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<img © AP6.0DON'T FORGET TO CHECK OUR store!!! NEW (AND OLD) STOCK LISTED OFTEN!!! Old Louisiana Plantation Homes and Family Trees Volume One Includes index Author: H. Seebold

Originally published in New Orleans

395pages on CDWORD SEARCHABLE Acrobat Reader used to view Sections include:

Vol. I. Introduction
Vol. I. Chapter I. Early Louisiana artists
Vol. I. Chapter II. Honorable Thomas J. Semmes
Vol. I. Chapter III. Notes of a journalist
Vol. I. Chapter IV. The St. Geme plantation
Vol. I. Chapter V. The old Hurst plantation home--Now the Stauffer Family home, Metaire Lane
Vol. I. Chapter VI. Bayou St. John area.
Vol. I. Chapter VII. Faubourg De Marigny
Vol. I. Chapter VIII. Plantations of St. Bernard
Vol. I. Chapter IX. In New Orleans
Vol. I. Chapter X. On the East bank, near New Orleans
Vol. I. Chapter XI. Other plantations in St. Charles Parish
Vol. I. Chapter XII. In St. John Parish
Vol. I. Chapter XIII. In St. James Parish
Vol. I. Chapter XVI. Burnside
Vol. I. Chapter XV. The Bringier Dynasty
Vol. I. Chapter XVI. Duncan F. Kenner
Vol. I. Chapter XVII. Near Baton Rouge
Vol. I. Chapter XVIII. On the West bank--Near New Orleans
Vol. I. Chapter XIX. On the West bank--Below Donaldsonville
Vol. I. Chapter XX. On the West bank--Above Donaldsonville
Vol. I. Chapter XXI. On Bayou Lafourche
Vol. I. Chapter XXII. In the Evangeline Country
Vol. I. Chapter XXIII. In Terrebonne
Vol. I. Chapter XXIV. Plantations near Clinton
Vol. I. Chapter XXV. The Audubon Country
Vol. I. Chapter XXVI. The St. Francisville area
Vol. I. Chapter XXVII. The Barrow Dynasty
Vol. I. Chapter XXVIII. Plantations of the Butler Family
Vol. I. Chapter XXIX. In the False River section
Vol. I. Chapter XXX. The Parlange plantation home
Vol. I. Chapter XXXI. Seeblod plantation
Vol. I. Chapter XXXII. Other False River plantations
Vol. I. Chapter XXXIII. In the Grosse Tete section
Vol. I. Chapter XXXIV. In Plaquemine Parish
Vol. I. Chapter XXXV. Chretien Piont plantations
Vol. I. Chapter XXXVI. Payne-Fenner plantation
Vol. I. Chapter XXXVII. Cane River section
Vol. I. Chapter XXXVIII. In Rapides Parish
Vol. I. Chapter XXXIX. In Madison Parish
Afton Villa plantaton
Aime, Valcour—plantation—family
Alma plantation
Almonas-ter, Don Andres
Angelina plantation
Andrews, John—plantation
Arensbourg, von—plantation—family
Armstrong & Koch,
Aristocrats of early Louisiana
Art in Louisiana—in early days
Art project—Delgado Museum
Artist—in ante-bellum Louisiana
Artist—Association of NewOrleans
Ashland plantation
Audubon, James J.
Audubon Country of Louisiana
Austerlitz plantation
Asphodel plantation,
Barrow—Evarest de
Barrow Dynasty
Baton Rouge, La.
Bayou Lafourche
Bayou Sara
Bayou St. John
Beauregard plantation
Beechwood Cemetery
Bel Air plantation homte
Bell collection Belle Alliance plantation
Belle Chasse plantation
Belle Grove plantation
Belle Helene plantation
Bells—used for calling Barrow)
Benjamin, Judah P.
Bermuda plantation
Bienvenu plantation family
Bisland family
Black, Durel
Black Rebellion
Blanc plantation
Bocage plantation
Bowden General Braxton
Brent, Mrs. Joseph Lancaster (Memoirs)
Bringier Dynasty
Brou, Ralph
Bueno Ritero plantation
Butler collection
Campbell family
Cane River—(Cote Joyeuse)
Cantrell Celestine (Mrs. Hypolite Chretien)
Cartwright power loom,
Casa Solariega
Catalpa plantation
Cedars, the—Butler plantation,
Centenary College
Chalaron family
Chapel of St. Catherine,
Chapin, Adel le Bourgeois
Charles I. of England,
Chase House—at Clinton, Louisiana
Chatsworth plantation
Chauvin plantation—family
Williams family—tombs
Churchill family
Civil War Days
Claiborne, Gov. W. C. C. of Louisiana
Class demarcation
Clinton—description of town
Colomb plantation—family
Concord plantation (de la Vergne)
Concession plantation
Conseil plantation (de Villere)
Conrad—Jewels, how saved from Union soldiers—and Conrad family
Convent of the Sacred Heart
Cotton is King; Cotton—English clamoring for it
Cottage plantation (Butler)
Cottage plantation (Conrad)
Crawford family
Davis, Jefferson—family—death
de Beaujardier
de plantation—family
de la Chaise plantation—family
de la Ronde plantation—family—Oak Avenue
de la Vergne plantation
de Livaudais plantation
de Lord-Sarpy plantation—House
de Marigny de Mandeville—plantation—family
de Montegut, plantation—family
Denis family
de Roffignac, Count Philip
de Trepagnier—plantation— family
Duchamp de Livaudais—plantation
Dorr, J. W.
Ecke, Rev. Father, S. S. J.
Ellerslie plantation
Ellington plantation
Erwin Hall plantation
Fairfax plantation
Fire—in New Orleans —town rebuilt
Fluker family
Forstall plantation—family
Fortier plantation—familyFrench Revolution
