Mens Wwii 1942 Laco Durowe Vintage Pilot's German Military Navigation Watch Ww2

Mens Wwii 1942 Laco Durowe Vintage Pilot's German Military Navigation Watch Ww2

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Mens Wwii 1942 Laco Durowe Vintage Pilot's German Military Navigation Watch Ww2:

Laco-Durowe Lacher & Co.

Standardized Navigation der Serie der Reichs-LuftwaffeUNIQUE AND RARE EXAMPLE OF TIMEPIECE

This sale is for a scarce 100% AUTHENTIC example of a men’s 1942 Laco-Durowe Lacher & Co. UHRENFABRIK timepiece. It is a unique, vintage and rare WWII military Reichs-Luftwaffe Pilot’s Navigation wristwatch of German Armed Forces Second World War is of great historical significance, authentic ones are very hard to find. German supplier from the Black Forrest Lacher & Co. (LACO) of Pforzheim produced a navigation wristwatch with a central second hand and a black dial face for the Luftwaffe.

“Das deutsche Volk soll ein Volk von Fliegern warden”.

Hermann Göring, Jagdflieger des 1.Weltkrieges.

“The German people should be a people of aviators”.

Hermann Göring, World War One Fighter Pilot.

The Reichs-Luftfahrtministerium (Reich’s Air Ministry) (RLM) was founded by Hermann Goering who was in control of it. In this way it was not influenced by the more conservative war ministry, which was not loyal to the Nazi leaders, but whose Generals held with the Prussian tradition of loyalty to the state and not to a person.

The navigation wristwatches from IWC, Lange & Soehne, Wempe, Walter Storz (Stowa) and Lacher & Co (Laco) were and are still horological specialties. They were regulated as navigation chronometers and tested, piece-by-piece, by the chronometer department in Gesundbrunnen near Glashuette. The aircraft navigators wore these watches with long leather straps above the sleeve.

by Konrad Knirim (Germany) 'NAWCC Bulletin' Dec. 1996


The company Lacher & Co. – the name Laco deriving from the first syllables - was founded by Frieda Lacher and Ludwig Hummel in Pforzheim in the middle of the 1920s. At the time, Pforzheim's many watch manufacturers used to fit their casings almost exclusively with Swiss mechanisms, either delivered complete, or as individual parts – a considerable saving in customs duties – which could then be finished and re-assembled by the factories themselves.

Frieda Lacher and Ludwig Hummel's young business made a successful start, yet after a few years the founders were to go their separate ways. Hummel continued to manage the greater part of the original company, the Laco watch-making factory. It was Laco-Durowe which developed to become a world-class brand and Pforzheim's main watch producer through the sister company "Lacher & Co.", run by Hummel.

In the 1930s and 1940s the so-called observation watches were an essential part of a pilot’s equipment. This observation watch served as a means of navigation in addition to the cockpit instruments compass and altimeter during the visual flights common at that time with previously fixed routes and turning points. Before the start of a flying squadron the crowns of the watches were pulled out and the watches were set to zero. When the captain gave the order "Start" the crowns were pulled in so that the watches of each pilots were running synchronously. After a certain fixed time an order previously determined could be performed. It was very important that the mechanical watch movements had to be of highest precision. The technical features of these watches were specified by the Reichs-Luftfahrt-Ministerium (ministry for aviation). The shape of the hands , the design of the dial, the typeface and also the dimension of the crown were defined by this ministry.

The number “12” on the dial, marked with an arrow, enabled the pilot to get a fast orientation in each situation, and by means of the disproportional big crown the watch could be handled without having to remove the gloves. In order to ensure that the dial could be read during night the hands and the numbers on the dial were equipped with radium, a radioactive material with high luminosity. These observation watches were classified with “FL23883”, a description for navigation instruments. This number was engraved on the outside of the case, on the opposite side of the crown.

Due to the high standard concerning precision and reliability the production of the observation watches was a great challenge for the watch manufacturers. In the 1930s and 1940s, only five companies were authorized to produce such observation watches: IWC in Schaffhausen, Lange + Söhne in Glashütte, Wempe in Hamburg, and Stowa and Laco (Lacher & Co.) in Pforzheim. From these five companies only two (Lange + Söhne and Laco) used movements of their own production. The other three companies used Swiss movements.

