Captain Kirk on trial! Kirk's reputation and career are at stake when he faces a court-martial for negligence. Officer Ben Finney (Richard Webb) had been taking readings in the starship's ion pod when Kirk ordered it jettisoned during an ion storm. Ship's records show Kirk failed to warn Officer Finney, who has died as a result. Can Kirk prove hedidwarn Finney? Computers don't lie - or do they? Note Lieutenant Shaw's uniform - it's the firstfemaledress uniform we see in the series.
(1) LV 60040-90 [Excellent Condition: Opened]Episode 22 - The Return Of The Archons (1967) NR
  • Stardate: 3156.2.Group mind control threatens Enterprise crew! When the Enterprise visits Beta III to learn what happened to the U.S.S. Archon a century ago, Kirk and company find a planet of blissful people controlled by "Landru", an omniscient ruler. Landru absorbed the Archons into "the Body" - a fate that awaits Kirk's crew unless he can find a way to destroy Landru. And he'd better hurry - the Enterprise is being pulled from orbit! Gene Roddenberry took the name "Archons" from a social club he belonged to while in high school.
Episode 24 - Space Seed (1967) NR
  • Stardate: 3141.9.Meet the original Khan! The Enterprise encounters the S.S. Botany Bay, a 20th century Earth "sleeper ship" adrift in space. The leader of the surviving crew, Khan Noonian Singh (Ricardo Montalban) is revived and immediately plots to take over the Enterprise! A product of the 1990's race of genetically engineered "supermen", Khan has extraordinary powers, both mental and physical. Will they prove too much for Kirk? This episode led to the sequel movie, Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.
(1) LV 60040-91 [Like New: Sealed/Unopened]Episode 23 - A Taste of Armageddon (1967) NR
  • Stardate: 3192.1.Enterprise declared a war casualty! Kirk is warned not to approach Eminiar VII, but Ambassador Robert Fox (Gene Lyons) insists they continue on course to establish diplomatic contact. There, they learn that war has raged between Eminiar VII and nearby Vendikar for 500 years - a war fought by computers! Whenever a "hit" is proclaimed, citizens dutifully march into disintegration machines. When the computer declares the Enterprise "destroyed", Kirk and company are taken hostage, and ordered to face death!
Episode 25 - This Side Of Paradise (1967) NR
  • Stardate: 3417.3.Spock in love! On Omicron Ceti III, the Enterprise discovers the colonists unaffected after three years' exposure to deadly Berthold rays. Spock is reunited with an old friend, Leila Kalomi (Jill Ireland), who exposes him to strange spores causing Spock to release his emotions, and he promptly declares his love for her. The spores affect the entire Enterprise crew, which has beamed down to the planet. Kirk, under the spores' influence, prepares to abandon ship. But if he leaves,noonecan beam back up!
(1) LV 60040-92 [Like New: Sealed/Unopened]Episode 26 - The Devil In The Dark (1967) NR
  • Stardate: 3196.1.The Enterprise is summoned to investigate a deadly "monster" which is menacing the miners on Janus IV. Kirk discovers that a strange rock-life being called a "Horta" has been killing the men, then escaping through solid rock! The Horta steals the air circulation pump, threatening all with death. Kirk wounds the creature, but suddenly it corners him! Will Kirk become its next victim? And how can Spock survive a Vulcan mindmeld with this alien lifeform?
Episode 27 - Errand Of Mercy (1967) NR
  • Stardate: 3198.4.This is the first time we meet the Klingons, who threaten the Federation. Kirk and Spock attempt to persuade the council of neutral Organia to join the Federation. While they negotiate, the nefarious Klingons invade and enslave the planet's sheeplike citizens. The Organians help Kirk and Spock disguise themselves as civilians, only to hand them over to the Klingons! The Enterprise and the Klingon ship poise to engage in an all-out battle!
(1) LV 60040-93 [Excellent Condition: Opened]Episode 20 - The Alternative Factor (1967) NR
  • Stardate: 3087.6.In orbit around an unknown planet, the Enterprise experiences a moment of "nonexistence" - all natural laws are suspended. On the planet's surface, Kirk encounters Lazarus (Robert Brown), who blames this disturbance on his evil enemy. Aboard the starship, Lazarus steals vital dilithium crystals, and we learn that Lazarus' look-alike foe is from an anti-matter universe. If Kirk can't prevent them from meeting, both universes will be annihilated! This episode features a rare angle of the Enterprise firing phasers from orbit.
