Mother Earth - Abstract Painting - Modern Metal Wall Art - Earth Tone Colors

Mother Earth - Abstract Painting - Modern Metal Wall Art - Earth Tone Colors

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Mother Earth - Abstract Painting - Modern Metal Wall Art - Earth Tone Colors:

'Mother Earth'- Original Metal Wall Art

Sculpture Name:Mother EarthOverall Dimensions:48"W x 12"H x 1"D OverallArt Colors:Earth-tone, Blue, Tan, Brown, Rust, images in this abstract painting are all about Mother Nature’s endless creativity, power, and detail. They are organic and full of liveliness as the muted colors balance and flow with in the composition. The metal adds a bright dimension that reference reflection. This brown artwork is unique and very contemporary metal wall art.Artwork Condition:
Brand New, Gallery Quality
Art Medium:
Aircraft Grade Aluminum—42% Post Consumer Recycled. Some pieces incorporate Copper & Stainless Steel as well.
Artistic Technique:
Hand Grinding, Polishing & PaintingHardware/Assembly:
Artwork is bracketed, all you need is drywall nails or screws for easy installation
Lighting Tips:
Our artwork is typically photographed using GE halogen screw in flood lights.We suggest that you use flood lights, quartz halogen bulbs, MR-16 lamps or even fluorescent bulbs.A dimmer switch will help achieve softer less vibrant tones.Custom Size Art:
Any metal art or paintings that we have listed for sale can be customized to a larger size.Our limit on a single piece design is 10’ wide by 4’ tall.

We have been successfully shipping artwork worldwide for 7 years from our Ohio and Utah locations.Our packaging staff uses the highest level of care when packaging and preparing our shipments for domestic and international transit.FedEX is our preferred carrier for domestic standard shipments, R&L Carriers for domestic freight shipments and USPS or FedEX for international standard or freight packages.We do not overcharge for shipping to create additional profits.Our shipping rates are calculated flat rates based packaging cost and average transit rates for the lower 48 states.If you have a cheaper method for shipping we would be happy to let you handle your shipment.

Payments can be made directly through the system using PayPal or any major credit card.

We ship all artwork will 100% insured. In the event that your sculpture is damaged when it arrives, a claim will be filed with the carrier to reimburse us for the cost to replace the sculpture.Returns are accepted if we (the seller) are contacted within 14 days of delivery. Buyer is responsible for return shipping.

*Artwork may not be to scale with this room setting, please read description for actual dimensions*

This is the "MOTHER EARTH" piece that I created as a remarkable focal point or accent-piece for modern/contemporary decorators. The artistic designs, high-end materials andunique qualities of my metal wall art come together to create the ultimate 'Wow-Factor' for your space.
I take great pride in shipping my artwork all over the world; to high-end galleries, ritzy hotels, trendy restaurants, Fortune 500 companies, and personal collectors, all with 100% customer satisfaction.

My designs can act as the perfect compliment to urban, industrial, modern, abstract and contemporary spaces. I create all of my artwork using only the highest-quality materials, and employing a wide variety of artistic techniques that I have developed for over a decade:

Grind Patterns
I have dozens of signature grind patterns that I apply to the surface of the artwork, requiring a unique combination of delicate precision with high-powered, hand-held grinders. Use various textures, angles, pressures, and materials, I am able to layer the grinds giving the metal a unique finish that captures ambient light and 'follows' the viewer.

Hand-Mixed Paints
The colored sections use semi-transparent paints that I mix by hand to get the desired color combinations, and to allow the metallic shine and textured grinds show through the color.

Digital Acrylics
Some of my designs are drawn digitally using graphic design software, which I then apply to the surface of the metal using a high-definition/high-resolution digital acrylic application process.

Durability/Outdoor Application
I always use materials and finishes that allow the artwork to withstand the test of time, both indoors and out. I use aerospace-grade aluminum as frequently as possible (it does not corrode or patina like other materials, and it reflects light brilliantly) and I apply a very high-end clear-coat finish to protect the colors from harmful UV rays, salty air, and other damaging outdoor elements.

This design will ship 100% insured and will arrive with mounting brackets attached to the back, ready to hang on a hook, screw, nail or other standard picture-hanging devices. Enjoy this beautiful metal design, and please feel free to contact me with any questions!

