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N/r Special Colorway Royal Doulton "witches Cauldron Bunnykins" Figurine Db293 For Sale

N/r Special Colorway Royal Doulton

Royal Doulton "Witches Cauldron Bunnykins" Figurine DB293 Special Colorway Edition
From top porcelain and collectibles manufacturer Royal Doulton comes Bunnykins, one of the most beloved children's lines ever created. First conceived from drawings and sketches done by English nun Barbara Vernon who used thelovablebunny characters to entertain her students in her classroom; her designs were eventually passed on to Royal Doulton through her father and thought perfect for a new nursery ware line they wanted to launch. In 1934 the first Bunnykins' tableware items were created and within five years a figurine line was made to capitalize on the popularity of the bunnies. But WWII would end production of Bunnykins and it would be the 1970's before Royal Doulton revisited it again. Famed modeler Albert Hallam was charged with recreating the Bunnykins figurine line which began with nine new figurines; these were the start of the DB number series. Since then more than 380 figurines have been created. The line has continued to evolve since its inception, and the 1980's in particular saw a bold move by Royal Doulton to widen the Bunnykins' market to include adults as well as children with the creation of sports Bunnykins figures and other figurines directly aimed at the older collector market. As with most Royal Doulton collectibles, Bunnykins has established a strong following and has remained one of their most popular series to date.Up for offer is this fantastic Bunnykins figurine titled "Witches Cauldron Bunnykins" DB293.The designer is Caroline Dadd and modeler of this figurine is Martyn Alcock. It was issued in 2003 by UK International Ceramics for the Whitley Collection in the US. This was issued in a worldwide numbered limited edition special colorway of only 100. This is 38/100. The figurine features an adult witch wearing a long orange dress tied with a gold cord. She has a burgundy cape over the top with a large collar that is tied at the neck with a gold bat-along with the tall cone-shaped witch hat. Under each arm she has a female helper. One is wearing a long green dress, the other a long blue dress. Their heads are turned inwards with their tall black witch hats on their head. There is a cauldron sitting on the fire before them with green bubbling liquid. They are standing on a grassy green base. It also comes with its original box that has some slight wear and a certificate of authenticity. The item is in excellent condition without cracks, chips or crazing. There are some small white marks at the base of the green cape in the back that are under the glaze and would have been done when created. There is also a tiny brown mark near the main witches' belt, this also looks like it was part of its creation. As each figurine is hand-painted there are variations between each piece.
Manufacturer:Royal Doulton
Product:Bunnykins Figurine
Character:Witches Cauldron Bunnykins
Collection:Limited Edition Special Colorway of 38/100
Design Number:DB 293
Designer:Caroline DaddModeler: Martyn AlcockProduced: 2003Back-Stamp: BK-14 SpecialColors:Brown, orange, green and blue
Dimensions: 4.25" tall & 3" across 2.5" back to front, 2.25 x 3" at the base approx
Weight:5.4 oz.
Book Value: Rare
Condition:Excellent Condition without cracks, chips or crazing. Small white marks under glaze at the base of the cape. A small brown mark under glaze near main witches belt. Comes with original box and certificate of authenticity.This item makes a perfect gift for any lover of Royal Doulton or a serious collector. So don't miss your chance to own"Witches Cauldron Bunnykins."offer on this item now and have it in a few days-ready to join your other collectibles on the fireplace mantle.

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N/r Special Colorway Royal Doulton

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N/r Special Colorway Royal Doulton "witches Cauldron Bunnykins" Figurine Db293:

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