Episode 28 - The City On The Edge Of Forever (1967) NR
  • Stardate: 3134.0.Kirk, Spock and McCoy trapped in the 20th century! Accidentally overdosed with cordrazine, a delirious McCoy transports to the planet below. Kirk, Spock and a landing party discover a "time portal" through which McCoy disappears! Suddenly the Enterprise vanishes, and Kirk and Spock must search for McCoy. Arriving in 1930, Kirk falls deeply in love with Edith Keeler (Joan Collins), only to learn she must die in order for time to return to normal!
(1) LV 60040-94 [Excellent Condition: Opened]Episode 29 - Operation - Annihilate! (1967) NR
  • Stardate: 3287.2.Spock possessed by deadly alien! The Enterprise arrives at Deneva, a planet in the path of an interplanetary epidemic of mass insanity. There, Kirk finds his brother Sam dead, his sister-in-law stricken, and his nephew unconscious. Then, Spock is attacked by a flying creature! These telepathically connected parasites invade the nervous system and control their victims through pain in an effort to take over the galaxy! Can McCoy find a way to kill the aliens without harming their hosts?
Episode 34 - Amok Time (1967) NR
  • Stardate: 3372.7.It's Spock's time of pon farr - the Vulcan mating cycle. McCoy informs Kirk that Spock will die unless they divert to Vulcan, his home planet, immediately! There, T'Pring (Arlene Martel), Spock's arranged bride, chooses the rite of combat, forcing Spock to fight to the death for her. But she selects Kirk as her champion!
(1) LV 60040-95 [Excellent Condition: Opened]Episode 33 - Who Mourns For Adonais? (1967) NR
  • Stardate: 3468.1.The Enterprise encounters a giant hand in space, which leads the starship to Pollux IV. Here, a humanoid identifies himself as Apollo (Michael Forest), last of the Olympian gods. He has brought the Enterprise and crew "home" to become shepherds and to worship him! Apollo hurtles thunderbolts and exhibits superior strength, locking the Enterprise in a forcefield that seems indestructible. Will Kirk and his crew be held captive here for the rest of their lives?
Episode 37 - The Changeling (1967) NR
  • Stardate: 3541.9.Killer Computer on the rampage! While investigating the destruction of the Malurian System and its four billion inhabitants, Kirk discovers "Nomad", a robotic space probe gone wild. Kirk beams it aboard the Enterprise, only to have it "kill" Scotty and erase Uhura's mind. Its next target - Earth! Can Kirk find a way to stop this deadly machine? The voice of "Nomad" is Vic Perrin, head of the Halkan Council in "Mirror, Mirror."
(1) LV 60040-96 [Excellent Condition: Opened]Episode 39 - Mirror, Mirror (1967) NR
  • Stardate: Unknown.Kirk, McCoy, Scotty and Uhura are beaming back to the Enterprise when an ion storm causes a transporter malfunction. Instead of their own starship, they find themselves aboard a parallel Enterprise whose crew are unprincipled barbarians. The same storm has caused their malicious counterparts to beam aboard the real Enterprise! Kirk and company must find a way home before they are discovered by these alternate beings! This episode is packed with subtle changes aboard the parallel Enterprise - can you spot them?
Episode 38 - The Apple (1967) NR
  • Stardate: 3715.0.On Gamma Trianguli VI, Kirk and a landing party are plagued by poisonous plants, exploding rocks and attacks by lightning. They learn from the childlike natives that the planet is ruled by "Vaal", an all-seeing "god" which interprets Kirk's presence as a threat to the stability of the culture. To preserve this simplistic society, Vaal plans to destroy Kirk and the Enterprise! If you look closely at "Makora", you may recognize actor David Soul of "Starsky and Hutch" fame.
(1) LV 60040-97 [Excellent Condition: Opened]Episode 30 - Catspaw (1967) NR
  • Stardate: 3018.2.Trick or treat! On Pyris VII, Sulu and Scotty are rendered "zombies" by Korob and Sylvia, two beings who use black cats, magic wands and evil spells in an attempt to terrorize Kirk and company. When Kirk refuses to submit, Sylvia holds a voodoo-like image of the Enterprise over a flame, and the starship begins superheating! Will Sylvia's seductive charms spell disaster for Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise? This episode originally aired during Halloween week, 1967.
