Michael Jackson - Ghosts - New Sealed Vcd Movie Dvd Cd

Michael Jackson - Ghosts - New Sealed Vcd Movie Dvd Cd

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Michael Jackson - Ghosts - New Sealed Vcd Movie Dvd Cd:



UPC #5099720078821. Catalog #MVCD 200788.2


  1. GHOSTS (a 38 minute video)

Condition: brand new, still sealed in standard jewel case as shown. No cutouts. (pics show both front and back covers.)

Description: A great, scary, Michael Jackson dance movie which, unlike Thriller, many people haven't seen in the US, so it's a chance to see Michael intop form. Based on a concept by Michael Jackson and Stephen King. Think "Thriller"part II.

This hard to find item was madeby SonyAsia. It is called a "VCD" (Video CD) which means it is a CDthat alsoplays video (explained in more detail below.) This will play on almost all DVD players worldwide, and almost all computers (except Mac.) We have now soldhundredsof these and only a handful ofpeople have had an incompatible DVD player.

This item is ONLY available in this VCD format, or in the old VHS videotape format. They were never made on DVD. They actually came out back in 1997, before DVD's were even made, so they were never meant to be played on a DVD player. Lucky for us, almost all DVD players have the ability to also read VCD's, so we can see Michael in action once again!

We purchase ours directly from alarge reputablewholesaler who imports them from Asia, and we are a trusted seller with 11 years experience on and very reliable response. You can scroll through our response and see literally hundredsof ers who left great response for thisexact same item. We ship from sunny South Florida and there is no way anyone from outside the US can get this to US customers faster than we can using standard mail. (We also have the ability to have it shipped directly from California if you live on the west coast.)

I finally got to watch one of these, and really enjoyed it.This was notthe biggest hit in the US, and I'm convinced it was underrated and underappreciated at the time it came out. The first thing that struck me was that he was a really good actor. I'd forgotten that. Then you are treated to original music, dance routines -when Michael is confronted by an angry mob, he single-handedlyconjures up some ghoulish back-up dancers and shows them what's what. (Understatement!) You also see a bit of behind-the-scenes footage (make-up, etc.) during the fairly long closing credits sequence.

There was one part thatis now pretty poignant in light of his death - I'm sure you'll know just what I mean when you see it, but I don't want to give it away. As anMJ fan who didn't follow him quite so closely after the mid-90's, this was a real treat for me, and something I had missed back when it came out. Rest in peace, Michael. You were brilliant.

What is a VCD?

Alot of people haveaskedthis, so I'll explain it right here in the listing. VCD means "Video CD." Thesenever the US. They were more popular in Asia. They actually had "VCDplayers" in Asia.Thediscs could also be played on computers.

"Ghosts" was first released in 1997, just before DVD's came out. VHS tapes dominated the US market,so when "Ghosts" came out, they made it only on VHS videotape in the USA, and they made it on VCD for the Asian markets. The picture quality of a VCD is more comparable to a VHS than to a modern DVD. It is not "digital"or "hi-def," which is one ofthe main differences between a VCD and a DVD.

As it happens,almost allmodern DVD players are able to read and play VCD's. (Yay!) But not100% of them can do it, so you should know that before you buy (no matter from whom you buy it -if they are"the real thing" thenthey are all the same. They are only made by one company, so anyone selling the real thing is selling the same thing.) As a backup, if it doesn't work on your DVD player, you can almost certainly play it on your computer. (Youwill have to manually open "Windows Media Player"because it willnot start automatically.) Based on what I have heard from some customers, it seems a Mac computer is the only one that will not be able to play it.

If it does not play on your DVD player, that does not mean it is defective. That means you just happen to have the kind of DVD player that can't read a VCD.Try it on every DVD player in your home (and maybe your neighbor's!) oron your computer just to see this great movie, and you can always get a new DVD player down the road - some of them cost less than this VCD. Also, if you play it on your computer, there are ways to then view it on your TV using the computer as a DVD player. Note: since this is not a DVD, when you put it into your computer, it will not start automatically. You have to open Windows Media Player and click "play."

Again, I have to state that just for the very few who don't have the kind of DVD player that can read a VCD. Literally 99% ofthe hundreds of people who bought this from us had no problem.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to ask before you make your purchase. We will be glad to explain anything about thisdisc. There are a lot of people selling fakes, so be very careful. (Any who claim to sell this on DVD, or combined with "Captain EO" are selling fakes.) Ours are guaranteed authentic, and our response and sales record back that up. Look at how many we've sold just from this one listing on this onesite!

Michael Jackson - Ghosts - New Sealed Vcd Movie Dvd Cd:

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