Michael Caine Issue 2009 Genii Conjurors Magazine May

Michael Caine Issue 2009 Genii Conjurors Magazine May

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Michael Caine Issue 2009 Genii Conjurors Magazine May:

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Genii, The Conjurors' Magazineis the longest-running independent magazine devoted to magic and magicians in the history of the art. It was founded byWilliam W. Larsen, Sr.in 1936, and run by his descendents until 1998, when it was sold to The Genii Corporation, headed by well-known magic author Richard Kaufman. Genii is now a glossy color monthly and is edited byRichard Kaufman, with associate editorDustin Stinett.

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The columnists under The Genii Corporation began with addingGuy Hollingworth,Luke Jermay,Eugene Burger, andHarry Lorayne. Continuing columnists includedDavid Acer,Michael Close,Bob Farmer,Jim Swain,Jon Racherbaumer,Jamy Ian Swiss,Eric Mead,David Oliver,David Regal,Danny Orleans,Dustin Stinett,Joe M. Turnerand many others.

History 1930s

In September of1936,William Larsen, Sr.starts publishing Genii, competing with John Mulholland’s theSphinx, a magazine that Larsen was hoping to take over.

The original print run was 750 copies, downsized to 500 for issues two and three.[1]


By the 1940s, the subscriptions had grown to several thousand throughout the world. In 1941,S.A.M.awarded Genii with the contract to print theirM-U-Mas part of the magazine. This took away some of the Sphinx readership.

In 1942, Larsen purchasedFloyd Thayer’s Magic Company. Genii did not turn into a "house organ" for the company but remained independent, even limiting the amount of advertising space given to Thayer’s. Even with having to devote time to the magic shop, shows, lectures, and his legal profession the magazine kept prospering.

In November, 1949, Genii absorbed TheConjurors' Magazine.


The Larsen's sold Thayer’s in 1950 and on July 5, 1953, Bill Larsen Sr. died suddenly at the age of 48. Gerrie,Bill Larsen Jr., andMilt Larsenkept the magazine going.


Bill and Milt both became involved in the new television industry and in1962, TheAcademy of Magical Artsand TheMagic Castle, originally Bill Sr.’s dream, were created. All Genii subscribers were automatic members. Genii, however, stayed independent of the Academy and the Castle.


Bill Larsen, Jr. became ill and the editorship of Genii was passed first byDante Larsen(the son of Irene and her first husbandJohn Daniel) and then to his daughterErika Larsen. The magazine eventually started to falter as evident when only three issues were published in 1998.

In October 1998, theLarsenssold Genii to a new company headed Richard Kaufman. Beginning with the issue published by the newly formed Genii Corporation in January, 1999, Genii has been on time every single month.

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Michael Caine Issue 2009 Genii Conjurors Magazine May:

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