Episode 35 - The Doomsday Machine (1967) NR
  • Stardate: 4202.9.Planet-eating berserker threatens Enterprise! A giant robot ship which consumes planets for fuel has destroyed the crew of the U.S.S. Constellation, leaving only a guilt-ridden Commodore Decker (William Windom) aboard the crippled ship. Kirk beams over to effect repairs while Decker beams aboard the Enterprise. After Kirk loses radio contact with the Enterprise, the obsessed Commodore immediately seizes command from Spock! Decker is determined to destroy the planet-killer, even at the cost of Kirk's ship and the entire crew!
(1) LV 60040-98 [Excellent Condition: Opened]Episode 41 - I, Mudd (1967) NR
  • Stardate: 4513.3.Harry Mudd's at it again! That intergalactic rogue, Harcourt Fenton Mudd, (Roger C. Carmel), returns to plague Captain Kirk! This time he's the self-proclaimed emperor of a planet of beautiful female androids who exist solely to serve mankind. Harry sends a male android, Norman, to hijack the Enterprise to his planet so that the androids will have other humans to serve. But Harry's scheme backfires when he, Kirk, and the Enterprise crew become the androids' captives!
Episode 31 - Metamorphosis (1967) NR
  • Stardate: 3219.4.Aboard the Galileo, Kirk, Spock and McCoy are transporting ailing Commissioner Nancy Hedford (Elinor Donahue) to the Enterprise when a mysterious cloud draws them to a planet inhabited only by Zefram Cochrane (Glenn Corbett) - a space pioneer who lived over a century ago! The cloud-creature rejuvenates Cochrane but, sensing his loneliness, it has brought him company - Kirk and the others. They are now prisoners. Recognize the voice of the Companion? It's Majel Barrett, "Nurse Chapel."
NOTE: The next two laserdiscs share the same LV catalog number. They are not the same disc as can be seen in their description and pictures. If you have any further questions about these or any other laserdiscs in the lot please ask before offerding.
(1) LV 60040-99 [Excellent Condition: Opened]Episode 44 - Journey To Babel (1967) NR
  • Stardate: 3842.3.Spock's father suspected of murder! It's chaos aboard an Enterprise full of interplanetary diplomats enroute to a conference on Babel. Among them are Spock's father, Sarek (Mark Lenard), to whom Spock hasn't spoken in years, and his mother, Amanda (Jane Wyatt). When a Tellerite is murdered, Sarek is the prime suspect but before the truth can be learned, Sarek suffers a heart attack. His only hope is a transfusion from Spock, who has replaced a wounded Kirk and refuses to leave the bridge.
Episode 32 - Friday's Child (1967) NR
  • Stardate: 3497.2.Klingon subterfuge! On Capella IV, Kirk and a landing party discover that Klingons have been negotiating an alliance with the natives, and seem to be gaining their confidence. When Kirk breaks a taboo by saving the life of the Capellan leader's wife, he, Spock and McCoy become fugitives - from the natives and the Klingon agent! Meanwhile, the Enterprise crew have their hands full when a Klingon ship sets a trap, diverting them from the planet.
(1) ISBN 0-7921-2085-X UPC 097360009965 LV 60040-99 [Like New: Sealed/Unopened]The Cage: All-Color Collector's Edition Pilot Episode (1989) NR
  • This special Collector's Edition includes the long-lost color footage (believed to have been destroyed) from Gene Roddenberry's pilot episode of the Star Trek television series. In late 1988, Paramount Pictures was able to acquire the "lost" footage, and the result is this splendid, restored, color version. The way it was originally shot and meant to be seen! On the first voyage of the Starship Enterprise, Kirk's predecessor Captain Christopher Pike, tries to rescue an Earth crew that disappeared eighteen years earlier. But it's a trap! Pike is imprisoned in a zoo-like cage and studied by a mysterious higher life form. Portions of "The Cage" were later incorporated into the two-part episode titled "The Menagerie".
(1) LV 60040-100 [Excellent Condition: Opened]Episode 47 - Obsession (1967) NR
  • Stardate: 3619.2.Vampire cloud threatens Enterprise! When Kirk was a young lieutenant eleven years ago aboard the U.S.S. Farragut, a cloudlike creature killed half her crew. Kirk hesitated in firing upon the creature, and has been riddled with guilt ever since. Now the entity, which feeds upon human blood cells, has returned to stalk the crew of the Enterprise! Kirk must find a way to stop this "vampire" cloud before it destroys his crew - and all humanoid life in the galaxy!
