Mid Century Modern Raymor Pottery Bull With Metal Horns Alvino Bagni Italy

Mid Century Modern Raymor Pottery Bull With Metal Horns Alvino Bagni  Italy

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Mid Century Modern Raymor Pottery Bull With Metal Horns Alvino Bagni Italy :

this ends on a HOLIDAY WEEKEND ....so you may want to offer early or don't forget to snipe!) here is a fabulous Alvino Bagni bitossi Italy mid century modern Italian pottery bull with metal horns ;circa 1960s
Normally these are few and far between to find, however this month 2 of them have sold on .... 1 which was the same size as ours (ours may be 1 1/2" longer if you include horns , we are not sure how the other folks took their measurements ) ...just fetched a whopping $ 726.00 & that is not a fluke as another sold the week before that for $499.95 we are going to do something rather drastic we do not want you to be scared off .... we are actually showing several ENLARGED images of 3 issues so first I have to say ...keep in mind the most IMPORTANT detail ....... the most prominent 1 ( front hoof) HAPPENED DURING THE MAKING ...it is not after damage; it was not restored by somebody ...its original ..... we know this for fact ....and that should be obvious to ANYONE who knows anything about this type of pottery
the next one is also IN THE MAKING and really not even worth mentioning....nonetheless we show you 2 or 3 huge close images ( a line in the glaze of the underbelly chest area we have sold well over a hundred pieces of Italian pottery that was distributed by Raymor .....all great....but you have to realize these were mass production pieces ... not 1 off studio creations ..... so unless one came out of the kiln with a whole limb missing or it had pretty much exploded.... well ...they didn't toss any out that were not perfect ...these were the times, and also location ( yes even those astronomically priced Fantoni cubist figures and other Fantoni pieces distributed for Raymor .... were mass produced.... moreso: most were not even fired or glazed by Fantoni ... he did the brushed on signature at completion ( those words came directly out of HIS lips ....NOT THE MOUTHS OF BABES....... ...they were passed on to us by 2 honest people (big time collectors too)... who met him at his workshop many years ago.... so: A: the glazed over square flaw at left front hoof is original ....it was glazed over before firing
it is SHALLOW ,but its about 1/2 x 1/2 B: the glaze line underneath at chest ....ORIGINAL C: the smoothed "crescent shaped" section missing off the bottom of the right rear unglazed hoof ...well that has some orange and yellow glaze on it; so we honestly believe this ALSO happened during its creation (as it was pulled from the kiln) .... HOWEVER we cannot guarantee this ...... now this very same indent did travel a hair up the back of that hoof ...so on the back of hoof there is roughness at bottom ...(I gave the size of that right on the image) this does NOT affect his stance, he is perfectly stable, no weebles, no wobbles
so there you have it ....the 3 imperfections .... 2 of which we are certain to be original; the 3rd (the crescent on unglazed bottom which travelled a hair to the glazed section on back ( I think I said 1/16" by 1 /32" to that glazed part) we THINK is original, but that one we cannot say for certain also there is glaze loss on metal horns ...that would be the ONE thing we would say is probably not original
so ....is he mint ...no....but ....nearly everything making him not mint has been there since day 1 and nothing is going to jump right out at you
(the flat square front hoof thing ...yes ..its sad....but like we said...this is production pottery, and I can't recall but a handful of pieces that didn't bear some form of oddity ...like glaze pops ,clay irregularities , roughness, etc
(our bull does not have glaze pops ..... but the colors really pop ....lol !)
he is 11 1/2" long including removeable horns ; or 10" long not including horns ; he is about 6" high ; 5 1/2" wide with horns or 5 1/4" without if placed in correctly ...the horns will sit either straight out or upwards ...your choice ....we are shipping him with his horns removed......so PLEASE check your box...do not accidently toss them out he is obviously being offered as found ..... really don't fret about anything...... as we said, we purposely went way overkill showing you the above mentioned ...that way went you receive him , you will be pleasantly surprised (AND you will be paying a LOT less money ) buyer pays UPS shipping .... ......................now that has unfairly changed its response policy, sorry but our only recourse is to report non paying buyers on day 6 .... we expect personal contact via the buyer within s policy of 2 days or less folks we are not robots over here, communication means a lot to us ...and is important in all forms of relationships ! THANKS FOR TAKING THE TIME TO ACTUALLY READ THIS .. & READ OUR response as well ...we are 1 of the GOOD GUYS .... At this time WE SHIP TO THE U.S.A ONLY , however on small items ..we do "bend the rules" sometimes, if you email and ask us to !
The LONG and WINDING ROAD of SMALL PRINT sorry to vent here folks but this needs to be said ....for all sellers, not just us

