Marvel Two-in-one (1st Series) Annual #2 1977 Nm- 9.2

Marvel Two-in-one (1st Series) Annual #2 1977 Nm- 9.2

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Marvel Two-in-one (1st Series) Annual #2 1977 Nm- 9.2:

Marvel Two-in-One (1st Series) Annual #2 1977 NM- 9.2

Published 1977 by Marvel

Grade: NM- 9.2 If you are not familiar with comic book grading

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"Death Watch!" Part 2 of 2. Guest-starring Spider-Man, the Thing, Captain Marvel, and the Avengers. Script by Jim Starlin. Art by Jim Starlin (breakdowns) and Joe Rubinstein (finishes). Cover by Jim Starlin. Story continues from Avengers Annual 7. After Captain Marvel, Iron Man, and Thor destroyed Thanos' synthetic power gem, victory appeared close at hand for Earth's Mightiest Heroes. But the evil genius' back up plan has worked to perfection and knocked out the Avengers! Before succumbing to unconsciousness though, Moondragon sends a desperate plea for help back to Earth, specifically to Peter Parker! The web-slinger knows that cosmic battles in outer space are not his specialty, so he swings by the Baxter Building to scoop up a friend. After a quick pow-wow, the blue-eyed idol of millions and your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man blast off to save the galaxy! It's an epic encounter onboard the mad Titan's space ark as the Thing, Thor, Spider-Man, and finally Adam Warlock test their mettle vs. Thanos! Simply a fantastic annual! First appearances of Master Order and Lord Chaos. Avengers Lineup: Beast, Captain America, Iron Man, Scarlet Witch, Thor, and the Vision. (Note: Besides a surreal appearance in the Death of Captain Marvel Graphic Novel (1982), Thanos does not appear again until Silver Surfer (2nd series) 34 many years later.) 48 pages

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Marvel Two-in-one (1st Series) Annual #2 1977 Nm- 9.2:

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