Episode 40 - The Deadly Years (1967) NR
  • Stardate: 3478.2.On a routine mission to Gamma Hydra IV, Kirk and a landing party are exposed to a fatal disease which causes accelerated aging. All of the landing party but Chekov are affected! With the leadership of the Enterprise now in the hands of arthritic, cantankerous old men, passenger Commodore Stocker assumes command. But he takes the wrong course, violating the Romulan Neutral Zone and the Enterprise is under attack! Can McCoy find a remedy before the Romulans destroy them?
(1) LV 60040-101 [Excellent Condition: Opened]Episode 36 - Wolf In The Fold (1967) NR
  • Stardate: 3614.9. Mr. Scott is recovering from an accidental head injury caused by a female crew member, so Kirk and McCoy take him to an Argelian nightclub. Scotty takes a shine to a lady who is then brutally murdered, and he becomes the number one suspect when he's found nearby holding a bloody knife! As the investigation proceeds, another woman's murder points to Scotty as the culprit. Has his head injury turned Scotty into a cold-blooded "lady killer"?
Episode 42 - The Trouble With Tribbles (1967) NR
  • Stardate: 4523.3. Tribbles, furry creatures which eat incessantly and multiply at warp speed, cause headaches for Kirk and company while on assignment to protect a grain shipment on Space Station K-7. Here, they encounter the cuddly creatures who've begun munching their way through the grain while rapidly filling every nook and cranny of the starship. Adding to Kirk's woes are a troublesome trader and some nasty Klingons bent on sabotaging the grain shipment!
(1) LV 60040-102 [Excellent Condition: Opened]Episode 46 - The Gamesters Of Triskelion (1968) NR
  • Stardate: 3211.7.Enterprise crew enslaved! Kirk, Uhura and Chekov are intercepted beaming down to survey a planetoid and materialize instead on Triskelion, many parsecs from the Enterprise. They are enslaved and given "drill thralls" - instructors who train them in the art of combat so that their unseen masters, the "Providers", can make wagers on the outcome. When the Enterprise arrives, Kirk decides to make the ultimate wager...
Episode 49 - A Piece Of The Action (1968) NR
  • Stardate: 4598.0.It's been 100 years since the U.S.S. Horizon visited the planet Iotia. What have the natives been up to? Kirk and the Enterprise crew quickly learn when they arrive to check on the planet's progress. The Iotians have developed a civilization based on a book the Horizon crew left:Chicago Mobs of the Twenties. Suddenly, Kirk and company are in the midst of a planetwide gang war! Kirk's awkward attempt at driving is one of the most amusing moments of any episode!
(1) LV 60040-103 [Excellent Condition: Opened]Episode 48 - The Immunity Syndrome (1968) NR
  • Stardate: 4307.1.This episode has some of the best special effects of the entire series. Kirk and his crew are sent to investigate when an entire solar system is destroyed by a gigantic single-celled creature cutting a destructive swath through the universe. Kirk, Spock and McCoy are frantically trying to devise some means of stopping this entity when Spock makes a startling discover (sic) - the giant amoeba is about to reproduce! Can they destroy it before it's too late?
Episode 45 - A Private Little War (1968) NR
  • Stardate: 4211.4.Kirk and company beam down to a primitive planet visited by Kirk thirteen years ago. But some of the once peaceful natives now have sophisticated weapons, courtesy of the Klingons! When the witch-wife of tribal leader Tyree cures Kirk of a deadly bite, he succumbs to her magic. Can Kirk shake her spell and find a way to maintain the balance of power before the Klingons bring about total planetary warfare?
(1) LV 60040-104 [Excellent Condition: Opened]Episode 51 - Return To Tomorrow (1968) NR
  • Stardate: 4768.3. Spock's body is hijacked! Kirk, Spock, and Dr. Ann Mulhall allow noncorporeal beings to inhabit their bodies while these aliens prepare androids for themselves. Every moment the beings remain in the hosts' bodies puts terrible stress on Kirk, Spock and Mulhall. Then one of the entities decides that android life isn't for him, and secretly plans to remain in Spock's body! And to assume Spock's identity, he must kill Kirk! Recognize Sargon's voice? It's James "Scotty" Doohan!
Episode 52 - Patterns Of Force (1968) NR
  • Stardate: 2534.0. Enterprise threatened by 23rd Century Nazis! On a routine check of planet Ekos, the Enterprise is fired upon by nuclear missiles. Kirk and Spock investigate and find the planet is controlled by latter-day Nazis! The Prime Directive has been violated - a Federation advisor's experiment in efficient government has gotten out of control, and a war routed in racial hatred is being waged against a peaceful neighboring planet. Can Kirk and Spock end this bloody conflict and re-establish peace.
