Magic Shave Smooth Pubic Brazilian Hair Remover No Wax

Magic Shave Smooth Pubic Brazilian Hair Remover No Wax

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Magic Shave Smooth Pubic Brazilian Hair Remover No Wax:


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Magic Shave Hair Removal Cream

Extra Smooth Shaving Cream,

Pubic, Body, Head & Face Hair Removal Treatment for Men and Women

Great for that bald head look.

The Best Kept Secret from America,

Now Supplied by an Aussie Seller.

With Skin Conditioning Oil Complex for an Extra Smooth, Long Lasting Bald Style.

NOTE: Your user id is kept private, so youcan buy without anyone knowing what product you have bought as it will not show the product in your response. I also send the product in sturdy, discreet, non see-thru, plain post-pak bubblewrap envelopes to prevent damage.

IMPORTANT: This Smooth variety works better if your hair is shorter than 6mm or 2/8th of an inch to create that extra and longer lasting smooth feel and look. It does NOT work well for longer hair. Shave your hair first with a hair trimmer before applying this item. If you are looking for a cream that removes longer hair try one of the other Magic Shave varieties that I sell.

Are you looking for that bald look on top of your head? or Are you wanting to do a Brazilian or Hollywood, but you don't want to wax because of the OUCH factor??? and Shaving down there just scares the bejeveersout of me!! Sharp blades near my sensitive regionsis too scary for me.Shaving also leaves your skin rough with horrible stubble!

Well Now You Can with

On the tube it says it's "formulated for black men for longer lasting bald style for your head".

I did some investigating over the internet, and I found that other people all over the world are using it all over their body.Strippers, Athletes, Bodybuilders are using it to remove hair fromALL the sensitive parts of their bodies. If you don't believe me,do your own research like I did.

Because this has been designed forthe sensitive skin on a personsface it means it's also sensitive enough for other areas of the body too, including the unmentionables.

It is theBEES KNEESofdepilatory products!!

It is PERFECT for ALL your unwanted hair, including the bikini line, and pubic hair EVERYWHERE. It removes ALL of your unwanted hair from anywhere on your body.

So you can now enjoy smooth, hairless skin wherever you want without shaving, waxing or that embarrassing trip to the beauty salon.

This product can be used for:

Pubic Hair (For Men & Women)

Head Hair

Bikini Line

Facial Hair

Underarm hair

Leg Hair

Chest Hair

Back Hair

In fact removing Hair from anywhere!!

Even removing all the hair from down there!!

This will leave your skin as smooth as!!

The results are better thanshaving and without the pain of waxing!!!

This Product Is Hot

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This is the best kept secret coming out of America. American's have been using it for years to get rid of that unwanted hair anywhere and now it's available from an AUSTRALIAN supplier. You cannot get this in any Australian store.

I also include a handy hints and tips sheet from my own experiences and how I have found best to use the product.

Directions on how to use it.

  • If hair is longer than 6mm (2/8th inch) then cut shorter first.
  • Apply the cream to the area
  • Leave on for 6 - 9 minutes (depending on hair type and growth).
  • Re-moisten if the mixture dries by patting with wet finger tips.
  • Remove cream gently with the back of a spatula. (I use a damp cloth like a flannel or a bath sponge in the shower)
  • Rinse shaving area thoroughly (DO NOT WASH OFF WITHSOAP)
  • If anyhair remains, wait24 hours before next Magic ShaveCream Application.
  • And that's it. Enjoy your extra smooth, silky skin.

VERY IMPORTANT: Please ensure you read and follow the instructions and do a spot test first. In those sensitive areas I would do a spot test of around6 minutes first as there are many skin types.

But What do Other People Say about this Product?

Real response

THIS WORKS!! my husband is very hairy... not any more!

Great service, fast delivery. Thanks.

THE best hair remover every!!! Great seller


Very happy with item thankyou, superfast delivery, A++

Fast delivery v happy with goods A+++++

Perfect. Unbelievably fast post. Thanks

This is great stuff easy, plesant transaction aaaaaaa++++++++ seller

Exellent product really works thanks



Excellent product...much better then those damn chemist products..this works!!

Was amazed at how good this product is!! fast postage too!!

Testimonials from Happy Customers

Att: . All testimonials are unsolicited, true emails that I have received, are kept on file and are available by request. Names have been removed to protect the privacy of the buyer.

