Mandalorian Armor Star Wars Planet Phone Case Cover For Iphone Samsung Google Lg

Mandalorian Armor Star Wars Planet Phone Case Cover For Iphone Samsung Google Lg

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Mandalorian Armor Star Wars Planet Phone Case Cover For Iphone Samsung Google Lg:

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Benefits of having a phone case:Protects your high-cost phone model investment from normal wear and tear including minor accidents.


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2-in-1 Dual Protection / Hybrid Phone Case

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Special NOTE on LG G2 ONLY: Sorry LG G2 works on all phone carriers except VERIZON. If you are Verizon customer and own the LG G2, please do not order because your phone is made different than everyone else. Unfortunately, our manufacturer does not make the LG G2 fit for VERIZON.

Know Your Phone Case:Each phone case is designed and made differently to fit each designated phone model. For Example, the Samsung Galaxy s5 Active does not fit the Samsung Galaxy Sport nor the regular Samsung Galaxy s5. The LG G3 is different from the LG G3 Stylus. The iPhone 6 PLUS is different from the iPhone 6. If our phone case does not fit your phone, either you ordered the wrong phone case model or we sent you the wrong phone case model by mistake. If we sent you the wrong phone case model by mistake, please send picture within 14 days of delivery date and we will send you a new phone case out within 48 hours after receiving your photo. You are welcome to keep the other case due to our mistake. If you choose the wrong one, we could offer you a 10% discount to order another one through Paypal invoice.

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PROCESSING:We process within 12 to 48 hours if all necessary information is received from customers. Each case is custom made based on the buyer's specifications. Please allow additional time during weekends and holidays. We like to spend time with our family too.

FAST DELIVERYOptions available for the USA. Your item is shipped USPS First Class. According to the, delivery on average is 3 days in most cases across the 48 states. If you need to Guarantee delivery within 3 days, you are welcome to purchase for additional fee Priority mail Service.

WORLDWIDE SHIPPING:We ship worldwide utilizing USPS First Class Mail Service. Our international shipping prices are lower than 's International Global Program. International Shipping Buyers are responsible for any additional taxes & Duties placed by your country.

INCORRECT ADDRESS or UNDELIVERED MAIL: Make sure your mailing address is correct on . You are responsible for any undelivered mail to your mailbox or PO Box. If we need to resend because of undelivered or incorrect address, you are responsible for the shipping & Handling of $3.99 back to you.

COLORS:We use state of art ink, software, and equipment when making your phone case. With that being said, Colors on the phone case may still vary due to your computer monitor resolution or if you printed the picture out due to your software and/or printer's color resolution settings. Computer Monitors tend to make the picture brighter. The reason is the settings and RBG technology that Computer Monitors utilizes whereas printers utilize CMYK technology. Kind of like USA English vs UK English, they are similarities but there are differences. Remember going to a Department store and looking at television sets. each set had a variation of red due to each TV's resolution setting.

CUSTOMIZE PRODUCT:The phone cases are customized to the buyer's specifications and made after the order is taken. Because the cases are customized, there are no exchanges or refunds for the item unless we make a mistake or the case is delivered broken. Please make sure you buy the correct phone type for yourself or whomever you are buying as a gift. Also, make sure you request a proof, especially if you have special instructions for adding a text. If you do not send a request for proof at the time you send your note, you are given us permission to design the case based on our many years of experiences.

Mandalorian Armor Star Wars Planet Phone Case Cover For Iphone Samsung Google Lg:

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