Mardi Gras Massacre Vhs (vcii Incorporated) 1983 Rare Horror

Mardi Gras Massacre Vhs (vcii Incorporated) 1983 Rare Horror

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Mardi Gras Massacre Vhs (vcii Incorporated) 1983 Rare Horror:



VC II Incorporated


box uncut in very good shape with all flaps and tabs intact, side loading, some fading on left side spine (see pics).

Mega rare release from 1983 on rare label. Check it out!!

Original film release year is 1978.

cat# VC style="margin: 0.5em 0px 0.75em; line-height: 18px; padding: 0px;">Low rent semi-remake of blood Feast (1963) - the movie that broke the barrier in showing gore on screen. In this version of the same story, instead of an Egyptian character we have a deranged Aztec high priest as the main character. A serial killer in a welder's mask stalks the streets of New Orleans during the Mardi Gras festival. He is a strange intense-looking guy who shows up at a bar which is also home to the town's prostitutes. He tells the chicks that he wants the most evil woman in the bar. The head ho points him into the direction of a fat breasted brunette. She tells him, 'I could win first place in any evil contest', and away they go. The Aztec priest takes her back to his place and makes her strip. He then ties her to a table in his basement and begins doing some magical ritual with baby oil that makes her nipples rise. He then proceeds to torture her by amputating hands, then feet, then 'the part that you use for evil'. These are then sacrificed to Coatla, the Goddess of ...Written bySujit R. Check my other listings for more rare videos***

From My personal collection. In the next few weeks I will be listing dozens of rare horror big boxes, clamshells, small boxes and video lots. Ive accumulated way to many horror vhs over the last ten or twelve years so its time to purge some of them. Ive been collecting vhs and betamax horror/sci-fi and exploitation for some time and Ive decided to keep the betamax videos (although not worth nearly what the vhs videos are).Most of whatI have on beta that is also on vhs in my colection Im gonna unload. This account for dozens of rare horror/sci-fi and expoitations videos. This allow me to expand my already huge "video collection" because I dont figure I need the same title on vhs as I have on beta. Although I dont like to mix vhs and beta in my collection I need the space that my beta horror collection is currently taking up.

Please note as most collectors know that most of these videos are former rentals and in most cases 25+ years old so your not offerding on "new" videos. Most of them have been purchased from independent video store closings in the last 10 to 12 years, private collectors, flea-markets and of course on . Also will sell some vhs lots in 6,8 or 10 quantity lots. Most of them will be small boxes but is a good chance to get some cool videos at a great price. Shipping discounts on the multiple lots may not apply in that case cause as most of my buyers know I only charge 3.00 shipping no matter how many tapes are in the lot. Multiple wins on 6,8 or 10 video lots will eat up all of the shipping belive me cause of the weight.

On single big boxes, clamshells or smallboxes the discount is 3.00 for the first and 1.00 each additional.

Please note: All videos sold especially big boxes and clamshells will be pakaged properly in a box. All big boxes come with a clear plastic protecor sleeve to protect the big box video then wrapped in bubblewrap or tissue paper and packaged in a carton or box (not in a bubble mailer or envelope) and secured properly for shipment. In some cases I do use bubble mailers on single smallbox videos but they are wrapped properly for shipment also. The packaging is the most important part of the checkout and it will be done correctly.

Note: free shrinkwrapping available upon request!!!

Thanks to all my buyers, alot of them are ers Ive bought videos from in the past and Ive had some great expeiences dealing with them in the past.

Mardi Gras Massacre Vhs (vcii Incorporated) 1983 Rare Horror:

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