Mason Broadbill Standard Glass Eyes Drake Decoy Original Paint Vg Condition

Mason Broadbill Standard Glass Eyes Drake Decoy Original Paint Vg Condition

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Mason Broadbill Standard Glass Eyes Drake Decoy Original Paint Vg Condition:

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    You are offerding on a Mason standard broadbill drake with glass eyes and original paint.

    1. The decoy is in very good condition. (Please note, good condition means an item has one or more blemishes.)
    2. Please examine the photos for a better idea of the condition. In places, reflections show up on the decoy. The photos are lighter than the actual decoy.
    3. The decoy has original paint with light wear. I see no evidence of repaint.
    4. There is a thin factory filled check in back along the left side.
    5. In places, the neck filler missing.
    6. The rig owner name is stamped twice in the bottom. I was unable to make it out.
    7. The weight is missing.
    8. There is some shot in it.
    9. There is one area the paint is off and the wood shows. This area measures .5” by .25”.
    10. There is are a few impression/indentations in the wood. They retain the original paint it appears. These can be seen in the photos.
    11. Viewing the decoy from the back, it appears crooked.

    SIZE : (The measurements are approximate.)

    1. From the bill to the tail, the decoy measures 13.5” long, 6“ high and 5.5” wide.
    2. Before packing, this item weighs approx. 2 lbs.

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    Mason Broadbill Standard Glass Eyes Drake Decoy Original Paint Vg Condition:

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