Received by Email 05/08/2010
I have to admit this is a bit out of the ordinary, as once I've received an item, I usually just leave response accordingly and leave it at that. However, I felt compelled to write to you to let you know about your product. I was sceptical at first, having tried a few products availible in Australia in the past, and having mediocre results. But I received the item yesterday midmorning, and tried it last night. I have to say, I was SERIOUSLY IMPRESSED with the results!!! Hence, this email! The facts sheet you supplied was informative and helpful, and the product worked a treat!! I am more than happy for you to use this testimony on your sale site! I applied the product as per the instructions, and waited the 9minutes, ready for disappointment yet again. I have reasonably coarse hair, and previous products have failed me. However, when I stepped into the shower and started wiping away the cream with a washer, I was SHOCKED to see hair coming away as advertised! I will admit that I have to use the cream a second time to remove what the cream didn't get the first time round, but I have to say that this cream does EXACTLY what it's advertised to do! I will reiterate some of the cautions on the fact sheet and offer some more advice. I had a slight case of chafe in my groin due to sports, and it did burn a little over the 9minutes. But I did expect that, so no horrid surprises there! Wipe against the grain of your hair with the washer. I received better results when i did so. The hair was going to come off anyway, but it came away quicker when I wiped against the grain. Use a washer. I started by using a loafer and whilst I got results, the coarse nature of the loafer irritated the area a bit, so I changed to a washer which was perfect. That and I now have hair all through my loafer!! Dont be shy with the cream. Be generous in your application. I needed quite a bit, but trial and error will tell what suits you! An excellent product, which I'm now highly recommending to people I know. It avoids the embarrasing need to get waxed by some stranger, whom I always thought was internally laughing at me and taking the experience away to tell his mates as a joke. Now I can remove the unwanted hair and get that comfortable, sexy smooth feel in the comfort of my own home without a second thought! And CHEAPLY TOO! As you can no doubt see, I've purchased another tube! Thank you from a very happy customer! Kind Regards S V - Queensland, AustraliaReceived by Email 10/02/2010
I receieved my Magic shave powder today! Fast delivery!. Im very impressed with this product. I followed your instructions on the extra sheet and now have smooth silky legs! I used a scrubbing brush to get rid of stubborn hairs under running cold water after the powder had been washed off. Its the best stuff Ive used so far ever! It has the same outcome as waxing, without the pain and shaving without the cuts! I cant wait to tell my boyfriend as he wants a manzillian! I cant wait to use this stuff on a brazillian! I will definately get my boyfriend to try it on his beard first! I love this stuff!!!! E L - Queensland, AustraliaReceived by Email 23/08/2009
Hi. Due to the personal nature of the product, I will not be using the response feature. However,I wanted to let you know that your service and speed of post is excellent. The product works as described and I will be a repeat buyer. Please feel free to useany of this email,anonymously, for recommendations.Positive and 5 stars all round!

G E - South Australia
Received by Email 27/01/2009
Hi I just wanted to thank you for this item, I tried it out yesterday and its amazing, usually when I shave by the next day my legs feel prickly again, but I woke up today and my legs are still smooth, I am hooked on this product cant wait to get the next one.S S - New South Wales

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. It says on thetube that it's for head and facial hair only. Why are you selling Magic Shaveas a pubic hair removerforother parts of the body?

A. As this product is designed for the face this means it's extremely gentle and great for sensitive skin. The face is one of the most sensitive parts of the body, that's why alot of other brands ofdepilatory creams state that it cannot be used for the face. If you investigate over the internet this product has been recommended in alot of forums for all parts of the body, including the very sensitivearea down there. The only place I would suggest NOT to use it on is your nipples. It's used by Body-builders, Strippers, Males and Females and has had glowing reviews by alot of users. 1000's of people all over the world, including myself ignore this and use it all over the body with fantastic results.

Q. Can this be used for the face?

A. Yes it can. It's actually specifically designed for the face, but as you have already read you can use it anywhere with fantastic results.

Q. How long does it take for the hair to grow back?

A. It all depends on the person as everyone is different. By my experiences it firstly removes it for a few days. But the more I use it the longer the hair seems to stay away for. As this is designed specifically for that bald look, it does seem to last a little longer than the other magic shaves. The great thing also is when it eventually does grow back it seems to be finer and alot softer.

Q. Can I buy this in the store?

A. As far as I know it's not available in any store in Australia. It's sold in many stores throughout America but I have not seen it anywhere else.

Q. Does this product have a horrible smell like those other depilatory cream products.

A. It does have a fragrant "smell", but I don't find the smell as bad as the other products. That's my opinion though.

Q. Whats the difference betweenthis Smooth Cream type and the Magic ShavePlatinum Powder that you also sell.

A. The Cream Shave is made up ready to use. No mixing involved. It's also designed for that extra smooth skin, so you do need to trim your hair shorter than the other Magic Shaves. It does suggest on the tube if you haven't used Magic Shave Before, to try the Mild Magic Shave Cream first. I have tried the Mild cream and I found that smells worse and is just not as good as the regular cream. This is why I sell the Regular Cream, or the smooth .

Q. Do you supply an information sheet to help me use the product?

A. Yes I do. Other sellers just sell you the product and don't give you much information on how to use it. I include a handy hints and tips sheet. In other words you can learn from my mistakes so you don't make the same ones. I want you to be fully happy and comfortable with your purchase. Of course you can also email me anytime with any questions you may have.

Q. I'm really embarressed in purchasing this product and I have friends who know my user ID. Will anyone know I have purchased it?

A. No one will know you have purchased this item. This is because the sale is set as a private sale. On your response it will not show the description of the item. Also if anybody does click on my user ID on your response and visit all the items I sell, you will notice I sell a few different items as private. Like the Witchcraft ebookor the Entrepreneur ebook. (Both non embarrassing items) so if your friends do comment, you can tell them that you purchased one of those items instead. I also send the item in a plain bubblewrap Post Pak. It does not state on the envelope what the product is. NOTE: For Countries outside of Australia I do need to declare what the product is for customs. I place the description "Hair Cream" on the declaration form.

This 170g tube will last the average person a couple of months.


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Ingredients Water, Cetearyl Alcohol, Calcium Hydroxide, Thioglycolic Acid, Paraffin Liquidum /Mineral Oil , Ceteareth-20, Sodium Metasilicate, Cocoa Seed Butter, PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Fragrance, Lithium Hydroxide, Pentasodium Pentetate, Polyquaternium-39, Hexyl Cinnamal, Simethicone

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Magic Shave Smooth Pubic Brazilian Hair Remover No Wax:

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