Ma'sal Original / Special Dolly Kitten - Persian Golden/ Direct From The Artist

Ma'sal Original / Special Dolly Kitten - Persian Golden/ Direct From The Artist

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Ma'sal Original / Special Dolly Kitten - Persian Golden/ Direct From The Artist:

persian_golden       Special Dolly Kitten  - Persian Golden  






      Ma'Sal Creations        

Completely designed and handcrafted by me, Japanese Artist Ma'Sal     To all of Ma'Sal's original works, I am interested in depiction
        with the fundamental materials which are fabric , cotton ,
needle and thread.
        So I do not use needle felted parts and polymer clay.
    Completely original design by me and hand-stitching creations .


This Kitten, named Souffle is one of  our Special Dolly Kitten.
I want to capture the character of sweet Persian,
appearance and the inside.
Souffle is a very sweet dolly look Kitten.
You can not help falling in love.
I gave this kitten a lot of ideas and originated technique I thought up.
Souffle has  soulful and full of curiosity grass eyes and the open to close eyelid
I gave Souffle the face a little asymmetry including the eyes,
pupil or features, they are intentional of me.
Being asymmetry brings some nuance on facial expression.
    Souffle has a lot of moving elements which are neck, back bone,
both of shoulders, elbows, wrists, hip joint, knees, ankles in each front and back leg.
Assume various charming poses like as I show on this sale,
very natural and amazing.
I shaped the fabric into a nose with hand-sewing directly on the muzzle.

Nose and every foot pad are all made of fabric.
I do not use any clay to make them.

Souffle has deformed head and body and they were made from Acrylic fur.
I dyed its fur like as Persian Golden.
Stuffing are cotton and small stainless steel balls.
Souffle is wearing a chouchou-ribbon and a cushion bed is included.
    The gift box has an original logo label.
Souffle is wearing an aluminium tag pendant as a sign of Ma'Sal original work.
An another cardboard tag shows my sign and the date .

Please note;  This kitten was created with pose able.
However do not play with the kitten frequently.
This Kitten is made for adult collectors and is not safe for young children.

        About 5,2 inches(13cm) long from bottom to muzzle.
      My hands are not useful for the size, I have small hands ^^;  
                  Souffle & Chiffon ( Chiffon was sold out on last sale)


Please view them on my web site
      through about "me " page on above of this sale page.
    Please check my other works.


      Shipping and payment details          Shipping cost Free         I will ship your bear/doggy/kitten by Express Airmail Service (EMS).
      Usually       , EMS pack will be delivered 3~7 days to USA or Europe.
      ( The cost of insurance that is full covered your payment is service.
    You can check tracking with EMS item number on web site. )            Payment methods accepted         I accept PAYPAL only         It will goes on smoothly with international transaction.
      please complete a procedure of payment via PAYPAL .
      Contact within 24 hours of sale's end.
    Thank you !                    


Ma'sal Original / Special Dolly Kitten - Persian Golden/ Direct From The Artist:

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