Mens Art Deco Classic 1908 Vacheron & Constantin Vintage Gold Rectangular Watch

Mens Art Deco Classic 1908 Vacheron & Constantin Vintage Gold Rectangular Watch

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Mens Art Deco Classic 1908 Vacheron & Constantin Vintage Gold Rectangular Watch:



If you have been collecting watches for a while I think you’re going to appreciate the following timepiece. I am pleased to offer for sale this 1908 gents RECTANGULAR Art DeCo marriage watch that was made by the venerable “VACHERON & CONSTANTIN” Watch Company, a LARGER SIZE TANKe model.


A marriage watch is the term used for a new, modern case that has been used to house a vintage pocket watch movement.


MOVEMENT: ORIGINAL signed by VACHERON & CONSTANTIN. The movement is running superbly and keeping good time, recently serviced.

DIAL: NEW steel enameled dial.

CASE: NEW gold plated case TANKe model.

WATCH CRYSTAL: The gently domed ACRYLIC CRYSTAL is in excellent condition.

SHIPPING: Worldwide – FREE.

PAYMENT: PAYPAL within 7 days.

RETURNS: I provide 100% refunds within 60 days from date of sale ending, , no question's asked and without opening the case in Resolution Center and negative or neutral response from your side.

The history of Vacheron Constantin

The Once and Future King

One of the greatest names in Swiss watchmaking, Vacheron & Constantin is the archetype of the Prestige Swiss Watch Company. Vacheron & Constantin, along with Patek Philippe and Audemars Piguet, make up the classic Trinity of 20th century Swiss watch brands. With a customer list in their Golden Book that reads like a veritable World Who's Who of the past two and a half centuries, Vacheron and Constantin's pedigree and recognized brand cachet is without question. That they have maintained their position at the apex of the watchmaking firmament throughout their existence, across the years and spanning the generations, makes their reputation all the more impressive.

To understand the glory that is Vacheron & Constantin, knowledge of their history and past achievements is necessary. Since their earliest days, the Vacheron name has been synonymous with fine watchmaking. The name has been well regarded by the cognoscenti and the industry insiders, always spoken with a degree of reverence and respect.

Set amidst the backdrop of the European Age of Enlightenment, Revolution, and the chaos of social and political upheaval, Vacheron & Constantin's story parallels that of the history of the modern Western World. It is an interesting and worthy history indeed.

Watchmaker's Workshop in 18th Century Geneva

Christophe De Ziegler, Geneva Kunsthistorisches Museum

Vacheron and Constantin's origins can be honestly traced back to 1755, when the 24 year old Jean-Marc Vacheron joined the ranks of the Cabinotier of Geneva. Cultured, well read, and a respected member of the intelligentsia of the time, young Jean-Marc quickly established a reputation for producing timepieces of the highest grade. Vacheron's reputation extended to the Royal Courts of Europe, where their creations impressed even the Court Timekeeper and Royal Watchmakers.

One of the great seeming contradictions of Haute Horlogerie is the worship of hand craftsmanship, the mystique of the human touch, in an endeavour that is often better served by mechanized production. In an ironic way, this same paradox partially accounts for the renaissance of the mechanical watch in the last two decades of the 20th century. In an age of virtual reality and digital paradigms, the sensual image of human hands polishing and adjusting a complicated movement, hearing the soft tic-tic-tic of the escapement, precise and reliable beyond all other complex mechanical systems, is somehow soothing and lends some degree of comfort to humans that are, after all, inherently part of the analog, physical world.

Chronology of The House of Vacheron Constantin

1755 Foundation by Jean-Marc Vacheron.

1819 François Constantin joins the company.

1839 Hired as a production engineer, Georges-Auguste Leschot revolutionised watchmaking techniques by inventing the pantograph.

1880 Appearance of the “Maltese Cross” in the Vacheron Constantin logotype, based on a movement part fixed to the barrel and which made it possible to limit the degree of winding required for the latter.

1906 Inauguration of the very first Vacheron Constantin boutique, which is still located today on Quai de l’Ile in Geneva.

1935 Creation of one of the most complex pocket-watches ever made by Vacheron Constantin. Ordered by King Farouk of Egypt, this masterpiece took five years to create.

