Medieval Crossbow Wooden 120+ Draw, Sca Target ,usa - Combat And Quivers -read

Medieval Crossbow Wooden 120+ Draw, Sca Target ,usa - Combat And Quivers -read

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Medieval Crossbow Wooden 120+ Draw, Sca Target ,usa - Combat And Quivers -read:

If this listing is confusing feel free to ask question or for my phone number, Im better at making things then writting about them .

Anyone wanting one for the holidays I would suggest ordering very soon , preferably atleast a full month ahead

Lock-Plate Pattern - startingat -$165 , this uses a steel tickler with a steel wear surface added to the rolling nut , flexible , can do Target , Pistols , Gunstock patterns , LARP and SCA Light combat bows with these

This makes for a smoother release and allows me to contour the Tickler (trigger) to a "gunstock" type of crossbow , these can be ordered at this time with cherry being my normal woodfor these , and I can of course order maple , walnut, etc to make a custom crossbow but cherry is what I'll try to keep in stock and even that will be wood I have to order .

This one below is "mine" as Ive not reserved for myself a target bow since the first of my "120" rollers ..... and it left alot to be desired

Lock-Plate pattern , with optional footstrap and Cocking lever ( Prices below in accesories)

Lock-Plate and standard pattern compared , both are good , the lockplates I personally like better , with the "Standards/laminate/sandwhich" some prefer the looks , the woods sold locally and abit cheaper , and I can adjust the width to make SCA combat bows just as easily ... the assembled lockplate in the below picture is "Mine" .... cherry darkens with age and its now almost a Delicious blood red compared to it what it was in the first pics......

The first of the rolling nut crossbows I've made with a trigger , the trigger pull came out pretty comfortable

Price will be abit more for these , especially If I specially order the wood , was a prototype using an old abandoned project...

I can make much nicer stocks.

Next development is the "barreled crossbow" these are being built using a "lifting peg" and can fire fletched bolts , Fluted "Slurs" and round ball - being peg this are limited to bar-triggers ,depending on how they are made - .50s not being able to use simple "slurs"

.50 caliber Barreled crossbow , this is still new and I have barely got the chance to really put it through its paces but so far its very promising , accuracy seems to be good with .490 lead balls ( for a .50 musket with patch) , and decent with fletched bolts

Price $200

Gen-2 rolling nuts ,Standard pattern sandwich ( 3 piece) construction - Can be made in European , or Han Chinese Pattern , for Pistol and gunstocks Lockplate is the way to go , Also can do LARP , SCA combat in Light and Heavy versions see the Power Draw weight tables

Price is $155 in Poplar , and $165 in maple

the new lever ($40) is easier to use and stronger .

Praise be unto Her !!!! ..... or die ....

Ialso can make SCA combat bows ,Price for a Light built for Balder Blunts will be the Same as a target bow , andwill be able to be used as a Light target bow aswell

- I am a small shop craftsman not a reseller of mass produced goods

stock on hand is minimal if time is an issue contact me as to what I have on hand , I can rush orders but will chargeextra for this ,

First Combat crossbow using a Aluminium Prod- mixed feelings about that one

480 inch pound LARP / SCA light combat crossbow was built for a Larper , for SCA these will need to be used with the Balder Blunts , 80 pound draw weight x 6inches of draw = 480IP by the SCA's formula ...... legal locally (An-Tir) but some kingdoms also have rules as to draw weight and IP ... which kinda screws over the use of these prods which draw 70 at 5 inches .... 350 IP ..... if you have a 70 pound max rule ... got 85 feet range with the bolts you see below ... customer wanted wood shafts .... so made some oak ones and they should hopefully hold up well .... oak atleast tends not to break with long sharp shards ...... standard crossbow otherwise just set the prod 2 inchesfarther from the muzzle , plan to make one of these for myself for this summer for youth to shoot and maybe to loan or use myself in combat or competions where a combat legal bows are required

Lifting Peg mechanism crossbows - $125 , not my recomendation for target or hunting use as to the lower accuracy then rolling nuts , but good for combat bows - ask about these before buying , Heavy combat versions may be more depending on what your shooting

Finally Got a scale ... aint the greatest but when it does error it usually registers as slightly heavy

Inch Pounds, Draw Length, Estimated Weight Observed Weights

54,55 ,58


88,95,97 ,95


I decided to set a standard of drawing to 1/4 inch past the marks on the bow , and to round all weights up to the nearest total ten .... I need you to make the decision of what length of draw you need , I make the vast bulk of target bows at the 8 inches of draw mark , this yields 80 foot pounds according to an online calculater .... less then a .22 rifle ... but it does recoil much heavier and I really dont have any faith in this "inch pound" system the SCA uses ..... fiberglass is also much more effecient then steel and aluminium prods ..... but theres the table Ive got for rules compliance for combat bows , LARP groups differ , and its your responsibility to do the research ... AMTguard I think is 450-IP ......