those little stars they ask you click ...well those are important as to our seller "scores" .....and if they are judged unfairly by you ...NOT ONLY do they harm the excellent reputation that we strived so hard to obtain and retain but also .. BASES the SELLERS FINAL FEE COSTS on that system ....including the ones sellers have no power to change
ALSO NOW CHARGES THE SELLER 9 % OF SHIPPING COSTS.....EVEN THOUGH ANY HONEST SELLER DOES NOT MAKE A DIME FROM SHIPPING..... IN FACT...........FIGURE IN PACKAGING SUPPLIES, TIME, GAS and the HONEST SELLER loses a LOT of $$$$$$$$$$$ ...............especially the ones like us .... who sell larger items such as furniture / lighting / etc
we don't "create" shipping costs ..that is done by UPS & USPS
hey ..... if we could afford to offer free shipping we would ....but we already spend between 4 & 5 grand a year just on packing supplies so that your items arrive safely!
so ...... ...... WE ASK YOU PLEASE ...... be honest, be considerate...before you "push those buttons" .... & IF THERE IS A PROBLEM .....CONTACT US...WE WILL WORK IT OUT .... ...our no return policy is not set in stone item not as described??? ...well ....we show 10 - 35 images with giant arrows pointing at any flaws we feel not only need to be mentioned...but also pointed out visually ...... because its only a rare few that actually read the descriptions & small print ....
lack of communication??...won't be from our end ... we are usually here at the computer 7 days a week .....
shipping time?? ..... slow shipping won't be due to laxidaziness on our part .......because my husband wraps and ships packages 5 DAYS A WEEK ..... instead of just once or twice a week like most sellers the rest #1: After the sale: BUYER IS EXPECTED TO MAKE CONTACT WITHIN 2 DAYS OF sales IS RESPONSIBLE FOR PAYMENT WITHIN 6 DAYS OF sales END; is our livelihood and we take it very seriously; we ask only that you treat our sales as you would any respectable place of business, and we will do the same for you! #2: ITEM WILL BE SHIPPED via UPS INSURED #3: WE PREFER the "old fashioned" transactions that do not involve plastic ;
(if a bank accepts it so do we ...we are not being evasive, states the actual use of the words to describe those methods are forofferden .... not joking)if you are heartset on using a credit card , ...... we accept PROPAY and PAYPAL
These items in question will be donated, discarded or resold down the road .................. at the TOTAL LOSS of the irresponsible PURCHASER #4a: We do Not allow local pick up except for extremely LARGE items like furniture , sorry ...we do not have a shop , we sell only on and at sale houses, not out of our home ......... #5 : REFUND POLICY: PLEASE EMAIL WITH ANY QUESTIONS ; WE SELL VINTAGE, NOT NEW , vintage items, are just that .... vintage....and are not going to be mint , because there is no such thing as mint when something is 25 - 75 years young !
therefore ........ Please feel free to ASK ANY questions !! THIS MEANS ASK ABOUT COLOR , SHAPE, any particular details concerning we will respond A.S.A.P
We are always more than happy to help with further description in any manner possible

don't wait till the sale is over ..... ASK NOW ....ask BEFORE YOU offer #6 : WE TREASURE ALL OF OUR DEVOTED REPEAT CUSTOMERS , we especially THANK each and every one of you ; and everyone who has ever purchased an item from us over the last 13 3/4 YEARS ......... its been a blast and hopefully will continue to be no matter what new "twists" come our way ...via the never ending new policies

Mid Century Modern Raymor Pottery Bull With Metal Horns Alvino Bagni Italy :

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