1955 200th anniversary and launch of the Patrimony, the world’s thinnest mechanical watch.

1979 Carved directly from a one-kilo solid gold ingot, the Kallista is set with 118 diamonds totalling 130 carats - five years of patient work. At the time, this was the most expensive watch ever sold.

1996 Vacheron Constantin joins the Richemont Group.

2004 Opening of the new head office and the Vacheron Constantin Manufacture in Plan-les-Ouates, Geneva and renovation of the brand’s historic head office: “La Maison Vacheron Constantin”, including an exclusive Boutique, a heritage center and the “Métiers d’Art” workshops.

2005 250th anniversary of the brand.

2005 Creation of the Tour de l’Ile, the world’s most complicated watch with double-faced display featuring an unprecedented combination of 16 horological complications and astronomical indications, and the Saint Gervais, a watch combining for the very first time a perpetual calendar, a tourbillon and over ten days’ power reserve.

2006 Vacheron Constantin pays tribute to the most noble, rare and precious of metals with the Vacheron Constantin Collection Excellence Platine

This gorgeous, Art Deco men’s watch is a very handsome specimen has a features BLACK & GOLD enamel metal dial, 60 minute checkered inner track border, GOLD Arabic EXPLODING NUMERALS and gold steel Dauphine-style hands. The new dial has been professionally updated, and now is in excellent condition.

The dial is signed VACHERON & CONSTANTIN in gold lettering below the 12 with trademark VACHERON & CONSTANTIN symbol below this and further signed GENEVE. Also is signed SWISS MADE at the base of the dial.

It is a registered ART DeCo TANKe design model that features a three piece GOLD PLATED CASE is in great condition, as are the lugs that are secure. The gold plated winding crown is in very good shape and operates properly. The case and dial, new custom made, fantastic, build specially for this excellent Vacheron & Constantin movement. Turning the watch over I see that the ENGRAVED back lid is in excellent condition. The ENGRAVED back case lid is stamped VACHERON & CONSTANTIN with trademark symbol.


The mechanism is signed the movement serial number 316,493. This serial number corresponds to 1908 production date as per published records. The movement is signed VACHERON & CONSTANTIN.

This beautiful wristwatch has the ORIGINAL movement in an excellent status which was very well saved, considering age of this watch. Mechanism has been recently serviced to ensure it winds and sets smoothly while keeping great, accurate time.

To set the time, press the pin near the crown IN all the way down with your fingernail and move the crown to adjust the hands. This is called a “nail set” watch, and you now probably know why!

It is fitted on a new 20mm black alligator style strap genuine leather with golden steel buckle that is vintage style and goes great with this wonderful watch.

This beautifully preserved timepiece measures 44mm end to end and 31mm in width (33mm with crown).

This beautiful and fully restored Art DeCo men’s watch winds and sets smoothly while keeping accurate time.

Because of the vintage nature of the watch I cannot guarantee its absolute time keeping accuracy even if they are in good running condition and in some rare occasions may require additional adjustment.

Always an EXTRA FINE watches at a Price!!!