TESTIMONIALS"I just wanted to thank you, because it really looks great in our Spa and a lot of clients ask me where I got it from. Thanks so much and you can be sure I’ll keep decorating the Spa in the near future :-) " -Natalia F., Dominican Republic"Your sculpture looks phenomenal in our living room! ThanksMetal Art Studio!" -Kay G, Perth AU"Thank you very much for sending that sculpture to me as I received it today and it looks great. I know I definitely will be ordering from you again soon :) Its been great dealing with you both...The art looks as good as it does as the website!" -Julie R., Perth, W. AU"We received the piece yesterday & couldn’t be happier! It is beautiful & coordinates perfectly in the space & room. Thank you so much for your attention to detail." -Faith G., NY"This should feed my addiction for a while! With all due respect to you I will be banishing myself from your site for a while!...Thanks for your talent." -Melissa B., New South Wales, AU"These pieces are so pleasing to me because they are so organic. Recognizable to the heart but new to the eye" -Rebecca D."This work is amazing! Especially to grind all of the wall art by hand." -Joe, USA
"Not very often do I see a piece of artwork that grabs my attention as much as yours have. And not just one or two pieces, but the entire site as a whole, the philosopy of your art.. Just thought I would drop you a quick e-mail to say how much I enjoyed just looking at what you have created. Artists rarely if ever get to hear words of praise or encouragement, so I thought I would do something about that. Your art accomplishes what all good art should, it is simple, beautiful, and in the mind of the viewer (in this case me...) creates a single viceral reaction..... that screams just one word.... and that word is "YES!!!!" :)" -Anonymous
"Exquisite artwork; Packaged with great care. Will definitely buy again!!" -Thelma K., Victoria AU
"We took delivery of Polar Attraction today. We are just thrilled with it , what a beautiful piece of art!! It looked fantastic on the website, but it is even better in the 'metal'. You are is certainly a very talented artist!!!! " -Julie H.,
"The Art work arrived safely in Australia and we think it is fabulous and worth the wait. I am holding it in its approximate location where the wall is going to be installed soon. This is catching the afternoon sun as it is setting, as I said it looks amazing - boy does it sparkle, I tell you this will be the centre piece of the area." -Ash, AUQueensland, AU

|Define Your Space|

Whether you are decorating a personal room, a corporate office, a trendy restaurant or a public display, the appropriate paintings adorning your walls will make or break the perception of your space. Nothing sets the mood, defines the atmosphere, or creates the "wow-factor" like carefully selected, bold metal wall art.

Make sure every head turns when people walk by. Set the right first impression every time. Browse our artwork on and find the ultimate wall paintings and metal artwork to decorate your modern, contemporary or urban space.

| About Us |

All of our artwork is designed by professional American artists and built right here in our studios in the USA. Our primary presence is in both Ohio and Utah. We have been involved in the modern art and interior design scene for nearly 15 years and have the talent, experience and tools at our disposal to ensure a wonderful experience for each and every client who chooses to decorate with our metal wall paintings.

Our artists draw inspiration from various sources, but the medium of choice is aluminum for most of their artwork. As representatives of a more urban/contemporary scene, the clean, crisp finish of aluminum alloy panels fits perfectly with our taste. It is a unique material that adapts well to various decorating styles and blends seamlessly with other home or office decor. Artistic grind patterns and bold colors leap off of the surface and produce truly breath-taking displays. Being clearly much more durable than canvas art and less temperamental than stainless steel, aluminum alloys are an obvious choice for both indoor and outdoor art panels.

As we have represented various artist through the years, we have placed metal wall art and floor sculptures in homes, restaurants, hotels, universities, offices, lobbies, galleries and businesses of all size. We strive to provide high-end artwork, quality products, and outstanding customer service all at affordable prices.

|Frequently Asked Questions|

Please read the below commonly asked questions and answers regarding our artwork. Feel free to send us a message if you have any questions that are not listed here.


Question—How can I pay for my artwork?

Answer—Payments can be made directly through the system using PayPal or any major credit card.


Question—Does the artwork hang individually or as one large piece all together and can I change the orientation of the panel layout?

Answer—Unless otherwise stated, all multi-panel designs hang as individual pieces. Each panel is equipped with an aluminum j-bracket on the backside that allows for quick and easy hanging on a drywall nail or screw. The total sculpture weight is 10-14lbs. Hang by starting with the center panel(s) and work your way out. Hint: a standard level or laser level are a great help with any multi-panel artwork installation. Since the panels hang individually you can orient them however you like. The design can also be quickly altered to hang vertically.


Question—Can I hang this artwork outside in the summer and inside in the winter?

Answer—All of our artwork is coated with a UV/Oxidation/Corrosion resistant clear coat that allows you to hang it inside or outside with no worries of color fade, rusting or weathering. Treat the artwork like any other indoor/outdoor fine art and it will last a lifetime.


Question—What kind of lighting do you suggest to illuminate my artwork?

Answer—We photograph our artwork with GE halogen flood lights. They are the screw in type that you can get at any major hardware store. You can also use quartz halogen, MR-16 lamps, LED and fluorescent lights. The ideal scenario is to the lighting above the artwork so the light can saturate the entire surface. Adding a dimmer switch will also allow you to control the energy and mood of the wall art.


Question—Art returns accepted?

Answer—Yes we accept returns! The buyer is responsible for notifying us immediately about the return and the artwork must be sent back within 14 days of receiving it. The artwork must be packaged properly and shipped safely back at the buyers expense. Upon receipt we will then honor an exchange or store credit for a future purchase.

Chroma Metal Art LLC

Mother Earth - Abstract Painting - Modern Metal Wall Art - Earth Tone Colors:

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