(1) LV 60040-105 [Like New: Sealed/Unopened]Episode 50 - By Any Other Name (1968) NR
  • Stardate: 4657.5. Answering a distress call, the Enterprise crew find themselves lured into a trap by the Kelvans, aliens from the Andromeda Galaxy who have assumed human form. The Kelvans commandeer the starship, reduce the crew to crystalline blocks, and head for Andromeda, where they plan to organize their race to take over our own galaxy! Can Kirk and Spock save not only the Enterprise, but the entire Milky Way Galaxy as well?
Episode 54 - The Omega Glory (1968) NR
  • Stardate: unknown. Planet of immortality? Kirk, Spock and McCoy beam aboard the Exeter, in orbit around Omega IV. There, they discover her crew reduced to a crystallized powder caused by a deadly virus to which Kirk and the others have now been exposed! On the planet, they learn Exeter's Captain Tracey has violated the prime directive, meddling in the natives' affairs because he thinks the planet's atmosphere grants immortality! Tracey's power hungry, and not even Kirk will be allowed to stand in this madman's way!
(1) LV 60040-106 [Excellent Condition: Opened]Episode 1 - The Cage (1986) NR
  • This is the very first voyage of the Starship Enterprise. Kirk's predecessor, Captain Christopher Pike, tries to rescue an earth crew that disappeared eighteen years earlier. But it's a trap! Pike is imprisoned in a zoo-like cage and studied by a mysterious higher life form. "The Cage" was reconstructed with black and white footage from the original pilot and color footage from "The Menagerie".
(1) ISBN 0-7921-1186-9 UPC 097360005363 LV 60040-107 [Like New: Sealed/Unopened]Episode 53 - The Ultimate Computer (1968) NR
  • Stardate: 4729.4. Starfleet is testing the M-5, a sophisticated computer, aboard the Enterprise. With a skeleton crew, M-5 is permitted to control the starship as Kirk stands by helplessly. All goes well until M-5 mistakes war games for the real thing, destroys the Excalibur and won't relinquish control of the Enterprise! Another classic episode of Kirk vs. computer!
Episode 43 - Bread And Circuses (1968) NR
  • Stardate: 4040.7. Discovering the wreckage of starship Beagle, Kirk, Spock and McCoy beam down to planet 892-IV, to learn Beagle's Captain Merik has betrayed his crew, beaming them down to the planet's Roman style arena to fight to their deaths. Then, Merik adds Kirk and his crew to the list of combatants! Spock and McCoy must fight each other, and Kirk is sentenced to die! Watch for one of the finest McCoy/Spock dialogues ever, usually cut in syndication!
(1) ISBN 0-7921-1187-7 UPC 097360005561 LV 60040-108 [Excellent Condition: Opened]Episode 55 - Assignment: Earth (1968) NR
  • Stardate: unknown. Enterprise returns to the 20th Century! On a research voyage to 1968, the Enterprise intercepts a humanoid space traveller named Gary Seven (Robert Lansing). Seven claims he's an Earthman raised on another planet whose mission is to save Earth from destroying itself. Can Kirk trust this mysterious visitor? If not, Seven warns that World War III is about to start, and Earth's history will be changed forever! This episode was actually a "pilot" for a proposed new series by Gene Roddenberry.
Episode 61 - Spock's Brain (1968) NR
  • Stardate: 5431.4. A mysterious woman materializes aboard Enterprise and renders the entire crew unconscious. Upon awakening, they discover the woman has disappeared - along with Mr. Spock's brain! McCoy is able to keep Spock's body alive while Kirk and the crew follow the woman's trail to her home planet. There, they find Spock's brain serving as a control center for the planet's power system. Will they be able to recapture Spock's brain and reunite it with his body? If not, Spock will surely die!
(1) LV 60040-109 [Like New: Sealed/Unopened]Episode 59 - The Enterprise Incident (1968) NR
  • Stardate: 5031.3. Is Mr. Spock a traitor? Kirk appears to be suffering from a nervous breakdown and orders the Enterprise into forofferden Romulan territory. Suddenly the Enterprise is surrounded by three Romulan ships demanding Kirk's surrender! Aboard the enemy vessel, Spock denounces Kirk and appears to show interest in the Romulan female commander. Kirk then attacks Spock who uses the Vulcan Death Grip on his captain! Has Spock killed Captain Kirk? And how can the Enterprise escape from the treacherous Romulans?
