Numbering Machine, 5-digit, Leibinger #18, Printer's Insert, Made In Germany

Numbering Machine, 5-digit, Leibinger #18, Printer's Insert, Made In Germany

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Numbering Machine, 5-digit, Leibinger #18, Printer's Insert, Made In Germany:





 Mechanical Numbering Machine Used

By Professional Printers To Print Sequential

Numbers on Forms, Receipts,

Parking Passes, Bingo Tickets, Raffle

Tickets, Coupons, Sweepstakes Entries,

Repair & Service Tickets, Stock Certificates,

Currency, Checks,Invoices, Etc.

Model #18, Gothic Font, 5-Digit.

Prior to the digital age, books, posters, tickets, forms, newspapers, and other types of printed paper were produced on a printing press. Movable type, wooden printing blocks, metal printing blocks & sequential numbering machines (also known as a letterpress cut or printing dies) were set in a frame (known as a chase) and ink was rolled over the surface of the metal image with a roller (also known as a brayer) before the paper was pressed into the inked surface. This process was known as relief printing which included woodcut, relief etching, linocut, linotype, and metal cut.

You are purchasing a German made, commercially manufactured "Numbering Machine" that was used in a professional print shop to print sequential numbers on such items as ticket stubs, invoices, bills of lading, sales receipts, raffle tickets, tags, checks, stock certificates, ballots, old lottery tickets, theater tickets, railroad tickets, trolley tickets, paper currency, soldiers identification papers, Bonds and many other items requiring a sequential serial number so as to be identified as "unique."

NUMBER OF NUMBERING MACHINES: This listing is for one (each) numbering machine, (i.e. you are purchasing one numbering machine).

MANUFACTURER: Leibinger (a German company).


FONT: Gothic.

SERIAL NUMBER: 7-digits in length. Varies, (this listing is for ONE randomly selected numbering machine from a lot). Each numbering machine has a serial number making each identifiable and unique.

MEASUREMENTS: 0.80" frame height, 0.94" plunger height,1.07" frame width, 0.53" frame depth (approximate). The plunger has a blank face.

WEIGHT: Approximately 1.4 ounces [41 grams].

NUMBER OF DIGITS:5-Wheel, digits are approximately 1/8" tall x 1/16" wide.


SEQUENCING: Backward by one-digit,(reverse 6, 5, 4, 3...). Resettable.

ADDITIONAL INFO: The Leibinger Company has manufactured a wide range of plunger and center-driven numbering machines for over half a century. As the world converts to digital printing, Leibingers product line now includes industrial small character inkjet printers, high-resolution inkjet systems and camera bar code recognition systems. Leibinger's manufacturing facilities are located in Tuttlingen, Germany.

SELLER'S COMMENTS: This numbering machine was acquired as a part of "a lot" of numbering machines from a large United States print shop. It is assumed this numbering machine is functional; HOWEVER, it is being sold AS-IS, as a novelty item only - - - aswe can not assure that each and every digit will sequence, that there might not be some unseen or undetected damage, etc. Each numbering machine has undergone extensive usage. And about that 1942 Mercury Dime in the photographs - it's not included with the purchase - it's for a size reference only.

This unusual numbering machine makes a perfect gift for yourself, your coffee or end table, on your desk at work, on a shelf, or in your collection. It also makes an unusual gift (we bet no one else is going to give this as a gift!). Given the advent of digital printing, the likelihood finding these professional numbering machines gets slimmer each day. There is little doubt that when friends see it they'll ask "Where did you find this unusual item? Whatever does it do?"

NOTES ABOUT THE NUMBERING MACHINE'S SURFACE: This is a precision mechanical device. Every time a numbering machine passes through the press, the impact and the pressure of the die's impression on the paper ever-so-subtly degrades the surface of the numbers. This numbering machine is believe to have printed hundreds of thousands of sequential numbers - so its digit's surfaces may be slightly degraded. The numbering machine you receive will show signs of wear-and-tear, maybe scratches, some residual ink, etc.

IMAGE CORRECTION / ADJUSTMENT: None of the photographic images have been reversed or enhanced.

DISCOUNTS?: Buyers in the United States who purchase two or more of thesenumbering machines (at the same time) will receive slightly discounted shipping.

WARRANTY and/or RETURNS: This numbering machine is subject to individual interpretation. We have made every effort to list the information and condition as accurately as possible and included high-resolution photographs: Thus, no warranty or returns on this item.

HOW FAST IT'S GOING TO GET TO YOU: As soon as PayPal notifies us that your payment has been posted, your item will be packaged, labeled, and readied for shipping. Shipping is usually the same day or next day.We don't like to wait onour items to be mailed -we're guessing you don't either.

INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING: THIS NUMBERING MACHINE WILL SHIP INTERNATIONALLY. We will complete the United States customs forms required to ship this item to your country - you are responsible for any import costs, taxes, duties, tariffs, or fees associated with the receiving country (i.e. your country). The United States customs forms require you include a telephone number in your country where you can be reached if you are shipping the item to a post office box. The United States Customs Form will indicate the contents as: "Printing Materials."

Please be certain your country is one of the countrieswe ship to by using the pull down menu. If your country isn't listed, you will need to contact us to see if we can make arrangements. International shipping requires you pay with Pay-Pal.

SHIPPING and HANDLING COST: There is no excessive "padding" with this item's S & H. This mechanical counter will be wrapped and then mailed in a bubble pack envelope. It ships United States First Class mail to your United States address and United States First Class International Mail to your foreign address. Foreign addresses will incur an additional $1.00 handling charge for completing the required United States customs forms required to ship this item internationally.

INSURABLE?: ’s policy changed in 3rd Quarter 2009, (which previously allowed buyers the option of selecting and paying for coverage for their purchases). Thus, this item is not insurable.We don't make the policies,we simply have to try to keep up with them. This item will be wrapped in stiff 100# paper or cardboardand then shipped in a bubble pack mailer. Given the metal composition of the item and packaging, the likelihood of breakage or damage in transit is minimal.

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Numbering Machine, 5-digit, Leibinger #18, Printer's Insert, Made In Germany:

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