Master Replica Mib Star Wars New Commander Gree Clone Trooper 1:45 Scale Helmet

Master Replica Mib Star Wars New Commander Gree Clone Trooper 1:45 Scale Helmet

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Master Replica Mib Star Wars New Commander Gree Clone Trooper 1:45 Scale Helmet:

ITEM/TOY CONDITION:If you have never seen one of these up close & in hand,you are in for a treat.These are a must have for *CLONE TROOPER* enthusuasts & are simply exquisitie !!! Item is 100% FACTORY SEALED & in new,excellent condition.You are offerding on a BRAND NEW Master Replicas .45 Scale Episode III Star Wars Commander Gree Helmet Replica. When the city of Kachirho, on the Wookiee planet of Kashyyyk, falls under siege from the separatist droid forces, General Yoda leads the 41 elite corps of Clone Troopers to aid the besieged Wookiees. This lush and tropical world requires special equipment and thus this special unit of Clone Troopers are outfitted with distinctive, camouFlaged armor to better blend with the surroundings. Leading Yodas forces is Clone Commander Gree, designation 1004. Commander Gree receives special instructions to enact order 66 when Chancellor Palaptine seizes power and declares himself emperor. He outlaws the Jedi, declaring them the enemy of the new galactic empire. With surprising agility, the aged Jedi master flips up and backwards, out of the line of fire, decapitating Commander Gree with one quick swipe of his lightsaber. Crafted from quality materials, and using the original ILM digital character files from the Lucasfilm archives, Master Replicas is proud to recreate the Star Wars: Episode III: Revenge Of The Sith Clone Trooper helmet that bridges the gap between the Clone Trooper forces of the prequels to the Stormtroopers of the classic trilogy. * Includes Certificate of Authenticity. * Display stand featuring the characters name and Star Wars™ logo. * Authentic scaled 8" replica (.45 scale), based on reference from Lucasfilm Ltd. * High-quality die-cast-metal and injection-molded plastic construction with HIGHLY DETAILED interior.
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  • 11) We can & will not ship via FIRST CLASS MAIL for any order over $24.99.Please,do not email me to ship 1st Class Mail or Economy I can & will no longer ship this way .Too many International/Overseas Buyers cry & complain when we ship 1st Class Mail,asking "WHERE IS MY ITEM" ?! , "WHY IS IT TAKING SO LONG"! , "MY PACKAGE NEVER GOT HERE" ! "WE WANT OUR MONEY BACK !". Because of this,we will NO LONGER ship 1st Class Mail.It is slow,it is slow,it is slow & 1/2 the time,the packages mysteriously *never* makes it.You cannot have it shipped CHEAP,SAFE & FAST ,plus with Insurance & simply cant have it all these ways.Just like YOU the Buyer,you want to be protected under ,correct? Well,so do we.
  • 12) INTERNATIONAL / OVERSEAS ANY items purchased THRU will be declared for the FULL PURCHASE AMOUNT on the Customs Slip. You ,the Buyer,will be SOLELY responsible for any & all, & will assume all duties/taxes from your Country's Custom Office.This is not our fault,nor our responsibility.Any purchase made THRU ,will not ship as a GIFT,or with a LOWER VALUE & will have to declare the FULL amount ,should the package come up *missing* in transit.Each Overseas/International package will be insured as well.
  • 13) response will ONLY be left AFTER you,the Buyer, has left it for me.We leave response about 3x times a week in bulk & is just easier this way.
  • 14) In the RARE occasion,that I forget to include an item from your order,EMAIL ME .I cannot fix any issue or problem if I do not know about it beforehand.Unfortunately,I do not have ESP,so I need you to contact me like a Human Being in hopes of getting any issue resolved.I will do my best to make it right for you.I am only human & do make errors & mistakes,even though these times are indeed scarce.If you are demanding,belligerent or will also be treated as such.We are professionals & have been in the business for over 22 years & will treat you as we are treated.
  • 15) In the RARE occasion,that I am *SOLD OUT* of an item from your order,you will be notified by email & again,will do my best to rectify this situation for you.Between doing over 20+ Toy Conventions/ComicCons a year,running a 5,000 sq ft Warrehouse,selling a well-stocked Store on ,stock & collections coming & going and selling to repeat Customers by the day....things will get misplaced, lost ,mis-inventoried ,mis-listed,or even damaged.Again,this is human error & although these instances are VERY rare,they do happen & I will make every effort to rectify this situation.
  • 16) NO warranties are given on ANYTHING electronic,especially VINTAGE items(pre-1985).I wish I had the time to test & re-test each & every electronic item I have in stock,but again,simply not enough time in the day to do so.Batteries wear out. So,buying a Collectible Toy that is even a few years old,most likely will not work,due to the simple fact,no *Chinese Made* battery last that long anymore.99% of the time they just need new batteries,which is a simple fix.Do not *assume* anything.