Episode 58 - The Paradise Syndrome (1968) NR
  • Stardate: 4842.6. The Enterprise's mission: to deflect an asteroid from colliding with a planet. But shortly after Kirk, Spock and McCoy beam down to survey the planet, Kirk vanishes. Spock and McCoy reluctantly beam up so Enterprise can attempt destruction of the asteroid. Meanwhile, on the planet, Kirk is assimilated into the native culture...
(1) LV 60040-110 [Like New: Sealed/Unopened]Episode 60 - And The Children Shall Lead (1968) NR
  • Stardate: 5029.5. On Triacus, Kirk and his crew learn that all the adults of an expedition there have committed suicide, yet their children are completely unmoved by their parents' deaths. Kirk senses "something evil" but cannot identify the source. The children beam aboard the starship and, unknown to Kirk, so does the evil entity! Chaos ensues as this "Friendly Angel" is summoned by the children at will...
Episode 62 - Is There In Truth No Beauty? (1968) NR
  • Stardate: 5630.7. The Enterprise beams aboard three passengers on a peaceful mission: telepath Dr. Miranda Jones, scientist Lawrence Marvick, and Medusan ambassador Kollos, a non-corporeal being concealed in a container because his appearance can drive humans insane. Marvick is jealous of Jones' telepathic relationship with the Medusan, and plots Kollos' murder. But he accidentally sees Kollos, goes mad, and hijacks the Enterprise!
(1) LV 60040-111 [Like New: Sealed/Unopened]Episode 56 - Spectre Of The Gun (1968) NR
  • Stardate: 4385.3. Shootout in the Old West! When Kirk ignores a warning buoy guarding Melkotian space, the Melkots demand punishment for Kirk and company on their bizarre planet. In a 19th-century Earth "Wild West" town, Kirk and the others are forced to play the roles of the notorious Clanton gang. They're ordered to face the Earps in the "gunfight at the OK Corral"! And historically, the Clantons died in that shootout! Recognize the voice of the warning buoy? It's James "Scotty" Doohan!
Episode 66 - Day Of The Dove (1968) NR
  • Stardate: unknown. Enterprise and Klingons forced to fight! Kirk receives a distress signal from a Federation colony but instead of survivors he finds a disabled Klingon ship. Kang, the Klingon commander, is convinced the Enterprise attacked his vessel, while Kirk blames the Klingons for destroying the colony. Aboard the Enterprise, Klingons take on Kirk's crew. Both sides are kept evenly matched and even fatal wounds heal instantly! Who or what is controlling them, and why? This is the only episode with a female Klingon.
(1) ISBN 0-7921-1198-2 UPC 097360006469 LV 60040-112 [Like New: Sealed/Unopened]Episode 65 - For The World Is Hollow And I Have Touched The Sky (1968) NR
  • Stardate: 5476.3. The Enterprise discovers planet Yonada is on a collision course with an asteroid and Kirk, Spock and McCoy beam down to warn the Yonadans. But unknown to these people, their "planet" is actually a spaceship sent by their ancestors to colonize a new planet. The ship is controlled by the Oracle, an unrelenting computer, and all will die if Kirk and the others are unable to free the planet-ship from the Oracle's control. One of the best McCoy stories ever.
Episode 64 - The Tholian Web (1968) NR
  • Stardate: 5693.4. Kirk, Spock and McCoy beam aboard the U.S.S. Defiant, adrift in space, and find that her entire crew is dead. The Defiant is caught in an interphase between alternate universes, and although Spock and McCoy beam back safely, Kirk becomes trapped between dimensions! Then aliens called Tholians accuse the Enterprise of trespassing into their space and begin weaving an incredible energy web around the starship. Will Spock be able to save the Enterprise and rescue Kirk from this deadly web?
(1) ISBN 0-7921-1199-0 UPC 097360006766 LV 60040-113 [Like New: Sealed/Unopened]Episode 67 - Plato's Stepchildren (1968) NR
  • Stardate: 5784.0. The Enterprise answers a distress call from Platonius and Kirk, Spock and McCoy beam down to help Parmen, the planet's ailing leader. Parmen and his friends have developed incredible telekinetic abilities, and they use their powerful minds to force Kirk and company to remain there. The Enterprise crew are then subjected to humiliating experiences! How can Kirk escape the influence of Parmen's mind and regain control of the Enterprise? This episode featured the first interracial kiss on network television.
