Mma Bronze Age Large Spiral Pin Brooch Metropolitan Museum Of Art 22 Kt Gold Ove

Mma Bronze Age Large Spiral Pin Brooch Metropolitan Museum Of Art 22 Kt Gold Ove

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Mma Bronze Age Large Spiral Pin Brooch Metropolitan Museum Of Art 22 Kt Gold Ove:

MMA Bronze Age Large Spiral Pin Brooch Metropolitan Museum of Art 22 kt Gold Overlay

Hello from FANCY ENDEAVOURS (previously savvy*spyglass*treasures)! I am happy you decided to view the wonderful things I am offering. Please do come back to my pages often because I am always on the hunt for more FANCY or not so FANCY products of past human endeavor to offer you!

Here is a gorgeous bright gold colored spiral brooch made for the Metropolitan Museum of Art. This is a representation of Bronze Age Spiral Jewelry. The pin is the large version and comes still with its original flyer and card. The flyer states:

The Bronze Age in Europe lasted from about 2300 B.C. to
about 800 B.C. During this period there was a major shift
in metal production toward copper alloys, particularly
copper with tin, known generically as bronze. A style of
jewelry developed in which the form and pattern of the piece
were created from spirals of bronze wire. Fine Bronze Age
armbands, diadems, brooches, and other examples have been
found in east-central Europe. In the Museum's collection is
a bronze spiral brooch (Carpathian Basin region, 1200-
800 B.C.) made from a single piece of wire, decorated by
a row of figure-eight forms that terminates in a spiral.
Garment fasteners such as this one were both ornamental
and practical, functioning much liketoday's safety pin. Our
jewelry suite, based on this rare BronzeAge brooch, is
crafted of 22k gold overlay; earrings have gold filled posts.

The pin also has its hang tag attached stating it was made in the U.S.A. exclusively for the MMA. A FANCY treasure you must HAVE for yourself or a loved one!

This gorgeous gold Bronze Age Spiral pin is like new and in excellent condition!

Approximate Dimensions:
2" diameter

PLEASE NOTE: Any display stands or other props that might be used in the pictures are not included in the sale unless specified. Thank you!

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Why "Fancy Endeavours"? The name "Fancy Endeavours" came to me as I searched for ways to convey my love for theart and products of human enterprise in a smaller, easy to remember title. From music,architecture, and paintings, toceramics, jewelry, modes of transportation, clothing and accessories,to the little gadgets you see in "As Seen on TV" ads and everything in between;the things we create and have created in the past to make our lives easier and more beautiful are evidence of free human endeavor and a tangible connection to man's history of advancement. My previous name "savvy*spyglass*treasures" was inspired by my U.S. Navy experience, love of all things nautical, and by the popularity of "Pirates of the Caribbean" Disneyland ride and the movies. In this name change to "fancyendeavours", I deliberately am using the British spelling version of "endeavor" as homage to the HMS Endeavour, Flagship of Lord Cutler Beckett of the East India Trading Company, in the Pirates movies. It has becomefashionable by some to be disdainful (envious) of the creativity of the point of wishing to eliminate it and turning "profit" into a dirty word. This disturbing trend cannot, no, will not survive. I wish to do my part tocelebrateandremind anyone who does happen upon my little corner of the internet that without man's creativity, our lives would be bleak and hard beyond imagining. And, really, why shouldn't these talented and creative people, and those that come after, profit from their efforts? The things I am offering for sale here on may or may not all be beautiful or Fancy. However, they were made by their creators for the purpose and intention of making lives (theirs and ours)easier and/or more beautiful. I passionately adore free enterprise in all its forms. I hope you will enjoy Endeavours" and what they represent!
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Mma Bronze Age Large Spiral Pin Brooch Metropolitan Museum Of Art 22 Kt Gold Ove:

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