'B'-Uhr (B- watch) is the abbreviation of „Beobachtungsuhr“ (observation watch). These watches were used by the German airforce during World War II.

Upon a decision of the military economics office made in 1940, various manufacturers were obliged to manufacture these watches.

The demands of the aviation ministry of the Reich were high. The “B-watch” was classified “FL 23883”, a number that referred to navigation devices and was stamped on the side opposite to the crown. Every watch had to be tested by an official testing institute and had to be given a movement certificate.

All „B-Watches“ are equipped with a balance wheel stop device, i.e. the balance wheel is stopped when the crown is pulled out to allow for accurate setting to the wireless time signal. When the crown is pressed, the watch starts to run again. The watches were worn above the uniform, and they all had a diameter of 55 mm.

The watch was worn on a strap with double riveting. There was hardly any difference in the outer appearance of the individual types.

The observations watch was manufactured in the three following types:

A.Lange & Söhne, Cal. 48/1 International Watch Co. (IWC), Cal. 52 Wempe, Cal. Thommen 31 STOWA (Walter Storz), Cal. Unitas 2812 LACO (Lacher & Co.), Cal. Durowe D5.

There are 2 usual clockface variants: A from 1940 to January 1941; B from January 1941.

Model A had the classical subdivision indicating the hours from 1 to 11 and a triangle with two dots instead of the 12.

The B-Watch with active luminous substance (radium) on a flat black priming. Very distinguishing was the slip-proof crown which, for its shape, was also named onion crown.

The war ended catastrophically for almost all the Pforzheim manufacturers, including Laco. During a devastating air-raid by the Allies, all the factories were destroyed and more than 80% of the town itself was reduced to rubble. However, the work of rebuilding was to begin soon after the end of the war, and Laco and its sister firm were back in business again by 1949.

Specification for the Production

The navigation wristwatches from IWC, Lange & Söhne, Wempe, Walter Storz and Lancher & Co. were regulated as navigation watches and individually tested for chronometer quality in Gesundbrunnen near Glashütte. Pilots needed wristwatches that could be accurately and instantly read when both hands were being used to pilot the aircraft. Their navigation watch had to be worn on the arm over their flight jackets. Luftwaffe High Command gave exact instructions regarding operating precision and the degree of movement completion required.

Before being delivered, every single watch had to be tested and given operating certification by the German Naval Observatory or some other official test institute. The fine adjustment of every watch had to be conducted in six positions and at three varying temperatures. Only then could the watch achieve ‘special or first class’ rating according to the German Naval Observatory’s test conditions or some other official test institute.

The watch movements were uniformly cased in 55mm diameter, gray varnished, brass or steel housings with snap on back cover. Printed on the inside of the back cover was the type, device and movement numbers, stock no. and the producer’s name. The dial faces were black with large luminous Arabic numerals and minute and second indicators. The hour, minute and second hands were coated with radium. The second hand had a counter weight. All watches also had a central second hand with the drive outside the power flow and a balance stop function for accurate time setting.

Description of the Watch Laco-Durowe Lacher & Co., Pforzheim


Original Laco-Durowe Lacher & Co., Pforzheim movement, caliber D5 by Durowe No. H5300. This watch have the “hack” mechanism to stop the movement while setting by pushing the knob to adjust exactly to a time signal.


Original matt stainless steel casing with engraving FL23883.


Original model B with small hour circle.


Original hour hand, little hand (with luminous fill) and sweeping seconds hand.


New dark brown genuine aviator calfskin strap exactly as original.

I recently acquired this watch and it runs excellent and all functions work perfectly.

Many watches of the Wehrmacht nowadays come from Russia of the millions of German soldiers lost their lives or got in prison there.

Diameter (with 62.00mm Durchmesser mit Krone: 62.00Mm
Diameter (without crown): 55.00mm Durchmesser ohne Krone: 55.00Mm
Watch crystal diameter: 50.00mm Glasdurchmesser: 50.00Mm
Thickness: 20.00mm Höhe mit 20.00Mm

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Mens Wwii 1942 Laco Durowe Vintage Pilot's German Military Navigation Watch Ww2:

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