Episode 68 - Wink Of An Eye (1968) NR
  • Stardate: 5710.5. Responding to a call from Scalos, Kirk and company beam down to find the city deserted, except for insectlike buzzing sounds. Then a member of the landing party sips some water and vanishes! Back aboard the Enterprise, Kirk drinks coffee and also disappears! He finds himself in accelerated time, the love-slave of the Scalosian queen, who sabotages the Enterprise and plans to use Kirk to help repopulate her planet! Can Kirk escape her charms and rescue the crew of the Enterprise?
(1) LV 60040-114 [Like New: Sealed/Unopened]Episode 63 - The Empath (1968) NR
  • Stardate: 5121.0. McCoy tortured by aliens! While searching for missing Federation researchers, Kirk, Spock and McCoy are captured by Vians - aliens who plan to use them for research! Materializing in an unknown location, our trio meet Gem, a mute woman and "empath" who cures injuries by absorbing the pain of others. After a demonstration of her abilities on Kirk and McCoy, the Vians give her a test: her planet will be saved if she gives her life to save Dr. McCoy!
Episode 57 - Elaan Of Troyius (1968) NR
  • Stardate: 4372.5. Kirk must tame alien shrew! To promote peace between two warring planets, Elaan, the beautiful Dohlman of Elas, is to wed the leader of rival planet Troyius. Kirk and the Enterprise are assigned to deliver the reluctant bride, whose unruly behavior threatens to cost Kirk his ship! With Klingons about to attack, Kirk has fallen hopelessly in love with Elaan, whose tears no man can resist. Will the captain break free of her spell in time to save the Enterprise?
(1) ISBN 0-7921-1472-8 UPC 097360007169 LV 60040-115 [Excellent Condition: Opened]Episode 71 - Whom Gods Destroy (1969) NR
  • Stardate: 5718.3. Inmates take over the asylum! Kirk and the Enterprise are delivering wonder drugs to a group of criminally insane beings on Elba II. Upon beaming down, they greet the colony's governor, only to learn that he is really Garth, one of the inmates, with the power to assume any form! He captures Kirk and activates the force-field around Elba. Garth's goal - to take over the Enterprise and become master of the Universe! Can Kirk break free of this madman's power?
Episode 70 - Let That Be Your Last Battlefield (1969) NR
  • Stardate: 5730.2. The Enterprise encounters a damaged, stolen shuttlecraft and Kirk beams aboard a being named Lokai, a half-black, half-white fugitive. Soon his pursuer, Bele, an alien of similar coloring, beams aboard, determined to take Lokai prisoner. When Kirk tries to intervene, Bele gains control of the Enterprise and threatens to destroy it! Listen closely to the destruct sequence in this episode. It was used word for word in Star Trek III - The Search for Spock.
(1) ISBN 0-7921-1473-6 UPC 097360007268 LV 60040-116 [Like New: Sealed/Unopened]Episode 72 - The Mark Of Gideon (1969) NR
  • Stardate: 5423.4. On a mission to recruit Gideon into the Federation, Kirk beams down, only to find himself aboard a totally deserted Enterprise! The only being he encounters is a mysterious and beautiful woman named Odona, who claims to know nothing. Meanwhile, Spock learns that Kirk has not reached the planet's surface, and when the Gideon council refuses to help, he suspects that the Captain may have been kidnapped! What does Odona want from Kirk, and why are the Gideons being so uncooperative?
Episode 69 - That Which Survives (1969) NR
  • Stardate: unknown. Kirk, McCoy, Sulu, and geologist D'Amato beam down to investigate a geologically unstable planet. There they are greeted by Losira, a beautiful woman whose touch means instant death! Meanwhile, a power surge has hurtled the Enterprise 1000 light-years from Kirk and company, stranding them on this hostile planet. Losira has sabotaged the starship, and if Scotty can't make repairs quickly, it will explode!
(1) LV 60040-117 [Like New: Sealed/Unopened]Episode 73 - The Lights Of Zetar (1969) NR
  • Stardate: 5725.3. Lt. Mira Romaine is being transported to Memory Alpha, a planetoid housing the Federation's central library, where she'll supervise the transfer of new equipment. But an energy "storm" destroys all life on Memory Alpha and then penetrates the Enterprise, where the "storm" - strange colored light-entities from the planet Zetar - takes possession of Mira. If Kirk can't find a way to exorcize the Zetarians, they'll kill Mira and the crew, much to the dismay of Scotty, who's fallen in love with her!