  • 17) With nit-picky buyers & buyers who examine their Figures under a magnifying glass,or want to display them in a Museum Exhibition...please read my descriptions.If you put ANYTHING under a microscope....ANY flaw can be found.NOTHING is gem-mint.So if you are looking for AFA 85,90,95 or 100 carded figures or toys,please do not offer.I offer a quaility product as always & if not,will be said within the items description.Grading of condition is a VERY subjective issue,so please view the pics provided or ask questions prior to offerding.A C7 or C8 item is NOT MINT ! And can have small *defects* such as light edge wear or a small bend or crease.
  • 18) As an ADDED Bonus to *BULK* Buyers...I always include FREEBIES on all purchases over $250 on regular priced items(not including shipping charges)...whenever possible.I am always looking to expand to more REPEAT Bulk Buyers.On RARE occasions,this is not possible,only due to box size or the size of larger items.As an additional bonus,any purchase made over $250+,gets a 10% discount towards their next purchase .
  • 19) Every sale does have a small *handling* fee factored in.This small amount covers many costs associated with running a business,but not limited too... storage fees,utilities,packing materials(peanuts,bubble wrap,padded Convention Costs & laboring man-hours involved in processing your order.Again,we are a BUSINESS...not one guy selling 10 things for *fun* out of his Garage.
  • 20) SHIPPING COSTS : Look,shipping is what it is . I dont like it either,but I have to pay it,warehouses have to pay it,Grocery Stores have to pay it,Retail Outlets have to pay it,EVERYONE has to pay it...just the way the *System* works.If you want something to arrive at your door,you have to pay for this convenience.Simple as that.Any dealer who offers "FREE SHIPPING" ??? ,Well,there is NO SUCH THING AS FREE SHIPPING !!! No way,no how ! That cost is factored into the item price. If our shipping costs look *high*,well,they are not.We just dont throw an item into a bag or box & send it on out.We have a FULL TIME employee(s),dedicated to safely packing & securing your item(s) for transit.Our response says it all when it comes to this.Personally,I would rather pay a couple extra bucks extra,knowing that my package will be packed correctly & with care.
  • 22) REFUNDS/EXCHANGES : We can ONLY refund or exchange an item if it is RETURNED to us in the ORIGINAL CONDITION as it was sent out.If you OPEN a sealed toy or Collectible,we CANNOT return for the FULL purchase amount,as this is NOT how we sent it out.If you open it and/or you or your kids PLAY with an item & break it,we are NOT responsible for your mishandling of an item.Many times,we have professional Model Builders that can repair this damage for you,but this cost(s) will be up to the Buyer.We are also not responsible for any Factory Defect on a Toy or Collectible.
  • 23) has made yet another revision to list items as either USED or NEW . Unfortunately,this is not as cut and dry as would like to think,as there are a slew of issues they do not factor in . For instance,if you buy an *new* item off a store shelf WITH a dent,is it now *new* or *used* ? If we purchase a collection of loose items,that were NOT played with & in impeccable condition,are these *NEW* or *USED* ? If you have an item that is 4 months old,12 months old,20 years old,but still sealed in the original box,but never taken out or played with,is it *NEW* or *USED* ? So,this is why EACH & EVERYONE of our sales has a detailed item description contained ... please read this description for that information on that particuliar toy.
  • 24)All items come from a SMOKE & PET FREE Environment.
  • I do apologize up front for this extensive list,but it seems the time has come where it just NEEDS to be done & anyone who has sold on for a number of years can feel this *pain*.This is probably THE most simplest thing to do as a Buyer...BUY,PAY & RECEIVE...yet some make it SO crazy difficult.The Non Paying buyers & unknowledgeable Buyers are just becoming too much nowadays & takes away the *fun* from Selling...especially after 14+ years.The whole sale Process is very buy,you pay,you receive you item.Over the years,it only takes a handful of poor,unknowledgeable Buyers to ruin it for the VAST MAJORITY of the great,honest Customers that are out there & for them,I applaud you & wish *everyone* could be as such.I strive to make a transaction a positive one & hopefully,overall,these simple,yet lengthy, steps should make life a bit easier for all of us.I think I have pretty much said everything possible to answer ANY question within these Guidelines.

    Master Replica Mib Star Wars New Commander Gree Clone Trooper 1:45 Scale Helmet:

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