.... took all these measurements a few times with a few differnt people drawing and a few recording .... on a Maple bow of the 'Standard pattern" these are aprox 1-3/4 in width compared to the 1-1/2 the lockplates generally are resulting in abit minorly heavier weight ... which really increases drasticly towards the maximum draw I feel is safe for the prod - this is 10-3/4 from the prod 8 inches of travel , my earliest were 11-1/4 but going to a double hook trigger plus with building the cocking levers I decided it would be safest to drop 1/2 inch of draw .....

acceptable for SCA archery , general target practice , Renn Fairs, costumes or Decor - abit plainly made ... but its a functional piece this ones also capable for deer size game - Crossbows are mainly only legal for disabled hunters but it depends on your state

US made - Item sold is1 single shot crossbow with 3 bolts ... bolts need to be between 3/8in and 5/16in diameter to function correctly . ( new rolling nuts)

Price is $125 for lifting pegs pistol or shouldertarget or Light Combat , Heavies will be more as I wil probably need to order the wood or build it sectionally do to the wider ammunition

$150for rolling nut shoulder (buy it now). I dont haggle the best offer exists to get a total price within s framework , the offer can be above the buy it now price , not neccesarily the best pricing mechanic but it works

I offer extra bolts at $3.50 each (adjust offer to match)

I can do a Maple stock for $10 extra (adjust offer to match)

I can make very , very good quivers, I'll post pics when I get around to making mine, but you can see my holsters for the progressing state of my leather abilities

Just a preliminary , the project is on my personal to do list , the pouch below is my all purpose pouch for events that is for my water , beer , C-96 and other modern items but I found wanting asa quiver , the plan is to do a quiver for 18 bolts of up to 15 inches length with plenty of spacing to keep the fletchings protected , the old pouch is a 1888 dated German pouch for the Mauser 71/84 doesnt show up perfectly well but is a great study piece , the top is retained by 2 straps that retain along the side of the pouch , the pouch opens away from the body allowing easy access to the cartridges loaded 1 at a time into the mauser ( 1871 was a single shot the 71/84added a tube magazine - the gun is used in "Last Samurai" ) great design and perfectly adaptable to bolts , not sure on the exact period the basic idea came into play but wouldnt be too out of place for a rennaisance or even late midieval ..... and would be well above par for the SCA lets admit it , I'll post after I finish mine but I can make one on commission with your Crossbow tweaked to your taste , Mine will be on a shoulderstrap with a tastefull use of brass , there going to be around $100 will be likely the best you could hope for .

first Quiver - Asian in style , $110 for one in this pattern with shoulder strap - shown with 12 inch bolts , and a somewhat generic Falchion/Dao .... first of those aswell ..... I can do quivers for full arrows aswell .... gotten pretty good at leather work ....


I can make a functional cocking devicefor $40 , this will take alot of effort out of the cocking , but must be done with care , the string will be under alot more tension then it seems .

And will add a steel footstrap for $30 (adjust offer to match) ....... and from now on I will only be making them for maple crossbows ...... rope or leather footstraps are an alternative ...... but my patience for the steel ones has neared its end ....

These next 3 pics are of a maple crossbow , with a footstrap , central piece of the bow is still poplar but its of no issue actually the slight contrast aids, and I think Id say the extra $10 is worth it for maple

Cocking lever , more pics ..... better to make heavy and solid then skimp here , thing weighs about 2-3 pounds and will add to the shipping figure going international

Crossbows are excellent for use by women , for anatomical reasons ... With crossbows and earlyfirearms, it is one of the proper methods of use to rest the stock over your shoulder ... it isnt with modern shotguns however as Ive had to explain far too many times ........ I should add here I wish I had a video of my buddy who is atleast a C-cup using a bow ...... you'd all have a laugh at his expense ....

Currently I am probably the only source in the US for a repro of the Chinese Repeating Crossbow the "Chu Ko Nu'

3 fletched bolts will be included with a 23/64 field point and will be traditionally hand tied , as I like the looks

Every crossbow will only be shipped after test firing 10 bolts reliably and accurately , the plywood below is a true 3/4 in thick solid marine grade


This one below is a example of a more average poplar coloration ..... not a bad group for 75 ft in a brand new crossbow with no sights Is it ? I should also add this was the first Gen of my rollers with a single hooked nut , Ive improved since then

The limb mounts easily to the stock in seconds a hammer will be best as you will need to carefully drive in the wedge

18+ to buy

use with caution offer only where legal , international orders may be possible but I'd need to go over your Import laws , crossbows sentto Canadahave to be 18inches overall length , Germany and England these are also legal it, cost around $40 to ship to Europe priority with insurance

If you feel its neccessary for physical special needs an attachablecocking lever can be commisioned ,

No returns , and It can take me 2 weeks to get these assembled and to the mail ,I will combine shipping gladly

see my other listing and ask me about special projects ...

Medieval Crossbow Wooden 120+ Draw, Sca Target ,usa - Combat And Quivers -read:

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