Episode 76 - Requiem For Methuselah (1969) NR
  • Stardate: 5843.7. Epidemic strikes the Enterprise crew! When deadly Rigellian fever strikes the starship's crew, Kirk takes the Enterprise to a nearby planet to collect and refine ryetalyn, the only known antidote. There Kirk, Spock and McCoy encounter Flint, a strange, apparently immortal genius. Flint becomes jealous when Kirk falls in love with Rayna, his beautiful ward and uses his powers to immobilize the Enterprise! Can Kirk convince Flint to release his ship, or are they all doomed victims of this fatal disease?
(1) ISBN 0-7921-1474-4 UPC 097360007367 LV 60040-117 [Good Condition: Sealed/Unopened]
NOTE: This laserdisc is essentially identical to the one listed above, except that it features a barcode with additional markings on the back cover. There is a slight crease in the lower right corner of the cover, but in all other respects it is like new and sealed/unopened.
(1) ISBN 0-7921-1475-2 UPC 097360007565 LV 60040-118 [Like New: Sealed/Unopened]Episode 75 - The Way To Eden (1969) NR
  • Stardate: 5832.3. Kirk pursues the stolen ship Aurora and just as it explodes he beams aboard the survivors - rebellious idealists in search of the fabled planet Eden. Their leader, Dr. Sevrin, suffers from a deadly disease which has rendered him insane. After gaining Kirk's trust, Sevrin and his followers take control of the Enterprise. Their goal: Eden. Their means: Any, including the death of Kirk and his crew, if necessary! Watch for a rare "jam" session, with Spock playing his Vulcan harp.
Episode 74 - The Cloud Minders (1969) NR
  • Stardate: 5818.4. When an epidemic strikes a Federation planet, Kirk and the Enterprise head for Ardana, the only planet where the antidote, zienite is mined. But Kirk discovers the miners, called Troglytes, are treated as subservients by the planet's rulers. The Troglytes, suspicious of Kirk's motives, refuse to give up the zienite. Without it, billions will die! Co-story credit goes to David Gerrold ("The Trouble With Tribbles").
(1) LV 60040-119 [Like New: Sealed/Unopened]Episode 77 - The Savage Curtain (1969) NR
  • Stardate: 5906.4. Ultimate battle of Good and Evil? While surveying a planet composed of lava, the crew of the Enterprise is startled when Abraham Lincoln requests permission to board! Intrigued, Kirk affords him due honors; then he and Spock follow Lincoln to the planet where they meet Yarnek, a rock creature. Yarnek pits the "good" men against an equal number of tyrants, representing "evil", so his race can learn which is stronger. The stakes are high: if Kirk loses, Yarnek will destroy the Enterprise.
Episode 78 - All Our Yesterdays (1969) NR
  • Stardate: 5943.7. Kirk, Spock and McCoy beam down to Sarpeidon to rescue inhabitants before its sun explodes. But they arrive to find only the planet's librarian, who has helped all the others to safety via a time machine. When Kirk accidentally enters the past, Spock and McCoy attempt a rescue, emerging in a bitter ice age! Spock, now a throwback to earlier Vulcan times, falls in love with a beautiful woman and has no intention of returning to Kirk or the Enterprise!
(1) LV 60040-120 [Like New: Sealed/Unopened]Episode 79 - Turnabout Intruder (1969) NR
  • Stardate: 5928.5. The Enterprise receives a distress call from Camus II, where they find all but two inhabitants dead from radiation. One survivor, Janice Lester, is an old friend of Kirk's. But now she despises him and uses an alien technique to exchange bodies with him. When Kirk/Janice tries to explain things, Spock, Scotty and McCoy are accused of mutiny and Janice/Kirk calls for the death penalty! This is the only time Kirk was played by another actor - Sandra Smith as Kirk/Janice.
According to fan sites and Wikipedia, every single episode from the original, uncut television series is represented in this collection - a great opportunity for enthusiasts to save time hunting them down individually.
Regarding the condition of these items:Anything described as "like new" means just that - the packaging is still sealed, and the jacket has no appreciable faults of any kind. "Excellent" is similar to "like new", except that the packaging has been opened and the internal disc liner is wrinkled from being disturbed. Anything that falls outside of these two conditions will have more details included in a note with the laserdisc's description. If you have even a modicum of uncertainty about a certain item, please ask.
If you have any questions or require additional information about any of these laserdiscs, please ask before placing your offer. Additional pictures will be provided upon request, and an inspection of the lot can be arranged for local buyers if need be so please ask early.
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