Miracleman #1 Alan Moore Signed And Numbered #113 San Diego Gold Near Mint

Miracleman #1 Alan Moore Signed And Numbered #113 San Diego Gold Near Mint

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Miracleman #1 Alan Moore Signed And Numbered #113 San Diego Gold Near Mint:


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Miracleman #1 Alan Moore Signed and Numbered #113 San Diego Gold Edition. Near Mint.

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This is very nice copy of Miracleman #1, Near Mint, and it's #113 out of an edition of 400 (see next paragraph). The printing defect crease (see 2 paragraphs down) under the logo on the right side is about 1.5 inch long. (If you have one without it, good on you - I'd like to see it.) Corners are extremely sharp, which you can see in the large picture.I take the utmost care in packing, insuring, and mailing everything, and I'll go even further on this with about 3 layers of protection and padding inside a big, strong box, not a flat envelope that can be folded.

History of the Blue and Gold San Diego editions: Back in 1985, when Eclipse announced they had received permission to publish Alan Moore's original English black and white Marvelman comics in color with a new name (thanks to Marvel Comics Lawyers Brigade), a few enterprising retailers decided to get Alan to sign a very limited number of copies of Miracleman #1 at the San Diego Comic Convention on the day of release, and so they got him to sign 400+ of these special copies(he signed extras in case the numbering person screwed up)and they took the best 400 and numbered them. There were a few extra Alan Moore signed comics, that were paired with un-numbered gold certificates, but they only numbered the 400 - what would you have done with the extras, throw them away? They split the 400 into 3 piles and sold them at the ComiCon for $50. Some of the numbered gold edition had the name of the store written on the certificate, but the important thing is the number. There are only 400 numbered copies. There was another signed "Blue" edition, but it was the Publishers' signatures. Now you can get one of the rarest Alan Moore items ever! Almost as rare as his name on the V for Vendetta or Watchmen movie credits!

A note about Miracleman #1.Eclipse used a cheap printer for this issue and many, if not most, of the copies that came out of there have a horizontal crease leading left from the right edge in the dark area under the yellow stripe where the price is. They used some crappy rollers or something, and the paper developed a microscopic fold before getting ink. Some copies even have the paper stretched back out so there is a white un-inked stripe left behind. If that hasn't happened, the flaw is almost invisible from a distance. This copy is in that category. The crease is actually LESS visible under normal lighting and viewing than the detail picture produced by the bright, close light of the scanner. What you see is reflected highlight rather than uninked paper.

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Miracleman #1 Alan Moore Signed And Numbered #113 San Diego Gold Near Mint:

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