If you like rare, antique, unique and collectible vintage wristwatches or pocket watches (or just enjoy learning about all the different watch makers and models) I suggest you bookmark this page or add me to your "Favorite Sellers" list. I always have beautiful pristine timepieces for sale ending Monday. Now on for 7 Years! Recommendations for the owner of vintage watches: - All Antique watches are mechanical. Many repairs will not be cheap, as most likely they will require replacement of non-standard parts (unlike most late model watches). - Antique watches should not be beaten or dropped - because repairs may be expensive. - Antique watches are generally NOT waterproof. This is because waterproofing was not in general production until the middle of the 20th century for most watches. Therefore you should protect your antique watch from exposure to moisture. - If your watch becomes wet it should be dried off quickly. Carefully open all covers and use a hair drier to blow dry the movement, dial, covers, crown. This will reduce the amount of rust. - If your watch becomes wet with any kind of salt water you should immediately immerse or spray your watch with fresh (no-salt) water to remove all the salt from the works before drying the watch completely. Any salt left in the watch will combine with moisture in the air to rust metal components of the movement, case etc. - Winding any mechanical watch tight may break the mainspring. If you can avoid it do not wind the watch hard. - When adjusting the hands of your watch, move them in a clockwise direction only. Counter-clockwise adjustments may damage the movement. - If you must adjust counter-clockwise make it for small adjustments only (i.e. for minutes, NOT hours). - Be careful and gentle when adjusting the movement speed (faster or slower). Don't make sharp movements, and don't touch other components in the movement especially the pendulum mechanism. - Every 2-3 years it is necessary to service and oil vintage watches. - If the watch is dirty - allow the watch to run down, don't wind it again until you have it serviced by a qualified watch repair expert. Dust will absorb and remove important lubricants and cause the movement pieces to wear down. - To clean the case, dial and crystal you should use a cloth that does NOT leave fibers as these may get caught up in the movement. Check with your Watch repair expert to get an appropriate cloth. - Keep your antiques watch away from magnets. Strong magnetic fields may affect the accuracy of your watch since some vintage watches were made with iron based components in the movement. - Most Cases and Covers are fine components and will not handle abuse well. The watch should not be shaken, beaten, or stressed. - Antique watches generally experience an error of up to 5-7 minutes a day. Any accuracy of +- 5 minutes is very good.


Buyer must notify me within 24 hrs of sale close as to how and when he or she intends to pay. Winning buyers must fully pay within 7 days of the sale. After 7 days the piece will be relisted and appropriate action taken against the non-paying buyer. I participate in the Non-Paying buyer program. Do not offer if you are not going to pay for your sale. I prefer PAYPAL but another methods are also accepted with prior approval. Please contact me FIRST BEFORE sending a cheque to get full address. Zero response and negative response buyers must first email me BEFORE offerding. All I need is a brief courtesy email telling me who you are and how you would intend to pay if you where successful. I reserve the right to cancel any offers on this sale.


100% satisfaction guarantee for all of my watches. If you are in any way unsatisfied with the watch I will fully refund the purchase price anytime within 60 days after the watch has been received. My goal is to exceed my client's expectations throughout the buying experience. I and my team stand behind our products, if for any reason you'll receive your product damaged or in non-functioning condition, please contact us immediately via email BEFORE leaving your response, we'll gladly assist you in any way we can. Your satisfaction is important to me. To be fair to all buyers, I make it my practice never to end an sale early. I prefer not to use buy it now. I have many repeat customers who want my watches just as much as you do. Buy it now will only be considered for a relisted sale. Vintage watches are very delicate and I package to the highest degree to prevent damage. To clarify all my items are Vintage or Antique and as such should Not be expected to be like a New or Quartz watch in any way whatsoever! Please bear in mind that you are buying a used watch and it will require service at some point in time. If you have any questions after reading the description or viewing the pictures please email me PRIOR to offerding. The watch in pictures is the actual watch that You will receive. I want you to feel safe and satisfied with the purchase of your item on . After receiving the returned item, I will make a full refund for your original payment.


International shipments worldwide will sent via International Air Mail fully insured (shipping and handling to all locations in the world is FREE). Items will be shipped to confirmed address on . Please check with if your address is confirmed. Please allow 10 to 14 days for delivery to all locations worldwide. We pack all items well but some antique watches are just not made to travel at today's speed and may need set up and possibly adjustment after shipping and because of that I'm sorry but can not guarantee function or accuracy after shipping. You know that parcels go to Italy very long. Sometimes approx 2-3 weeks, sometimes near month and more. Be ready for these terms. California State residents (and those with shipping addresses in California State) add 8,75% sales tax. Import duties, taxes and charges are not included in the item price or shipping charges. Prior to offerding, check your country's customs regulations to determine any additional costs. For all shipments the value of the item will be declared lower than the sale price for custom duties. Also I will mark item as "gift". The taxes should be minimal. Dear buyers, we kindly ask you: Please, do not offer if you are not fully commited to purchase this item! I and my team honor Contracts and expect the same from my clients! THANK YOU FOR LOOKING!


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Mens Art Deco Classic 1908 Vacheron & Constantin Vintage Gold Rectangular Watch:

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