Furnishings of plantation homes
Fusilier, de la of
Garden District
Garden Pilgrimages and Plantation Tours
Gaillard, Isaac
Gay family
Gayarre, Charles—Historian—family
German Coast—early settlers
Girault, Mrs. P. L.—family record,
Givanovich, Marco
Golden Era of the South
Grand Coteau
Gray plantation—Home
Greek revival—type of plantation homes
Greenwood plantation (Barrow)
Greenwood plantation (Edward Butlers)
Hall, Weeks
Hermitage plantation
Henry, Mrs. Cammie—Historian
Hewes, Thos.—family
Hickory Hill plantation
Home Place plantation
Hunting Hutson, Ethel
Indians—near Live Oak plantation
Indigo—early Louisiana staple
Jackson, Andrew
Jefferson College
Jefferson, Thomas
Jesuit plantation
Joyous Coast—(Cane River)
Kell, Thomas Phares—family
Keller plantation
Kenilworth plantation
Kenner, Duncan
King, Grace—Historian
Knox, Mr.
Koch and Armstrong, plantation
Lakeside plantation
Law, John (Mississippi Bubble)
Le Bourgeois
LeJeunne plantation—family
Linwood plantation
Live Oak plantation
Locke Breaux plantation
Locust Ridge plantation Highlands
Louis XIV. of France
Louisiana—earliest settling of
Maginnis, Mr. Geo. H.—record of the Hermitage
Magnolia plantation (Ellis) (Shaffer)
Magnolia plantation (Herzog)
Maidwood plantation—(Pugh)
Mallard, Prudence—fine furniture
Marble House
Marco plantation
Marriages (as a rule at the end of the Civil War)
Maryland Tablet
Mary plantation
Mays family
Melrose plantation
Mercy Hospital
Metoyer family
Minor family
Mississippi River—plantation along coast of
Mizaine plantation—Old Romance,
Molinary, Andres (FloField notes) grave
Monroe family
Museum, Delgado Art Project
McCall—plantation McCutcheon
Natchitoches—early history of
Negroes—faithful slaves
Negroes—Slave Rebellion
New Iberia—The Shadows
New Orleans—great fire of
Nottaway plantation
Oak Alley (Beau Sejour) plantation
Oak Grove plantation—(Butler) collection
Oak collection
Old Guard
Opera—French—Paris and New Orleans
Orleans—Duke of—entertained
Ormond—Duke of (see Butler)
Ormond plantation
Oscar, La.
Owen family
Parlange plantation—family—tomb robbery
Parker, family
Philippe, Louis
Pipes family
Plantations and homes destroyed by Union troops
Plantation Homes—what one finds on (Louise Butler, Historian)
Plantation Homes in New Orleans,
Pleasant View plantation
Point Clear plantation (Kell),
Porter, Alexander
Poydras plantation—Julian Poydras
Preston, General William
Prudhomme family
Pugh family
Randall, James Ryder
Randolph, John Hampden
Ranson plantation
Raymond Clara Compton,. Reconstruction
Red River—(Cane River)
Rienzi plantation
River Lake plantation
Roffignac, Count Philip
Roman, Alexander—Governor of Louisiana—plantation
Roman, Jacques plantation—Natchez Miss
Rosedown plantation—garden,
Rougon, Col. Henry—family
Sarpy-Delor plantation—house
Saulet plantation home (Mercy Hospital)
Schertz, Mrs. Helen Pitkin
Schertz Villa (Old Spanish Customhouse)
Scott plantation (The Shades)
Seebold plantation
Semmes, Thomas J.
Seven Oaks—plantation
Shady Grove plantation
Shaffer family
Signorette—fine furniture—rare wines.
Sobral family
Social Order—new
Soniat du Fossat family
Southdown plantation Sparks family
Spring Fiestas—Plantation Andrew—family
St. Francisville, La.—destruction by Union troops
St. Denis
St. Geme plantation—family
St. Joseph—plantation
St. Louis plantation
St. Martinville—Colony of noble refugees
Stone—family home in Clinton, La.
Stowe, Harriet Beecher—Setting of "Uncle Tom's Cabin,"
Sugar—cane replaces indigo
Taylor, Zachary
Ternant, de—family—Marquis— Marquise—plantation
Tezcuco plantation
Theatre—the first in Louisiana
The Shades plantation
The Shadows plantation
Three Oaks plantation
Trepangnier, de—plantation
Trinity plantation
Trist, Hore Browse
Town House of Bringier family
Turnbull, "Eliza the beautiful,"
Tutors, private
Twain, Mark (Samuel Clements)
Union Histories
Union plantation
Versailles plantation
Avenue of Oaks
Versailles, Little—plantation
Waguespack plantation
Ware family
Washington relics
Waverly plantation
Welham plantation
Westfeldt, Kate Monroe (Mrs.Gustaf, Jr.) The Ganglionics and Art Association
West Indies refugees
White Hall plantation—(Maison Blanche)
White Hall plantation—de la Barre),Witherspoon
Woodlawn plantation
Wurtele, Allan
***May provide help in joining patriot descendancy organizations like the DAR ( National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution ), SAR ( Sons of the American Revolution ), and other lineage societies.***
Louisiana Plantation Homes Genealogy Volume 1 May Help With Dar Sar

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Louisiana Plantation Homes Genealogy Volume 1 May Help With Dar Sar:

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