New Lodge Logic Seasoned 5 Qt Dutch Oven Cast Iron Look

New Lodge Logic Seasoned 5 Qt Dutch Oven Cast Iron Look

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New Lodge Logic Seasoned 5 Qt Dutch Oven Cast Iron Look:

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Lodge Logic Dutch Oven with Loop Handles

Product Features:

  • 5-quart cast-iron Dutch oven with iron lid for slow-cooking foods
  • Preseasoned with vegetable oil formula and ready for immediate use
  • Cast-iron construction heats slowly and evenly
  • Self-basting iron lid preserves moisture; includes pair of loop handles
  • Measures 10-1/4 inches in diameter and 4 inches deep

The American-based company Lodge has been fine-tuning its construction of rugged, cast-iron cookware for more than a century. No other metal is as long-lasting and works as well for spreading and retaining heat evenly during cooking. Lodge's Logic line of cookware comes factory pre-seasoned with the company's vegetable oil formula, and is ready to use right out of the box. At 10-1/4 inches in diameter and 4 inches deep, this 5-quart Dutch oven holds a heap of chili, chicken and rice, or fruit cobbler. This model is not the campfire style, with legs, wire handle, and a lid for coals. This one is flat-bottomed to sit on a stovetop burner or in the oven, with a domed lid that sends moisture back into the pot. Loop handles aid in carrying with oven mitts. While the Dutch oven comes pre-seasoned to prevent food from sticking, it works best when sprayed or lightly coated with vegetable oil before use. After the meal is done, simply scrub the cast iron with a stiff brush and hot water, no soap, and dry immediately.

  • Made of cast iron
  • Pre-seasoned ready to use
  • Multi-functional cookware
  • Virtual Non-stick surface
  • Works with induction stove tops
  • Brutally tough for decades of cooking
  • Easy to clean: hand wash, dry, rub with cooking oil.

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New Lodge Logic Seasoned 5 Qt Dutch Oven Cast Iron Look:

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