Most Interesting Old Tibetan Buddhist Copper+brass Box, Sanskrit? Embossed

Most Interesting Old Tibetan Buddhist Copper+brass Box, Sanskrit? Embossed

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Most Interesting Old Tibetan Buddhist Copper+brass Box, Sanskrit? Embossed:




This is a realy unusual little item. It came from an estate clearance of similar items, it is an intruiging piece with some good age to it (at least 19th century).
It is a box, made of copper and brass with some very interesting embossed images and writing, on the frount sides and back. The writing could be Tibetan or Sanskrit, I think that it is a buddhist item. But, any information would be most welcome.
It is in used condition, it is partialy opened but very stiff, I dare not prise it open any further for fear of damaging it. I have no idea how far it can be opened.There is something inside it, I've no odea what it is, perhaps the box was used to store something for worship or even medicine.
It measures 3 by 4 by 0.5 inches. Low start price.

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Most Interesting Old Tibetan Buddhist Copper+brass Box, Sanskrit? Embossed:

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